Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Broken Society by David Brooks NYT

The US is broken, and the only way to fix it is to become more communitarian. The new communitarian plan for restoring trust includes "setting up local capital funds so community associations could invest in local enterprises." Funding local thieves and scoundrels appears to be one of many nice ways to rebuild a more civil society. Brooks is obviously counting on the probability that most Americans don't know that local community associations already act as grant funnels for the most invasive and unconstitutional politics at the local level.
"Britain is always going to be more hospitable to communitarian politics than the more libertarian U.S. But people are social creatures here, too. American society has been atomized by the twin revolutions here, too. This country, too, needs a fresh political wind. America, too, is suffering a devastating crisis of authority. The only way to restore trust is from the local community on up. "
Some of this reasoning sounds like it was lifted straight out of Cisernos' Broken Window Theory. Back in the 80s, "full blown fear" was defined as what happens in neighborhoods when people feel like nobody cares and nobody's in charge. The communitarian solution to American's full blown fear was to create a new federal police force called community oriented policing. Fifteen years later most Americans do not know they have a 100,000+ communitarian police force.

It's been 18 years since the USA adopted the communitarian suggestions in UN Local Agenda 21 at Rio, and most Americans still don't know what that is either. Every municipality on up in the USA has endorsed the goals of internationally monitored sustainable development. With all the global to local communitarian programs, policies and laws in effect in America today, is it accurate to define the US as libertarian? Doesn't that seem a bit off? Besides the fact that we've never once in our history as a nation had one libertarian president... what happened to the democrats and republicans in this big libertarian versus communitarian debate? They must all be unevolved libertarians or evolved communitarians. Did anyone tell them that yet

So, is Britian really that hospitable to communitarian politics or is it like in the US where the people don't have a clue that communitarian politics even exist?

Thanks to Consuelo for sending the link to where this Brooks article is cited (and how I found it). Kind of telling that Bill Anderson completely ignored the term communitarianism in his blog post about communitarianism. He closes with,"I feel so much better now. Like all Neo-Cons, David Brooks knows what is best for us. Granted, I look at this drivel as something about as intelligent as a “Blond joke,” but there it is."

Drivel? Don't I wish.

So, did you hear the one about the blond, the brunette and the redhead marrooned together on a desert island? A bottle washed up on shore and when the 3 women opened it, a genie popped out. I dream of genie told them that normally, one person would get 3 wishes, but since there were 3 of them they'd each get one wish. So he asks the redhead what her wish is and she says, "I miss my husband" and *poof* she's gone back to her husband. He asks the brunette who says, "I miss my whole family" and *poof* she disappears back to her family. When he looks at the blond she whines, "I want my friends back!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The International Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal

clear days mean cold nights

Mt Wrangell peeking out behind gertee

revised platform bed with new shower!

We're having a gorgeous spring in Kenny Lake this year. I got a little ahead of myself when I put my sleeping bag in the wash and store pile though. After two nights of freezing and thrashing about and finally dragging myself awake to start a fire and get the house above 20 degrees, I dug my dirty, smelly down sleeping bag out of the laundry pile and slept like a baby last night. It's so lovely in my gertee now I almost forget I'm still camping in sub zero temps, until early morning comes and it always reminds me. Got another cord of wood delivered which means I can burn hot fires and make use of the new shower set-up I built in the living area. Put it right next to my bed where the coat/winter gear closet was. Pure luxury and I really don't mind having all the nice smelling soaps and lotions near my head while I sleep. With a steady water source I could take a bath every night!

Still having lots of trouble with my browsers but sometimes, like today, super slow but it works well enough to blog. facebook barely loads.,0,6183802.story

So here's the link that's the title of this post:

"We provide training and development services for a range of organisations in the field of evaluation, appraisal, programme management, project development and strategy development. Training is provided at over 40 locations across the UK and Ireland and is also available for in house training if required. "

Somehow I'm on their email list and now I get these updates from them. So today since my browser is working so well I opened their link and poked around their site. Not much there... not much at all... just dates and times where they'll be around England and Ireland training facilitators to evaluate and manage local people. No link to Common Purpose but it's hard to imagine they're not affiliates of this. John?

Been thinking a lot about new articles I'd like to write, and one about neighborhood groups and councils keeps popping up in my brain. Everything at the ACL that deals with these local yokel groups was written in 2000 when I was a pilot test subject under their communiy policing programme. My perspective has changed a wee bit since then and I'm no longer begging them for explanations and definitions of their terms. I know what neighbourhood renewal is today. I know what strategy development is too.

I'm thinking it might be a big ol' hoot to call myself the Kenny Lake Chitina Development Association. I have been working in neighborhood economic revitalization since I got here four and a half years ago and made the deal to build Tim and Lorayne's website in exchange for a campsite with electric at Camp Redington (called R's RV Park then). I fulfilled the plans for a community website which was part of Copper River Development Association's master plan for my community. I've made local fun maps and promoted local businesses online via all my gertee projects and somewhat through the ACL. I can claim to have the best interests of the community at heart, because my record here shows I do. I am just another unelected, self proclaimed development "expert" in what my community "needs." uh huh.

And I didn't give BJ (owner of Pippen Lake Gifts) any trouble when she showed up last Sunday to do the 2010 Census like we were old best friends (we've never met). She accidentally dropped some computer labled readouts of our personally identifiable information. I helped her pick them up and saw names alonside a bar code and a bunch of other codes that I'd be interested in knowing what they were. When I asked where was my address in this new census "short version", she assured me the feds didn't need my actual address since she was making a small dot on the GIS map she was carrying that identified my exact geographical location. I agreed to answer the questions if she placed my dot in an unpopulated, inaccessible roadless area of the map. Oh no worries she said, the ONLY purpose of all that personally identifiable information was to make sure Alaska gets another US Congressman! When I told her I am a political researcher, she said she knew that. hmm. Wonder what else BJ "knows" about me.

As I plod through my chores and spring cleaning my mind drifts to articles I wish I had time to work on. I really want to write something about the Madonna-whore dialectic and the influence it's had on my entire life. I think less about research and validating my position anymore, and more about how many ways the communitarian dialectic has affected my life and the lives of everyone I've ever met. I've also started singing, stretching, dancing and walking, my way of respecting the needs of my aging body. The harsh environment has made me leaner and much, much stronger but if I don't make time to stretch and relax too I will become all hunched over and crippled. Etzioni made me hate the word "balance" because of the way he uses it to destroy freedom, but I have to get over that now. I need balance between my hard core writing and my hard core lifestyle, the need is real and it's always been real. Etzioni didn't coin the term and he doesn't own it, just as the many other words he co-opted for communitarianism and changed the meanings of. He used the word "spirit" in his book title The Spirit of Community and I've avoided using that term too. Most everyone knows how I see/use the word "community".. heh.

The gertee book is coming along, especially now that I can barely get online! heh. We've worked out the PVC yurt design and Tim went to town and bought enough pipe to make 2, 16 footers! He's thinking the PVC gertee may actually be stronger than the wood. I designed it to all fit in a max 4' long box for shipping and easy carrying, but I may need to modify the lengths because the pipe all comes in 10 foot pieces. Adding the specs to the tutorial after we build it and test it in the spring winds. Thinking of ways to cover interior plastic and how to hold the materials up. I want to make one of them my greenhouse this summer and the other into a cute little guest house. Tim thinks I should sell them. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Radio interview with IntelStrike - Linked to Findlawnet

I am confirmed for a one hour show tomorrow night at 7pm CST with Michael Vail at Intelstrike Radio, hosted at oraclebroadcasting network. My PC/internet is going kaput so getting online to do anything is a major exercise in paitence, I can't even add the link to his site, but it is on the right hand side from the last time I was on their show.

In other ACL news, here's a recent request to share links (reposted for my mom):
My name is Elizabeth Green and I am the web master of
We came across your site on the Internet and feel that you did a great job
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I look forward to hearing from you and collaborating on the future! Kind
Regards, Elizabeth Green

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Interest grows in anti communitarian theory

The garden view in early spring,
we just had the warmest February on record?

Perfect weather here today!

I'm getting more pleas for a simplified explanation of anti communitarian thinking. Must be because Clinton is going around the country telling us we have to be more communitarian

Here's a response I sent to my mother this morning, with all the typos fixed. :) Please feel free to add comments and share with my mom what anti communitarianism is for you, or anything else relevant to this. My mom is not the only one asking for a simple explanation, and I know that anti communitarianism is defined differently by everyone who understands it. That's the nature of the beast. Communitarian solutions require dialectical conflicts, and we have all been trained to think and fight dialectically. But not all our differences are dialectical, and I know that if we agree on one piece of this, we don't always agree on another. What's the bottom line to you?

Dear mom,
Communitarianism is the theory behind the emerging global government. It over rules all US law and replaces it with communitarian supremacy of law (EU, WTO, NAFTA, etc.) It's been introduced under treaties (Law of the Sea, Kyoto, etc) and under the Administrative Procedures Act of1946 (agency regulations). The blueprint for changing the global landscape is called UN Local Agenda 21.

The global system is based in self appointed community councils who direct all private and public resources. According to the gurus (and yes Clinton is one of them)all rights to privacy and property are barriers to peace and global prosperity; communitarianism promises all wealth will be gathered and redistributed amongst the poor nations who suffered so long from Western greed and gluttony.This is why Seattle had the new "right" to enter our homes without a legal search warrant. Under communitarian law, ALL individual rights must be "balanced" against the rights of the undefinable, vague community, who have their own new police force introduced under Clinton, called community policing. (I have many recent quotes of Clinton on the ACL homepage,

I am opposed to elimination of US law without a constitutional amendment approved by 3/4ths of the state legislatures, as per our constitutional requirements. If this isn't what you wanted or you want to know more, we just restocked 2020: Our Common Destiny. That's the most simplified explanation of the system we've written. I also highly recommend you read our Anti Communitarian Manifesto,, available free online or in hardcopy collector's editions. Part I will be difficult since you have no education in philosophy, but please plod through even where you don't understand it. In the end you will, I promise.

Mom, our thesis against communitarianism has been studied by university students AND professors for eight years... and no one has ever rebutted us. Our work has been introduced in Vassar College Seminars on Quality of Life, it's been included in National Association of Scholars research into communitarian residence life movements. I can assure you I have established myself globally as a credible researcher, I am the expert, and my audience is world wide.

If it sounds like I was bragging too much, I was, but like Kathy says, in our family if you don't brag, nobody listens to you. America is a lot like that too. Raised in American "no brag just facts" territory, I also know my words must counter what other words are often used to describe me, my lifestyle, and my work. I wanted to plant the possibility in my mother that my anti communitarian stand is right and just, that it has value, and that I can claim a certain amount of respect for what I've accomplished. I added that I love her, because I do, but I forgot to add the line I came up with during a radio interview last year: Communitarianism is best defined as Rule By Permit Only.

Been thinking about gertee so much lately, it's hard to get my head back around my ACL arguments. Part of me would rather not, and like I told Susan (who reminded me how many other times I've said this), I am again thinking very seriously about ending this blog and letting it stand as it is. There's not much more I can add to my argument. All I can do is follow communitarianism's rapid global development, witness more people I love fawning all over it and listen to everyone repeating communitarian lingo... what's the point of that?

I have 2 radio interviews coming up, March 14th 7pm CST on Intelstrike with Michael Vail and April 13, 9pm MTN with Melodee at The TruthQuest with guest co-host Lark! Links to both show hosts are on the right side, under Radio Interviews. They will probably be my last ones. Now that everyone in the US recognizes there are new rules, it's going to get even uglier out there, and I just can't imagine following every yukky way this thing goes down.
Watching my people flounder and drown is not how I plan to spend my last years of freedom. I want to live as if there are no communitarians anywhere, make my daily plans as if I hold all the natural born liberties that my constitution says I hold. Like dad always said, "the best defense is a good offense," and I further agree with another Friedrich named List, too.
I do believe the way we take back America is to take back our land, our natural resources and rebuild upon our local industry and agriculture. The US national system of high tariffs and fair trade with equals existed long before the national socialist model adopted by the Nazis.
Communitarian "balancing" eliminates the balance between national industry and agriculture. That's the ONLY "balance" the USA needs. We are still (on the books) a constitutional republic where the legitimate law exists only to protect individual citizens' life, liberty and property. It's always been about the land, and everything on it. The question is, who owns it? Even Lenin talked about that being our only strength as a nation. Without it, without our land and the right to use it and manage it as we see fit, we have nothing solid to sustain us, and our nation becomes dependent on the empire for all its necessities... just like the good old colonial days. Visit any American Indian reservation if you have any question about what happens when you lose your right to control your economic landscape.
So, because I can, I will try to do my duty and part, as an American (and not a global communitarian subject). I will start a homegrown business, create industry and find ways to take our goods to the marketplace. I'm certain I will see how many communitarian regulations my American freedoms violate, particularly since the whole new system is modeled after the system built by our Soviet allies in Israel.

As a freeborn citizen of the state of Alaska, I have the God given, natural right to do it all. I was raised to honor my heritage. I was told to think and then freely act upon my moral obligations, which moral men and women do naturally recognize. I was endowed with great respect for my ancestors, who put their lives on the line to defend my God given rights, because the world holds many men who seek to make me and my offspring slaves. I look at my children and my children's children and I can only weep when I verify the most horrific truths of what the future looks like for Nordica and Nolan, let alone Freddie's generation. I see an America ruled by the same principles ruling Gaza, the ME poster child for universal communitarian peace. I can only live each day with gratitude that we are not there yet, and every day we're not is a blessed gift.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hamas appeal to the EU? Why?

I can't help noticing how much more often the Palestinians are said to be appealing to the EU and the UN. Whatever legitimacy they have is diminished by their association with the international communitarian trade and justice system. This deserves further study... it really does get to the heart of the insanity. I feel like I did when I learned the people in Palestine appealed to the League of Nations in 1933 to curb Jewish immigration. They obviously didn't know who the League of Nations was. But you'd think after 77 years they'd have figured it out.

Why it takes so many Mossad agents to kill a Palestinian with a Pillow?
by Gilad Atzmon

Monday, March 1, 2010

While in Britain, France, USA and Argentina the Mossad enjoys the support of thousands of local Sayanim, Jews who are happy to betray their neighbours for their beloved Jewish state, when operating in Arab countries the Mossad has to schlep its very many assassins and their assistants using different fraudulent methods.

Yet one may wonder why does it take 26 Mossad agents to carry out a single murder of an unarmed Palestinian freedom fighter with a pillow*. I will try to throw some light on the puzzling question.

The Mossad is not just an ordinary intelligence agency run by boring gentiles. It is actually run by Chosen people and it is there to serve the interests of the Jewish state and the Jewish national project. In recent days we learned that more than two dozen Mossad agents have been identified so far by the Dubai police. One would expect that with such a varied and extended collective of Jewish murderers operating in an hostile Arab country at least one combatant Rabbi is needed just to keep the Kosher regulations, maintaining an open line with God and sustaining a revengeful Jewish spirit.

As much as food in Dubai is known to be amazingly delicious, not many kosher delicatessens are currently operating downtown. Hence, we also need a Jewishly trained expert that would purchase the fish for the gefilte and the chicken for the soup. We would need at least one chef who knows how to transform chicken and water into Jewish Power (chicken soup). You have to remember that from a Jewish perspective, food is of the essence. Unlike animals who kill only when they need to eat or are detecting an imminent danger, the Israeli kills for "ulterior motives" (democracy, pluralism, war 'against terror' etc') and then prefers to do it when their belly is full.

Between the culinary concerns and the Kosher diet regulations we already allocated 3 members of the team. Still 23 potential assassins are more than enough for just one single kill.

But there are more facts to take into account. Bearing in mind the recent revelations about some Mossad members' mental instability, it is more than likely that a Psychiatrist, a Freudian analyst, a psychiatric paramedic and a nurse were needed to assist the Jewish lethal heroes 'before and after'. This indeed brings our team to just 19 potential assassins.

As we learn from the press, 6 of the Mossad agents were women. This would mean that we need some beauty experts. A hairdresser who specialises in 'curly situations'. We would also need a Jewish Cosmetic consultant, and one who knows about manicure and pedicure. One who can transform the Jewish female nail into a Zionist lethal sword (just in case a technical pillow failure occurs). We also need a wig specialist, one who knows how to transform a boy from Tel Aviv into a lad from Essex. The 'J beauty specialists' reduce our team of assassins to 17.

But we are not finished yet, as we learn from the press. Our Mossad killers were rather enthusiastic about tennis. Clearly they wouldn't trust an Arab or Jihady referee, they must have brought their own. They probably needed a Kosher Israeli tennis referee and a few athletic settlers who run after their balls. Let us assume that we need 2-3 ball runners and one referee, this would bring our potential assassin team to just 14.

According to The Times, the Holocaust play a major role in Mossad's philosophy. "We should be strong, use our brain, and defend ourselves so that the Holocaust will never be repeated", says Meir Dagan the Mossad 's current chief. As it happens, the Mossad is killing in the name of the Jewish past. It is more than likely that the Mossad schleped to Dubai some of its best Holocaust priests, those who remind the spies why should they execute and why they should depart from the human family. Considering the six figure narrative, it would be reasonable to assume that the Mossad sent to Dubai at least six Holocaust mentors: one for each million.

However, as we know, the Nazi Holocaust is just one event among countless other Judeocides. 'Never to Forgive Never to Forget' is apparently the prospect of Jewish future. All together we can count 9 or 10 Jewish Judeocide priests to include the 19th century East European Pogroms, the Inquisition, Amalek and so on. This would bring down our list of potential hit men to just 5.

Yet as much as nationalist Jews and their spiritual leaders vow 'never to forget' and always to remember, there are some things they really insist to overlook, push aside or dismiss. For instance, they seem to fail to grasp the real meaning of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict known as the Goldstone report. They insist to dismiss Shlomo Sand's reading of their history as a bundle of invented phatasmic tales on the verge of total fallacy. They insist to turn a blind eye to the fact that AIPAC, AJC, ADL, LFI and CFI dispatches are all lobbying for racist expansionist ideology (Zionism) in our midst. With British Foreign Secretary David Miliband being listed as an "Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) Author" and Zionists preaching for interventionist wars in the Media, with Bernie Madoff teaching us about Ponzi schemes and Alan Greenspan who brought on us the biggest financial meltdown ever. We need some Jewish specialists who can indoctrinate Mossad agents into total blindness and complete amnesia. I would guess that with Wolfowitz, Miliband, Goldstone, Abe Foxman, Greenspan, Madoff, Olmert, Livni Sharon, Peres and too many more, we may need just more than 5 experts to convince the Mossad's hit-squad that the Jewish cause is truly kosher.

As we can see, we already counted 26 necessary assistants to murder without even mentioning a single Mossad pillow operator. As we see, it takes far more than just 26 Mossad agents to murder an unarmed Palestinian. I guess that in the coming days the Dubai police will bring up many more photos of Israelis in wigs.

I must admit that with Israel around, life is always full of surprises. What are we going to do when it is gone?
What are we going to do when it is gone? Is destroying Israel the ultimate goal of the planners? Was the State of Israel created as the antithesis to Islam? Maybe I should go read some more of Barry Chamish's writings, he was the first Israeli writer I met via the ACL who sugessted the Jewish settlers in Israel are being sacrificed for the CFR. My take on all this is based only on what I've read and not any RL experience. All I know for sure is the international orgs seek validation, they need it to expand their global power. The enemies of "peace" have to be obviously horrible before the people of the world will beg for salvation in an international court. The more pleas to the EU and the UN I see coming from Palestine, the more I think about why they think they need to appeal to a European court based in supremacy of communitarian law, the same system Etzioni endorses and suggests should have full use of the military might of the United States.

Here's another link from Peter Myers that pertains to the role the Middle East plays: