Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why there's more people in the lower 48 than in Alaska

Outside temp at 3pm today

Neighborhood musher sliding on by,
Alaskans around here are glad it's staying so WARM.

Inside temp when I woke at noon
took 4 hours to warm it up to 45 above

Outside temp at 6am

My mom shared this on fb,
it's our maternal grandmother,
in Northern Wisconsin in the 30s.

Last night it was so cold in here I decided to work on the fur blanket again. It's half finished, one half is actually all sewed so I decided to try it out. I was blown away at how warm it was, with my fox hat on and the new fur blanket I'm pretty sure I won't freeze to death in my sleep. But getting up gets harder and harder every day, and every time I wake up and see my breath I groan in anticipation of starting the fire. At least I've learned to leave enough wood aside to start it in the morning so I'm not hauling wood first thing. This is my last winter in a primitive gertee.

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FishTaxi said...

Henritta looks like all of us put together!

Love, Kath