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LA 21 Law

Somebody from Navy Network Information Center (nnic),Quantico, USMC looked up "LA21 Law" and I followed their search results. Any guesses what their interest in this particular topic might be?

Found this on Turkey's Local Agenda 21:

"LA-21 National Youth Parliament provided recommendations for the amendment of the Municipality Law and organized meetings with state authorities; the goal has been to increase youth participation in decision making at local level. Consequently, the Municipality Law changed on 8 October 2006 enabling local youth councils to have a stronger role at municipalities through city councils."

The Dane's LA21 information page is also informative:

How is it possible that so many nations can publish SO MUCH about LA21 and Communitarian legal integration while Americans continue to insist it's a conspiracy theory? Now that I know witches play a role, I'm wondering if they really might have the power to cast a spell on words (and maybe we should add this suprise element to our War on Words game. Like the fact of how hard it is for people to say communitarianism. It was always weird how many times I forgot how to pronouce it and said camanatarin, with Nordica correcting me every time because she has a good ear for foreign languages and my horrible pronounciations really annoyed her when she was 15. Now it rolls off my tongue and I can spell it without thinking, but it wasn't easy in the beginning. Plus, maybe a humdred people have told me to STOP using the actual word, for various reasons.

A lot of people have been searching for "Agenda 21 conspiracy" lately. People like us who talk about Agenda 21 are still labled conspiracists. That just doesn't make any sense unless you consider the possibility of a giant spell cast by some evil witches. This is not where I normally take my research, but Bobby's found some good history on Wiccans and I have to say it sure looks like they believe they can learn to use magic and cast spells. The Cherry Hill Seminary trains Communitarian ministers to cast spells. What else am I supposed to believe?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

UN Local Agenda 21 -- Sustainability Indicators

It looks like I'll have my "own" computer soon and will be able to keep up with my email again. Thanks to everyone who's made comments lately!

Somebody looked up "agenda 21 seattle" and got to the ACL. I followed their google search to see what else was available to them on that topic. Found this Appendix to something called the City Data Book. I pasted the whole 2 pages in here because maybe I need to save this for some reason. I pasted the link into my browser I found under the first U.S. section, but got to a NASA page that denied me access because I don't work for NASA. I guess I should assume this means our indicators are out of this world.

So what exactly is a "indicator of sustainability?" What is the "process for sustainablity monitoring?" And as a conscripted victim of Sustainable Seattle pilot tests on private citizens in 1999, I can assure you Sustainable Seattle did a LOT more in Seattle than what this report indicates.

All bold emphasis is mine.

This is the html version of the file
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Page 1
Page 2
Urban Indicators for Managing Cities
Appendix 1. Resources on the Internet:
A Directory
A. Indicators Systems
Poverty Monitoring
Systems Approach
Sustainable Development
B. Sustainability Indicators
Agenda 21
The most widespread indicators movement, sustainable devel-
opment indicators, has been the successful outcome of recom-
mendations from Agenda 21, the policy document of the 1992
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
(UNCED) Rio Conference, which recommends that
sustainability monitoring systems be put in place. This has initi-
ated a process of sustainability monitoring in many countries
and communities. DocumentD=52
Agenda 21 reporting includes direct reporting through a
system of indicators and country profiles developed by the UN
Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD), the United
Nations Environment Programme, and a great many indepen-
dent activities known under the collective title of State of the
Environment (SoE) Reports. This has generally involved the
publication of yearbooks, and occasionally the development of
comprehensive indicators systems, usually making reference
to a sectoral, strategic policy, and/or systems approach. The
SCOPE Project (Moldan and Billharz 1997) effectively synthe-
sizes all international research in the area.
Most developed countries, and many states/provinces and cit-
ies, have independently engaged in sustainable development
debates and consultations, and many have produced SoE Re-
ports, which investigate human components of sustainability
as well as the physical components. Some of the most notewor-
thy national activities have been
Canada. SoE reporting through reports and brochures
carried out by Environment Canada is generally regarded as
state of the art. A comprehensive indicators database has been
developed on most environmental aspects and this has been
coupled with excellent outreach activities.
The IISDNet Working Group on Sustainable Development
Indicators has been working on composite indexes of
sustainability using clusters of related variables, similar to the
approach used in the Cities Data Book.
United States. In the US, an Inter-Agency Working Group
on Sustainable Development Indicators (IWGSDI) has devel-
oped a framework to identify, organize, and integrate national
SDIs, selecting 32 key indicators from a much larger set, to
monitor the capacity of the US to meet present and future needs.
Australia. One national SoE Report (1997) has been pub-
lished, together with several comprehensive state reports, for
Queensland and New South Wales. The national report included
a system of indicators developed specifically for human settle-
ments, and this has been subject to considerable peer review
and further development (as discussed in Newton et al. 1998).
Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong, China has a system of
Social Indicators of Quality of Life and also a system of
Sustainability Indicators sponsored by the Government.
As well as national sustainability studies, of which there are rela-
tively few at present, an increasing number of cities and munici-
palities are undertaking community sustainability studies, encour-
aged by the Local Agenda 21 initiative. In such cases (see for
example Besleme and Mullin 1997; Farrell and Hart 1998), the
community selects those indicators it considers most important
for monitoring issues such as economic security, ecological integ-
rity, and quality of life. The resultant material is used to raise
public awareness, identify achievable goals, make trends visible,
Page 3
and help individuals, communities, and their governments estab-
lish priorities (several case studies are found in OECD 1997).
The US maintains an excellent network of city indicators
initiatives and newsletters, for example the Urban Quality Indi-
cators newsletter. These local government initiatives are mostly
concerned with sustainability, as already discussed, and vari-
ous performance measurement exercises and community em-
powerment initiatives. Some of the best known and well devel-
oped of these are the Sustainable Seattle, maintained by the
YMCA, which sought to establish indicators by public consulta-
tion that would “capture the hearts as well as the minds” of
Seattle citizens, and included such Seattle-specific indicators as
“number of days you can see the Rockies,” or “wild salmon
running in streams;” and the Sustainability Plan for San Fran-
cisco, which combines an excellent strategic planning approach
with sustainability. The Sustainable State of New Jersey indica-
tors are based on a strategic approach to city goals, with indica-
tors divided into thematic goal categories.
C. Web-Based Statistical Collections
Most of the major multilateral agencies conduct general statis-
tical activities partly as an information function or as part of
yearbooks, but increasingly as a formal part of policy goal set-
ting. The indicators programs of these agencies are linked to
organizational policy and strategy development, but generally
are not associated with a specific indicators approach.
World Bank Development Indicators 2000. This database
is available on CD-ROM and diskette. The 1995 Social Indi-
cators of Development may be accessed at
Regional Social Indicators for East Asia has been devel-
oped as a monitoring system following the East Asia
Crisis, at
The United Nations Statistical Division is the ultimate world
authority for harmonized international data definitions. It
maintains demographic data and social indicators. This can
be found at,
and maintains links with all member country statistical of-
OECD maintains a database of development indicators and
extensive data and metadata resources. This can be found
at and
UNCHS (Habitat) Statistical Programme maintains several
downloadable collections, including the Human Settle-
ments Data Collection (time series of mostly national data)
and Citibase, the results of a postal data survey of 3,500
cities in 1994/95. This can be found at
UNICEF Progress of Nations Report contains a range of
social indicators and league tables of country performance
against various indicators. These can be found at
World Resources Institute: The environmental and social
database of this influential think tank is available at, and interactively at
ESCAP Statistical Division maintains a time series data-
base of social indicators in the Asian and Pacific region at
Eurostat, the statistical arm of the European Union, main-
tains several extensive databases, including the NewCronos
metadata system, which provides a good sectoral catalogu-
ing system for social indicators.
A number of other general and sectoral databases from
multilateral organizationsincluding ILO, UNIDO, UNESCO,
UNHCR, WHO, and APEC, etc. are detailed in the Web Resources
listing, along with a listing of national statistical offices in the
Asian and Pacific region.
D. National and Local Collections
At the national or city level, some of the main activities with
index links in the Web Resources listing are
Australia. Many national and state departments and au-
thorities maintain websites with sectoral statistics; for ex-
ample as part of the Australian Productivity Commission
evaluation and reporting systems, Environment Australia,
Health Indicators in the ACT, the Bureau of Transport Eco-
nomics, the City of Melbourne, most public utilities, etc.
Hong Kong, China. There are social indicators for qual-
ity of life and sustainability indicators.
Japan. There are economic/business and consumer confi-
dence, industrial and business statistics, demographic and
employment time series, science and technology indica-
tors, and gender indicators.
India. India was active in the Habitat II Indicators prepa-
ration. India has been a focus for Global Urban Observa-
tory training and indicators collection activities.
Indonesia. There are the Asian crisis poverty surveys and
health indicators.
Nepal. There are aspects and incidence of Nepal poverty;
and the development database for Nepal regions.
Taipei,China. There are urban and regional development
indicators, and science and technology indicators.
Thailand. An indicators approach is encouraged by the
strength of the central planning agency, the National Eco-
nomics and Social Development Board, for a comprehen-
sive if rather undirected statistical system, and a move to-
wards more decentralized forms of local government (which
until the 1994 reforms were organs of the National De-
partment of Local Administration) involving less control
and more accountability. Some of the main activities have
been the Rural Database, the Village Basic Needs Indica-
tors, an online Health Indicators system, Poverty Indica-
tors, and a new Performance Indicators for the Local Gov-
ernment scheme which will require submission of finan-
cial and other data by all local governments in Thailand by
US. Many pertinent government and commercial data
websites are maintained in the US, including national level
databases such as the Department of Housing and Urban
Development’s State of the Cities Report and Database,
h t t p : / / w e b s t a g e 1 . a s p e n s y s . c o m / S O C D S /
SOCDS_Home.htm. (not a good link)

What authority do representatives of our state governments have to gather these kinds of indicators about private citizens and store it in huge international databases? Officials in Seattle who were questioned about their authority to test innovative enforcement proceedures responded that these actions protected the "community at large." As one Seattle official explained, "Sacrifices have to be made for the common good." (Veronica Jackson, Seattle Department of Neighborhood's (DON) Neighborhood Action Team Seattle (NATS), Director, 1999)

Our unauthorized private data was gathered by a NATS sub-committee called the Rooming & Boarding House Committee. The "idea" for the new enforecemnt based on the data was suggested by a Community Police Team member, and several Seattle Police Officers who were also COPS were on the R&B committee. The same COPS helped my neighborhood to write a new vision for the future called The Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan. The process for sustainability monitoring was inserted into the plans. Sustainable Seattle presented the "dog-and-pony-show (their own terms) to small groups of neighborhood residents who validated them during "validation events." 38 plans went before City Council that year; all 38 plans passed unanimously into law.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

EU Freezes funds for four programs for Bulgaria

This came in from Pete with several very interesting articles on new nationalism. The source is an independent news agency called Mathaba. I'm sure this was also in the mainstream news and I will look for the original source. The part that matters to me is highlighted in bold. Communitarianism is not only a Pagan/Amitai church somewhere in Vermont, it's also the entire body of European laws.

Bobby Garner and I are the primary researchers of communitarianism in the USA. He is the expert on the religious and theosophical portions. Paul Barnes is the Canadian expert focused on the political rebuilding and restructuring of the system. Do we have an (anti)communitarian legal expert in any of our nations? Is there another researcher besides Bobby, Paul and I who is studying how this body of law affects the three former sovereign nations in the SPP/NAU? How are things progressing with the Andean Parliament these days, anyway?

EU freezes funds for four programs for Bulgaria
Posted: 2008/03/08
From: Mathaba

SOFIA, March 7 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) has frozen millions of euros in funds for four programs that Bulgaria was due to receive, after reports of corruption and irregularities in fund control, local press reported Friday.

The European Commission (EC) froze 50 million euros (77 million U.S. dollars) of funds under the PHARE program because of irregularities in fund management, Bulgaria's Deputy Finance Minister Dimitar Ivanovski announced Thursday.

PHARE is the main vehicle for pre-accession assistance to EU candidate countries. The main aim of the program is to support the candidate countries in the process of adopting and implementing the acquis communitarian (the entire body of European laws) and to prepare them for managing the Structural Funds.

By the way S., you're dead on about my interview in One Nation Under Siege. It's hacked to bits and in one place where I'm describing Communitariansm it's edited to make it sound as if I'm describing Community Policing, as if that is the entire theory I oppose. In fact, the whole focus of my input is only in the new policing... as far as I heard I only said Communitarian Law once. And yes, Dr. Joyce Riley (who many suspect is a disinformation agent/infiltrator, along with Dave von Kleist-- See Jackie Patru and Linda Kennedy) who's on just before me has a lengthy chat; it has not one edit that disrupts her speech, she was shot from 2 angles and the cameras switch back and forth, that's all. I was lured into participating in this video because Charlotte Iserbyt and Joan Veon were also in it. At that time I highly respected both their work, and decided it wouldn't matter if I was in a dvd with Jim Marrs (who I totally distrust). Live and learn I guess.

Strange notes on napkins

Added a bunch more to the bottom of the post on the Communitarian Church after I read Bobby's response and went off on another research expedition. I agree with S and I never considered why there were two sets of laws handed down to Moses. I forgot about the Seven Laws of Noah. It is very disturbing. Then there's this whole Peace Tour with the Moonies leading the pack of Communitarians, Wiccans, Rabbis, Catholics, Muslims and Unitarians (which is another new one on me). What a mistake it was to avoid the religious aspect all these years. Wow.

I can't believe I now have such good evidence of the connection between the communitarians, the New Age religion, the Reverand Moon, the freemasons, the Druids, witches, Catholics, sustainable development,White House faith-based initiatives, rebuilding community and UN Local Agenda 21, ALL IN ONE PLACE. Is Amitai Etzioni their HIGH PRIEST? He calls himself a "guru" and that never quite made any sense to me. I seriously need to make a new chart, one that shows every aspect of the communitarian system, including the philosophy, the theology, the theosphy, the politics, the universalism, the law, the programs, the participants, and everything inbetween. I think people like charts sometimes, I know I do. I need to see these connections all laid out so I can gain some perspective. I need big paper.

Checked stats and found this myspace blog with a picture of a napkin where somebody wrote down my name and websites. Very strange thing to see my name with Dr. Lily's, I read some of his work on Lucid Dreaming and dolphin research a long time ago. What does he have to do with me? And why does this look like something out of a B movie scene?

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The Anti Communitarian Manifesto in hardcopy, ebook and mp3

The Anti Communitarian Manifesto is ready to print! We put the ad for it in the back of the last edition of 2020: Our Common Destiny and already started getting orders for it. Whoo hoo! We didn't think it would happen that fast but we were almost done laying it out and now, thanks to our good friends and supporters in beautiful Montana, we have produced a hardcopy version of What is the Hegelian Dialectic? and The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking.

We decided to print them exactly as they have appeared online for the past few years. While it was torture not rewriting them with everything we've since learned, we felt it was important to keep it the way it's been for every person who's read it and studied it online. Also this is our primary thesis paper and I have submitted this version to hundreds of American political science and law professors over the years. If we are ever to be disputed, this is what they will dispute.

For the book version we listed every reference link (there are 80) and note the ones that are no longer available online. We decided to add several articles I've written that supplement our thesis with updated information and references. Depending on the printing costs, I also want to include 2 ACL charts. Big Mother's Game Plan: Checkmate and The Rule of Law have been fairly well visited online, so I assume they are either hugely entertaining or helpful in some way.

I want to thank all the people who have been helping us lately. You've changed the way we look at our work. Nine years ago I dove into this research like a maniac because I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing in municipal planning meetings. I lost the respect and friendship of many people who I'd earned it from during my first 40 years of life. I was the kind of person who was a friend to anyone who needed a friend. My dad taught me the value of being a good host (the Army loves its parties). I liked to host birthday parties for people who never had one in their life. I sang at weddings, made treats for Nordica's classes, joined a morning bowling league and always had a bunch of people at my house; hundreds of people have stayed with me over the past 30 years. I like to cook bread and huge pots of stews and the family spagetti and meatballs recipe and when I got into recovery I did it even more (my house even became a meeting spot for a while for men who were victims of sexual abuse). So when I stopped doing ALL of that and focused every ounce of energy and intellect I had left into finding out who was destroying my country, well, this affected the quality of Nordica's life in numerous ways.

Nobody we knew understood what I had found. Nobody we knew was capable of reading the long boring, confusing papers that had to be read in order to see there indeed was a plan. I'm from lower-working class America. (My dad was an E-5 when we were in Germany, with a wife and five children.) My friends (even the ones I made in college) all come from working class families. My sister Susan was the first one in our large Friedrich family to graduate from a university. She was the only one in my family who could read some of my work, but she read it from the perspective of a registered socialist, anti-war activist with a degree in Sociology, and we never had the opportunity to discuss Hegel or dialectical materialism. When Susan was involved I was still researching Seattle COPS, HUD and NATS for the Dawson lawsuit, not Hegel. Susan helped me come up with a name before I spoke at the Libertarian convention. Along with our unwavering supporter Jim P., my sister named us the anti-communitarian league in April, 2000. Eight years later the ACL still exists, and that is pretty incredible really.

I promised Nordica for years that "someday" somebody would see the value in what we've done and send us money or other support for our work. I knew it had to come out sooner or later that there IS a written plan for a new political and legal system in the USA. How could it not???? I said a lot of things to her over and over again, and on the top of that list is: "People will start looking when it gets so bad they have to know what's happening to them. When it gets so bad they want to know, they will find our work along with all the other opinions out there, and maybe we can help some of them to skip all the dialectical crap that leads away from the truth."

Nobody ever disagreed with me that "people should have the chance to know." They just diagreed that I should be the one to study it. I had no school to study at, I had no grants or an income to support me, and weren't there better qualified people who should do this? The arguments against me were strong and I had no defense that made sense to anyone but me. I've had to just get real quiet and withdrawn in order to shut them down. Two years ago I came here and set up a tent and called it the ACL Headquarters. In defiance of the perception my lifestyle caused with my rising middle class friends and family, I began calling myself the Tent Lady.

So how fortunate are we that my daughter stood by me all these years, helped me build the ACL website in 2002, and eventually rewrote our Hegel tutorial into a Manifesto in 2003? She never made me quit and she never believed I was crazy either. She built the book business and now, thanks to the generous support we've been gifted in the past 2 years, she believes what we've done has some tangible value. The ACL would not exist if it were not for the contributions we've received from the day it was conceived as a "league." May God bless you all, each and every one.

Please contact me if you have a nice speaking voice and would like to do an mp3 recording of 2020 or the manifesto. Several people have asked for this and my good friends in Walla Walla have expressed an interest in creating audios, which got us thinking. We don't want to use our own voices. (I lost my bottom bridge last December and I've got a bit of a lisp going these days. Losing my teeth is one of the consequences of years of poverty level living, boo hoo.)

We're also very pleased with Paul Barnes' contribution to 2020, and excited to hear he may be writing an entire Canadian edition with another Canadian politician. With all the interest lately in the UK regarding their new agreement with the European Union, who knows where this will go.

I had a dream I wrote something called "Ode to an Old Soldier." I think it was for my dad.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Communitarian Church of Vermont?

Does every church in the world embrace communitarian morality? Is there one church that includes all religions? Is there one church qualified to become the World Church? Why do all the modern churches endorse communitarianism without bothering to inform their followers that is the ideology permeating the faith-based initiatives?

Should it be of any interest to us that the symbol for the Communitarian Church of Vermont is the same symbol that Amitai Etzioni's first name means? What is the Tree of Life and what influence does it have on Communitarian LAW? What is the philosophy of building community, and why do so many federal grant programs and foreign war efforts use the exact same terms?

"Cherry Hill Seminary is a privately owned Pagan seminary program based on the Communitarian philosophy of the sacredness of connections and community building. In that regard, the Seminary is committed, in general, to the mission of building connections between all faiths of the world, and specifically, to train and ordain qualified ministers who are dedicated to the philosophy of building community within their particular Pagan denominations."

Who is:

M. Macha Nightmare

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

M. Macha NightMare, a priestess and witch, is an author, teacher and ritualist, with a penchant for collaboration. An initiate, and among the founders of, Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft, as well as Faery/Feri Tradition, Macha holds Elder and ministerial credentials through The Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), the oldest and largest non denominational organization of Witches in the USA. A member since 1981, she is a former National First Officer and has served the Covenant in many other capacities. She also is an ordained minister of the Communitarian Church in Vermont. {Emphasis added}

NightMare is also a participating member of The Biodiversity Project Spirituality Working Group; the Sacred Dying Foundation; the Marin Interfaith Council; the Ord Brighideach; and the Nature Religion Scholars Network.[1] Her matron is Kali Ma. Her magical practice is inspired by feminism and a concern for the health of our planet, and is informed by Celtic, Hindu and Tibetan practices, the sacred art of Tantra, and the magic of enchantment. When the opportunity presents itself, Macha travels the "broomstick circuit" of neopagan gatherings, where she enjoys immersing herself in the diverse community of American Witchcraft. Her writing has appeared in many periodicals, and she has frequently spoken on behalf of the Craft in electronic and print media, and at colleges and universities. She currently teaches at Cherry Hill Pagan Seminary in Bethel, Vermont.

She brags on her website of her participation in establishing early foundations for the Faith-Based Initiative" implemented under Bush II.
"In 1998 Macha participated in The Biodiversity Project Spirituality Working Group, a small gathering of religious and environmental leaders, in Madison, WI; their work informed the publication of Building Partnerships with the Faith Community: A Resource Guide for Environmental Groups."

I freely admit I was taken in by paganism when I quit drinking and joined AA back in 1990. I respectfully listened to people of all faiths, bought and read all kinds of books passed around in 12 step meetings, and eventually hosted ceremonial pipes at my home (and no it wasn't pot in the pipes). I was still a consumer back then and the recovery book market was flooded with feminst/indian spirituality throughout the 90s. I bought one of Starhawks books about becoming a Shaman, found it to be full of vague assumptions, and that may have been when I began to smell a rat in the recovery rooms. I have since identified the principles for the 12 step program as part of the communitarian plan. I shouldn't have been shocked when I read Marianne Williamson identify communitarian values as the "solution" in A woman's Worth, by name. But I had no idea these bitches were part of something called the Communitarian Church!!!

Bobby, do you have any information on the Communitarian Church of Vermont? There's no direct link to the church (and isn't that a bit odd?)
"Macha holds Elder and ministerial credentials through CoG and is an ordained minister of the Communitarian Church in Vermont. The Communitarian Church is the parent of Cherry Hill Seminary, where Macha chairs the Public Ministry Department. Prior to taking over the department, she taught at 15-week survey course called “Call of the Dark Mother: Working with the Dying, Death, and Grieving.” She is committed to developing the first, and so far only, program in public ministry for Pagans. She views this endeavor, shared with other dedicated and accomplished colleagues, as an opportunity to set a high standard for future generations of Pagans."

All I was trying to do today was write a back cover for our hardcopy of the manifesto so we can send it off to the printer. Was loooking for Barmby's 1850s Church of Communitarianism and found Macha's 2000 Church instead. How did I miss this???? Did I see it before and just didn't think it was that significant, or have I since forgot?

Cherry Hill's Seminary lecturers boast of their invitations to attend the Parliament of the World's Religions. Donald Frew's bio includes: "He represented CoG at both modern Parliaments of the World's Religions ('93 Chicago, '99 Cape Town) and was invited to participate in the Parliament Assembly (other members include the Pope and the Dalai Lama)."

Registration Now Open!

The 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions will be an international interreligious gathering spanning seven nights and six days – from December 3rd to 9th - bringing together an estimated 8,000 to 12,000 persons.

The city of Melbourne, Australia has been awarded the bid to host the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions. The Council conducted a ten-month search that resulted in the selection of Melbourne in October 2006 as the host city for the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions.

The Melbourne host team put forth an impressive bid that met all the criteria established by the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. The way in which the team in Melbourne addressed the multiple questions and challenges that surround social cohesion in the midst of diversity within their local context contributed to Melbourne’s selection by our advisory committee. Click here to review the website devoted to the 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions.

Okay back to Hegel and Etzioni, can't keep going on this anymore today. But what a trip it is to keep finding things that back up our manifesto in such huge ways. Is the plan to actually name the emerging global religion the Communitarian Church?? Participants of the Cherry Hill Seminary HAVE to become members of the Communitarian Church. What is the baptism or confirmation process for that conversion?

"The church operates the seminary to provide training in Pagan ministry skills and to ordain those graduates interested in service as a Communitarian minister. The State of Vermont Department of Education requires that the seminary only enroll members of its parent church, the Communitarian Church. Therefore, all matriculated students are required to become members of the Communitarian Church by paying annual dues of $25 before enrolling. (Continuing Education students pay for short-term membership via higher application fees, and course enrollment fees)."
Here's an interesting essay on whether the Catholic church is communitarian:

How many of us know about the "Wider Bush Plan for Religious Communitarianism" or that most search returns on "communitarian church" lead to the Catholics and occassionally the Lutherans, even though the founder of the Communitarian Network is a Talmudic Zionist dual Israeli-US citizen trained by the Hegelian social theorist and mystic Martin Buber; Etzioni's office bills him as a "guru" but he's not mentioned by his high priestesses in the Communitarian Church. We could assume they are separate entities except for the fact that they sell and promote the exact same agenda of rebuilding communities. I guess it's a lot like the way Wiki editors said Etzioni has nothing to do with Communitarian Law.

Our enemies in the interplanetary realm think we are distracted by their obscure categorization and diasapora of the communitarian ideology. We are not. :

And but of course the Parliament of the world's Religions links us to the URI who supports the UN Millenium Goals:

Written by Charles Gibbs Friday, 14 March 2008:

Dear Friends,

Greetings of love and peace.

As a non-governmental organization with consultative status at the UN, the URI has a responsibility to support initiatives that further key UN objectives and are consistent with URI's Preamble, Purpose and Principles.

In January, I shared with you URI's involvement in an effort to have the UN declare a Decade of Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation for Peace. I would now like to share with you two other initiatives the URI has been asked to participate in related to fulfilling the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

First, a reminder that the eight MDGs were approved as part of the Millennium Declaration, affirmed by 189 countries and signed by 147 heads of states and governments in during the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000. The eight goals, to be achieved by 2015, are:

Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education

Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women

Goal 4: Reduce child mortality

Goal 5: Improve maternal health

Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability
Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

We should ask ourselves why a religious organization would include goals 7 and 8 (above). And, here we go again, Religions for Peace explains the primary new goals of all UN affiliates. Sustainable Development and BUILDING COMMUNITY is the new mantra:
Religions for Peace - USA is a coalition comprised of leaders from over sixty U.S. religious communities. RFP-USA operates on the conviction that multi-religious cooperation and common action can be powerful instruments in the quest for constructive social development, justice, reconciliation, and peace.

Building Community — Addressing Diversity
— Discussing the Role of the United States in the World

Maybe it's time to design a new communitarian chart that shows ALL the connections. Do the Germans have Communitarian Churches (and pagan feminist witches)? Does this lead to other conclusions regarding the implementation of "Communitarianism as the social and legal theory behind the German Constitution?"

It's amazing what I found today searching for Barmby's Universal Communitarian Association, what eventually became known as the Communist Church in 1841. I see many new things I would like to read, wonder who kept Barmby's works... the Communitarian Church? Is the modern Communitarian Church more of a witches' council?

From the Dictionary of National Biography,,M1
Barmby claimed credit for founding the East Suffolk and Yarmouth Chartist council in September 1839. In December he was elected delegate to the Chartist convention and in 1840 and 1841 he was re-elected, though alienated from political radicalism by this time. Already a correspondent of the Owenites’ New Moral World (writing on language reform and Charles Fourier), in 1840 he visited Paris with a letter of introduction from Owen. There he studied French social organisation and claimed by this to have originated the English term ‘communism’. He married at Marylebone on 4th October 1841 Catherine Isabella Watkins (1816/17–1853), who, under the signature of Kate, contributed to the New Moral World. They had a son, Moreville, and a daughter. On 13th October 1841, Barmby founded the Communist Propaganda Society and designated 1841 Year 1 of the new communist calendar. The Universal Communitarian Association followed, promoted by the monthly Educational Circular and Communist Apostle. In 1842, he founded and almost single-handedly wrote the monthly Promethean, or, Communitarian Apostle, which also promoted rational marriage and universal suffrage, and lectured at the ‘communist temple’ at Marylebone Circus, Marylebone, Middlesex. Out of this activity and through his contact with James Pierrepont Greaves (with whom he published the New Age, or, Concordian Gazette, the journal of Greaves’s own Ham Common community), Barmby established the Moreville Communitorium at Hanwell in 1842. The following year, he issued his Communist Miscellany, a series of tracts written by himself and his wife, and founded the weekly Communist Chronicle, which also supported the German communist Wilhelm Weitling.

Thomas Frost described Barmby at this time as ‘a young man of gentlemanly manners and soft persuasive voice, wearing his light brown hair parted in the middle after the fashion of the Concordist brethren, and a collar and necktie à la Byron’[2]. With the Communitorium renamed the Communist Church by 1844, Barmby began his move towards sectarianism; he conducted a propaganda tour in the north and midlands in the winter of 1845–6 and forged links with the Dublin sect of White Quakers. In 1845 he combined with Frost to revive the Communist Chronicle, for which he translated some of Reybaud’s ‘Sketches of French socialists’, and wrote a philosophical romance entitled The Book of Platonopolis, which sought to fuse utopian fiction and modern science. However, Frost soon tired of Barmby’s sectarianism and separated from him in 1846, to establish the Communist Journal.

Is the Communitarian Church the Church of Jerusalem with certain modifications? Thomas Frost tells us in Recolllections of a Country Journalist that he fully told the history of the Communist Church in his "Recollections." Anybody got a copy of it I can borrow? As the world's leading anticommunitarian scholar whose undisputed thesis is that Etzioni's history of communitarianism is a lie, I'd sure like to be "fully told" about the history of the Cherry Hill Seminary's "parent" church. Why is there nothing about it online? If they receive federal tax funds via the faith based program, are they required to comply with an FOIA request for documents? Argh, do I have time for this? No... but maybe one of you do, which is why I made time to post all this today. This is a KEY element to the communitarian propaganda machine, an explanation of how it evolved into UN Millenium Goals may be helpful to Christians, Muslims and Jews who are caught up in the dialectically imposed crossfire.

Update March 25:
Is there a Communitarian Church of Carriage Hills in California? Are there others besides the one in Vermont?

December 17, 2006

UPF Argentina

“During the last 45 days I had the privilege to be the heart, the feet, the hands and the mouth of Rev. (Sun Myung) Moon”, says Pastor Andre Jackson, of the Communitarian Church of Carriage Hills in California, one of the 120 leaders taking on the commitment to travel the world as part of a Tour, that leads them through 120 nations and which is organized by the Universal Peace Federation.

It's more commonly known as the Carriage Hills Community Church. In 2006 he was still traveling with the Peace group, this time to Germany:
Rev. Andre W. Jackson from the Carriage Hills Community Church in Richmond, California, gave his delightful sermon in the Free Catholic Church in Munich with the cooperation of Archbishop Ungerer and Bishop Umipig. It was a wonderful ecumenical service for peace. Thirty people from different backgrounds and churches attended the program.
There are several wiccans who claim to be ordained ministers. Maybe Lady DragonWing will explain something for us about how she obtained her position in the Communitarian Church.

UMass, Amherst connects the Communitarian Church to the Covenant of the Goddess:

And there's another, the Scarsdale Communitarian Church of the Non-Sectarian Community Nursery School,

And in Asia the Catholics see a need to create a Communitarian church:

Here's an event attened by all the Communitarian Church members, called MerryMeet. One of the speakers was a presenter at Rio in 1992 and was the New england Regional Religion Coordinator for Earth Day 1990. These Wiccan communitarian freemason witches sure care a lot about our environment, don't they? Who knew how much influence Witches had on preparing the document that would establish Communitarian Law across the globe.

Rev. Maureen Khoreia Reddington-Wilde is a minister of the Church of the Sacred Earth : A Union of Pagan Congregations. She is a Hellenic Reconstructionist Pagan, a dedicated Priestess of Aphrodite, currently pursuing a Masters degree in Classical Studies at Harvard University.

Ordained in 1988, her ministry has been dedicated to interfaith outreach in local, regional, national, and international levels. She served as the New England Regional Religion Coordinator for Earth Day 1990, which led to her founding role in Eco-Spirit New England, an interfaith environmental
network, as well as the Seventh Principle Project, a Unitarian Universalist environmental network, and participating in the International Coordinating
Committee for Religion and the Environment which helped prepare input for the U.N.'s 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil. For the past ten years here in
Massachusetts, she has served on the steering committee, now the board of directors, of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry, serving as Co-Chair in 2003-2004 during the time of the Goodridge decision and the first legal gay marriages in the Commonwealth.

Maureen Reddington-Wilde will be presenting at the Leadership Institute.
And then I started looking up some of the NGOs at Rio and found this list:

My question tonight is: Were there Ordained Communitarian Ministers at Rio who helped write the Global Communitarian Legal Plan called UN Local Agenda 21? I might also be falling asleep wondering if Etzioni knows there are Quabbalistic trained Wiccan High Priests who are also Masters in Masonic Secrecy who are Communitarian Ministers?

How bizarre does this thing get? Nordica told me if I exclaim "Oh my God" one more time she's gonna throw something at me. She thinks I should be conditioned to this stuff after all these years. She can't believe I'm still shocked. But I am. After 8 years I find out there's a Wiccan connection so direct and out there that it feels like I never did any research on communitarianism at all. Plus the fact that there's ZERO online about the actual church. Where is it? Jerusalem? Rome? At the Mennonite Center in North Carolina? At BlackWater's Training Center nearby? And the Catholics sure discuss their church as a communitarian church a lot... this is all almost too much for my brain to absorb.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Communitarian Religion

Umes stave church

Much of my study of communitarianism has been in the political and legal arena. I tend to stick to reading the documents I am familiar with, meaning policies and programs. I stepped outside my little self-imposed box after a few years and devoted thousands of hours to the philosophical foundations for the communitarian theory. That resulted in our manifesto in 2003. But the story of communitarianism doesn't stop there, and there is much work that has yet to even be started. Besides being the emerging global-to-local bureaucratic system, it also includes this whole other aspect called religion. Communitarian economics and banking, as I explained last week, is one of the subjects I consider to be way out of my league. Religious, or spiritual communitarianism is another.

Therefore, I'm very grateful to Bobby Garner for taking the time to study and share his work on the religious theories that are the backbone for our comunitarian spiritual evolution. He is the only person I'm aware of in the world who has studied the connection between Christianity, Alice Bailey, Masonry and the communitarian Plan for a New Global Economic Order. Bobby's also done a lot of historical research and has found several things I never heard of in connection to communitarianism. I highly recommend his site to all my visitors who would like to read another take on all of this, and perhaps some of you are interested in knowing more about the history, beliefs and religious practices of the communitarians. He also keeps a lively e-list conversation going that includes people with many different opinions.

On a more personal note

My apologies to visitors who were concerned by my lack of posts lately. I've been caught up in spring chores and taking care of my grandson while Nordica edits and prepares 2020 and the Manifesto (the new cover is so cute) for the next printing. We got huge orders for both of them, at once, and we've been busting it out here on one computer. Anyone who's lived with us knows who wins every war over the laptop. We've been so happy and hopeful; I didn't mean to worry anyone with my absense. Thanks for caring so much, I will try to check in and leave at least one line every couple days from now on. Maybe I'll start taking pictures again... like the outside gertee walls are covered in mold, that'd make some great pictures... bleach... good thing it's spring and I can redecorate before I go mad from the smells. Pete said the material may have come infected before I put it up and the ice gave it a perfect place to grow. (I don't know anything about mold.) So next I'm gonna cut up the old wall tent and us it for walls.. really is a trip that I can just take it all down and start over with a new firmer floor (out of the floodzone) and put up the new roof Sean and Johnny sent! (Thanks guys!!!) It snowed yesterday but it's definitely springtime in Alaska.. almost.

For all you hockey fans, my sister Judy's son, Wylie Rogers, who played goalie four years for the UAF Nanooks, just went pro. He's with the Utah Grizzlies. Go Wylie and the Griz! For links to ALL his hockey games, visit his number one fan site:

Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Economic Order -- Washington Post opinion

A new economic order in the USA did not "have" to happen. Regardless of what the textbooks imply, economic systems do not "evolve." One of the main fallacies of the New Economic Order folks is that every change they make to our status as free human beings was "inevtitable." It's happening now because this is the plan set out by the defeated British Empire and their cronies. (Don't be misled by the leadership role assumed by the EU...there was never any doubt of HRH Queen Elizabeth's and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's role in the New Economic Order)

Sustainable development is the UN term that justifies a globally managed economic order. When the U.S. Congress made their committment to uphold the goals laid out in Local Agenda 21, they embraced the concept that the American lifestyle is "unsustainable." According to Neil Irwin, a Washington Post Staff Writer, the bad news yesterday were only: "small pieces of a much bigger reversal in a series of imbalances that made Americans feel richer than they were and created unsustainable distortions in the world economy that are now righting themselves."

The much "bigger reversal" Irwin is referring to refers to all the legislation passed in the USA that laid the ground work for the communitarian political and legal system that sustains the New Global Communitarian Economic Order.

"Unsustainable distortions" is preparing us for the Marxist ideology of the "need" for a redistribution of wealth. The Fabians have always made it appear as if the American worker (whose taxes support communitarian wars and rebuilding the world plans) owns more than his "fair" share of the world's "wealth." It doesn't matter that the workers in every nation are the ones who create wealth, nor does it matter that the global corporations go around the world stealing that wealth from the workers. Nooooo. What matters more is that the hardest workers of the world should have to cough up a global tax to help eat their debts and "spread the wealth."

Social injustice is a favorite globalist phrase that implies Americans have an obligation to assume repsonsibility for mistakes and crimes perpertrated by the British-Zionist empire and their White House corporate affiliates. These unsustainable distortions are now "righting themselves." Now, why is it that I know for a fact that as a bonifide "poor" person I will never benefit from this global redistribution of wealth?

Will the private corporate IRS be responsible for collecting the Global Poverty Tax too? Didn't the IRS become a partner with the DEA and INS and Community Policing and FEMA and DHS? What happens when Americans refuse to go along with this portion of the scam?
A New Economic Order
Why the Downturn Had to Happen

By Neil Irwin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 14, 2008; Page D01

Retail sales plummeting. The dollar at a new low against other world currencies. A 60 percent jump in U.S. home foreclosures. A major investment fund going kaput.

This is what a reordering of the world economy looks like in real time.

Don't think of yesterday's economic news as discrete events. They are small pieces of a much bigger reversal in a series of imbalances that made Americans feel richer than they were and created unsustainable distortions in the world economy that are now righting themselves.

Americans are consuming less, and their houses and other assets are becoming less valuable. Painful as they may be, in the long run, both trends must happen to restore sustainable growth. But in the short run, they are wrenching changes that are probably causing a recession.

The weaker U.S. economy, combined with low interest rates due to Federal Reserve rate cuts, has made traders around the world less inclined to buy dollars. Thus, the value of a dollar fell below 100 yen yesterday for the first time since 1995, and slumped to a new low against the euro. Unpleasant as that is for people planning European vacations, it should help cushion the blow to the economy by making U.S. exporters more competitive.

more here:

Thanks again to Chris Bieber for spending his few days off researching things for us!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Communitarian Economics

Communitarian economic theory is a major part of the emerging supra-national system. This is what we will end up with after the coming economic collapse. Sadly, like all things communitarian, it's obscure, uncovered and, if barely mentioned, easily played down by our complicit press. When knowledgeable players discuss the Federal Reserve Bank and the diving dollar, they steer us far, far away from any valid discussions of the driving force for all the suggested, marvelously innovative changes.

"Communitarian Economics: How to Cut the Deficit and Put America Back to Work" by Amitai Etzioni (the "everything expert"):

"Communitarian Economics" by Norton Garfinkle:

Who is Norton Garfinkle? He's an interesting fella. He was a professor of Economics and Economic History at Amherst College 1957 to 1967. (See: Business references don't seem to include his membership on the board of the Future of American Democracy Association -- direct link:

Not only is he part of the Communitarian Network and another Phi Beta Kappa (as is Robert Zollnik new Head of the World Bank and Condolessa Rice, head of the Bush campaign team called Vulcans), he's chairman of Oxford Management Corporation (whatever that is.. can't find anything about it) and has been involved in many other very successful corporations as well (one sold for 300 mil).

"Norton Garfinkle is immediate past chair of NHF. Mr. Garfinkle serves as chairman of the George Washington University Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies. He is also chairman of Oxford Management Corporation and chair of the executive committee for the Lamaze Institute for Family Education."

According to in 1999 he served as chairman of

"Cambridge Management Advanced Systems Corp., which has developed a revolutionary air safety system for the Federal Aviation Administration that provides continuous accurate and timely information on visibility and sky conditions at airports around the clock in all weather environments."

This makes me wonder about what happened on September 11, 2001. Did the FAA adopt Garfinkle's "revolutionary air safety system"? That'd be interesting to know.

This very wealthy, highly eductated, closely connected, upper class society man is an expert on the American middle class:

"Norton Garfinkle. The American Dream vs. The Gospel of Wealth: The Fight for a Productive Middle-Class Economy. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 2006. ix + 230 pp. ISBN 0-300-10860-5, $22.00 (cloth)

The first 10% of the full text of this article appears below.

The essential argument of Norton Garfinkle's book is that the American economic policy history can be understood as a struggle between those who believe that economic growth is best achieved when Washington's objective is to protect and extend the interests of the middle-class against those who say that the American economy is stronger, when national policy allows the richest Americans to pursue their interests fully. Garfinkle is firmly in the middle-class camp."

Anyway, we are entering the new age of collectivist-capitalism, so

"Throw out all the econometric models—we are now officially into uncharted territory."

Thanks to Chris Bieber for forwarding this March 12, 2008 article by Michael Mandel in Business Week: "The Fed's Historic Innovation"

The goal of every school of Communitarian Thinking is to introduce innovative solutions to problems and conflicts. Many people explain this process as the "Problem-Reaction-Solution" paradigm. Communitarianism is always the solution.

Economics was not one of the subjects I studied in college. By the time I went to school, few Americans were beng taught the original American System of Political Economy. I didn't learn about the original American political and economic system until winter -2002/2003, when Nordica printed List's book offline when she was babysitting for Shalee in Ten Sleep. We modified our Hegel tutorial to include List and the American system soon after. My political courses were separated from banking, economics and markets. I studied programs and policies and I did "follow" the money going into Central America in the 1980s, but I never had a class that included the CFR, the TC, fractal reserve banking or the private Fed. Economics was taught in other sub-classes though, and it was merged under the new social sciences, which Gorbachev and Etzioni dubbed "socio-economics," in 1991.

Unlike my level of comprehension in (watered down) American political principles, 19th century economic theory gave me a headache the same way 19th century philosophy did, so I avoided it. I've since furthered my study of American politics but as for the suject of political economy I have mostly all questions and few answers. I don't think I'll ever have the time to go back and figure out what the exact differences are between the First National Bank of the United States established under President George Washington and the Federal Reserve Bank (which is privately owned). According to the "left" there is no difference, and Andrew Jackson is held up by both "sides" as a great American president for refusing to renew the National Bank's charter. We touched on this subject slightly in Part II of the Anticommunitarian Manifesto. I still think McKinley's assassination is an important missing piece of communitarian infiltration into the USA, for many reasons, not the least being the fact that innovative solutions to American finances became the norm after he was dead.

Peter Myer's elist has also sent some good articles that I'll paste here later. In the meantime I suggest we all consider the possibilty that our money may soon be quite useless and the brutal reality of what that means. There is a reason all new emergency powers' acts include confiscation of stored goods. Hide it well America. We're in for one hell of a depression. It should become so bad that the American people will BEG for a solution, which has been well studied, written, planned, and organized in preparation for that monumental day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Summer of Freedom Festival -- June 21 to July 4, 2008

We're thinking about a few things we'd like to do for fun this summer. Hopefully we have time to celebrate surviving the winter and being alive before the markets collapse, before the planet goes off its axis, before HAARP sends up Tesla signals heralding of Jesus' return or there's an outbreak of avian flu or Denver gets nuked or the Chinese invade or the illegal immigrants riot in our cities, or whatever else folks say is going to happen. Everybody I meet has a theory; I wish I had the time and resources to travel around asking people their theories and compiling it into a video. There'd be a lot of truth in it, because every version I've heard of the "new world order" has the same theme: Total and utter desecration of life and freedom as we know it.

I always wanted to find a way to stop the communitarians. I hate them. I hate what they've done and I really hate what they're planning to do. This hatred is so deep and real that even I don't understand it sometimes. I don't want to hate anybody so this has been a real dilemma for me. I spent many years seeking a spiritual path after I left the Lutheran faith, studying many religions before I settled upon the simple Lakota prayer circle and ceremonial pipe. But I don't even do that anymore. Today I too easily recognise the communitarian lingo in every religion so I don't know what I believe. I believe everything we've been told is a lie... beyond that.. no idea. I do believe in prayer, it's always helped me and I did a lot of it when I took on Seattle police, but it's getting harder to pray when I don't want to use ANY of "their" terms for the Creator (which is also one of their terms). The bottom line is I've been too serious about this work for nine full years and spent too many hours thinking about the bad guys. While I'll never entirely shake off the brutal truth about what our leaders have done to so many beatutiful, ancient cultures with this stupid sustainable development bomb (flood) and rebuild agenda, I do plan to start honoring my Creator again for granting me the gift of freedom. I am grateful to have lived my 51 years as an American. Part of the motivation for my ACL research was the enormous debt I feel for those who stood up or died for my right to pursue my own destiny. I lived my life on my terms, for better or worse, and it was only my freedom which allowed me to pursue ACL research.

Right now, today, I can still decide what I'm going to do next. To me, that's the simplest form of freedom there is. I can choose to do anything within my reach because my government servants haven't the power over me to make me do what they want me to do (unless I'm criminally charged). Choice is such a basic component of freedom that I cannot imagine life without it. (But I know the communitarians can.) So after anguishing over the future of our nation and what's going to happen to my family and friends when communitarian law becomes the "official" rule of law here as it is in the EU... I have to stop for a while and try to remember why I love my people and my country so much. I've spent six years on the computer. I need to connect with my friends in real life (and I never seem to travel anymore), so I'm going over the logistics of hosting a freedom festival at Camp Redington over Solstice til the 4th. We want bands, dancing, tasty treats, contests, turkey shoots and tug-of-wars and all that old fashioned manly stuff going on.

I could hold a few short ACL or gertee building seminars during the daytime if there's any interest. I may even put out a "call for papers" to be presented at the festival, then print a hardcopy of the ten voted best essays on freedom. People could submit their ideas for a "top ten" list of the best ways to maintain individual liberty. Lots of people write and ask me what I think we "should do?" I've never known what to say to that. From now on I'm going to answer, "Come to Alaska or send me your ideas and we'll have a great time trying to figure it out together!" I think it would be just so wonderful to sit in a circle around a campfire with all the good people we've met online through ACL work. But realistically, it will be mostly Alaskans who love their summer adventures, and maybe I won't be talking about anti communitarianism at all.

I'm praying for one last summer of freedom. Ho Mitakyoashin.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The EU's Treaty of Lisbon -- constitution or not?

Many thanks to Pete for forwarding this blog post from the Belmont Club.

I remember feeling so inspired by the successful French and Dutch referendums against the EU constitution that it was most depressing to learn the EU leaders simply went behind their backs and wrote a new "treaty" that essentially establishes a EU constitution anyway. Like they say, why should offificals have to deal with the bothersome referendum process?

I think the part that's hardest for Americans to grasp is that creating a communitarian system totally eliminates a seat at the table for the people who are to be governed. In the U.S., we believe we ARE the government and that our system is one of self-governance. It makes no sense to us why our commoners need to ask (beg) for representation at the global parliment.

Regional integration with Canada and Mexico and communitarian harmonization under the global courts is an expansion of the British-Zionist-USA Imperial mandate. This is what British constitutional historians claim is their "endless adventure of governing men." Yet, interestingly enough, some British subjects are convinced (just like some Americans, some Dutch, some French, some Canadians, some African leaders, and you could probably say some Iraqis and Afghanis too) that they somehow have the natural right to "vote" on this most serious issue of giving up their national sovereignty to a regional global government (controlled by liars).

Even in the free USA, our leaders have made ALL these preliminary treaty negotiations (and the list only grows longer every year) behind closed doors. They HAVE to do it like this. We the people cannot vote to give away that which no man can ever claim to own: another man's freedom. Our constitution is clear about where men's rights come from, and it isn't from the British monarchy. We haven't the power to make our neighbors and their children into slaves, so integration has to be accomplished without ever addressing core constitutional barriers.

The U.S. and all state constitutions prohibit violations of its principles. Changing the law and adapting our political structure under the supremacy of international communtarian law is not an "issue" in this phony presidential election. McCain, Hillary and Obama ALL support NAFTA and UN LA21, but it's not even a topic of public debate in the U.S., let alone a referendum.

Yes, Obama met with Canadian officials... but we all just misunderstood his purpose. Silly us.

"I lied"

Gordon Brown successfully prevented a British referendum on its relationship with the European Union despite an earlier undertaking by Tony Blair to do so. The Times reports that Brown insisted that the Treaty of Lisbon, which is substantially the same as the rejected EU constitution is technically not the same thing:

"The result means that Parliament will decide whether to ratify the treaty, signed by EU leaders last December. ... Mr Brown insisted that Labour’s manifesto pledge to hold a referendum applied to Europe’s previous proposed constitution, not to the Lisbon treaty, and accused Mr Cameron of appeasing sceptics within the Conservative Party."

An opposition shadow minister, William Hague, "poured scorn on claims that the Lisbon treaty was fundamentally different from the constitutional treaty rejected in referendums in France and the Netherlands in 2005, calling such arguments 'weasel words to wriggle out of a commitment'. Mr Hague said the two were substantially the same."

The Independent claimed that even if the Treaty of Lisbon and the EU Constitution were one and the same there was no need to submit its contents to something as vulgar as a referendum.

"The argument over whether the treaty is substantially different from the European Union constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters three years ago is never likely to be settled. But it should be quite clear to the objective observer that this treaty does not represent a shift in Britain's relationship with the European Union worthy of a referendum, no matter what the die-hard Eurosceptic lobby maintains.

And, even if that were the case, in Britain we have a parliamentary system. Our MPs are charged with voting on legislation and treaties. Those who complain loudly that refusing a referendum is a betrayal of democracy confuse democracy with the mere process of holding a public vote."

The Independent disposes of the fact that the Labor party promised to hold a referendum on the question of the British relationship with Europe by simply saying, "we lied".

"An epic catalogue of folly, arrogance and cynicism brought us to this pass. It began with the vanity of various European ministers and the former French President, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, who insisted on making necessary reform of the EU's decision-making processes post-enlargement into a grandiose and overblown "constitution" project.

This was followed by Tony Blair's cowardly decision to promise a UK referendum before the last general election to appease the Eurosceptic press. This, in turn, resulted in Labour MPs going into the last election committed to a referendum on the constitution. There can have been few more obvious hostages to fortune in recent political history."

In other words the Independent thinks it unfortunate that the former French President called the public's attention to the fact that a political superstructure was being constructed over the nations of Europe and thinks Tony Blair was "cowardly" to promise he would consult the voters on it when the whole thing could have been handled so much more quietly in backrooms.

One of the sentiments Barack Obama has successfully tapped into is the long simmering popular suspicion that the political and media classes have morphed into a class apart, accountable to no one and answerable only to itself. And while Obama's motives for tapping into that discontent may be debatable, the discontent itself is probably quite real. The public disaffection with politicians of both parties with an unlimited capacity for making concessions to illegal immigrant lobbies, identity politics, oil sheiks, corporate interests and foreign bagmen is bottled up only by the lack of a clear alternative.

But recent events in Britain underscore just how powerful the backroom has become and how little words to the public mean. Despite Tony Blair's promises not to give up British sovereignty without asking Britons, the "fix" was in. Recently Barack Obama himself was accused of privately telling the Canadian government one thing about NAFTA while the public yet another. Although Obama denies talking out of both sides of his mouth, saying his staffers were misunderstood, the shadow of the backroom looms large over every public pronouncement. Maybe politicians don't represent the "people" any more. Just themselves.

Are Both Obama and Hillary DLC Candidates?

There's no doubt what-so-ever that Hillary Clinton is a friend of the DLC and its primary funders, the Sir Evelyn de Rothschilds. I'm sure Hillary knew American Democratic organizer Lynn Forrester before she married Sir Evelyn and the newlywed Rothschilds were invited to spend their wedding night in the White House.

The DLC's mission was to define the Third Way. I did some research on this a few years back, and Obamas name did come up:

From the New York Observer, March 4, 2008:

"Mr. From said Mr. Obama had an intellectual, and not just tactical, connection to the D.L.C.

“I mean his chief economist, Austan Goolsbee, is a fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, which is our think tank,” he said."

It looked like Obama "left" the DLC in March 2005, at least that's what I quoted at the ACL. I'm not sure if using a DLC boy as his chief economist qualifies him to claim he left the DLC. I guess what this really means is we can't expect a revival of our economy based on the American System of Political Economy, besides, the PPI is only one of hundreds of think tanks that promote communitarian economics; the American system is outdated and a dangerous influence on Third World nations. Nobody who's anybody would ever be so uncouth as to bring it up in mixed company.

Here's a Rep Major Owens explaining in Jan 2008 why Hillary must rescue herself from the DLC. He gives a little background on it for us:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clinton Global Initiative or Is Hillary funded by the Rothschild's Bank of England?

Just got an email of a New Zealander's article about the Clinton's connections to the British Fabian-Rhodes Society, and the Fabian basis for the 1987 movie "Amerika."

It's a really good article, but I can't use it at the ACL Fabian Society research page because the writer didn't include all his references. Much of what he says in the beginning I already checked out after I was introduced to it by Joan Veon, Henry Lamb, Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin in 1999. So I did the same thing with this writer as I've done with every other. I started checking his facts. Seems like no matter how much I read and study there's still major things that slip past me.

For example:

1. I've never heard of nor seen the 1987 movie "Amerika." Has anybody else?

2. I do know about Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his American DLC bride Lynn Forrester being the finance behind getting the first Clinton elected. But I don't think I've ever spent a second researching the Clinton's Global Initiative.

According to author John Christian, the Rothschilds, several other billionaires and royals are part of Clinton's lovely sounding vague mission to save the planet. Now Brad Pitt, husband to UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie (who owns a house near the Rothschilds outside London) is leading their urban renewal projects.

I followed the events in New Orleans until I took a break from research in May 2006. I knew they would rebuild it as a model communitarian city because they said they would. It hurts so much to know this once great multi-cultural center no longer exists, I can't imagine the pain it causes to former residents. It's pure anguish to know that THIS rebuilding scheme is the fate of every city, town and rural area in America. What they're replacing it with is a Hollywood Disney movie set, all cute and sweet up front and laden with sinister motives underneath (which Christian goes into great detail about).

Why is Clinton's agenda called "Rebuilding a Sustainable New Orleans"?

Saturday, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

"Rebuilding a Sustainable New Orleans "
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans faces the simultaneous tasks of rebuilding infrastructure, expanding equitable economic and educational opportunities, revitalizing community relations, and pursuing development in environmentally-sustainable ways. This special session will examine the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans, including eco-friendly development and community integration, and provide students and universities with tools to contribute to this vital effort.

It's a national shame the residents of New Orleans haven't got the first clue what's in store for them. This CGI planning meeting is next week and there won't be ANYBODY there who opposes communitarian rebuilding methods (or will there?). If I had the money I'd offer to fly down and support a public meeting on the topic. Maybe I should go anyway, hitch-hike down and join the homeless. Maybe that's the only way to get my free gertee instructable out to people in the Southern states who remain homeless or stuck in government camps. It's a ridiculous plan, I know. Nordica would be furious with me for even considering it. But it's funny how often I'm labeled a "selfish individualist" because of my unwavering stand against communitarianism when I've been a volunteer for the American people for almost a decade. I know I'm supposed to find a way to make money and I should be trying to sell GerTee instead of giving it away. But it's just an idea. I don't want to make them for everybody, I just want them to know they can make them themselves. The American housing crisis is real. In theory, Gertees can pass the eco-friendly sustainable building requirements for new development.

Here's how much more the Clinton royal family cares about helping poor folks:

And Hillary did talk about her and Obama joining forces. Democrats are called it a "dream ticket." Obama says it's "premature." They will win, won't they?

Now for another example of a writer talking all about communitarian law without ever saying the term. The right is as well trained as the left. Bipartisan crimes indeed. :

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Africans reject EU Trade demands!

In Africa, the governments appear to be acting in the best interests of their citizens. Compare this report with my post yesterday about Barack Obama and his Global Poverty Bill which claims to commit to helping reduce poverty via sustainable development coupled with the U.S. 's Transatlantic Policy Network which plans to reduce trade barriers between the U.S. and the E.U.

Too bad so many of these African nations can't see through the Hegelian scam as well. This came off Peter Meyer's elist:
Forwarded from: Global Trade Watch <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 17:33:16 +1100

* Africa takes a stand against Europe’s unequal economic partnership agreements (EPA's)

Food First ( ) reports: "Times may be changing in Africa. Europe is no longer free to impose unfair trade agreements to the detriment of African farmers. At the second EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon in December African nations united against the EU’s push for trade liberalization and bilateral economic agreements. The EU’s 27 countries were asking African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries to permit EU goods and services to enter their domestic markets duty-free with a December 31, 2007 deadline for the new trade agreements.

Instead, African governments resoundingly voted no, forcing the European Commission into negotiations that are likely to resume in 2008. President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal emphatically refused to sign saying “We are not talking any more about EPA’s. We have rejected them.” President Thamo Mbeki of South Africa and Namibia supported Wade in deciding not to sign. This is a turning point for Africa, with African nations rejecting European domination and colonialist policies. The mobilized strength of social movements and trade union organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa also contributed to the collapse of the Summit.

Breaking with the European Commission, French President Nicolas Sarkozy stood behind the African countries that opposed unfair agreements. All in all, only 15 of the 76 poor countries involved in the discussions have signed EPA’s with Europe. Most African leaders fear that the EPA’s will flood their markets with cheap European goods, depriving them of duty revenue, while destroying local businesses and agriculture. Many also fear the EU’s strategy of single country deals that parallel the US’ inequitable trade agreements with Latin American nations."
Now what, if anything, does this have to do with the UN Law of the Sea Treaty? Here's an introduction from wikipedia, which sucks as a source sometimes but it's always a good place to start if you know nothing about the topic. For instance, Wiki has a link to which has a fabulous page dedicated to the topic. I'm one of those who don't know anything about the Law of the Sea Treaty and for this I was chastised, more than once, in responses to my articles about communitarian law. I've got other pressing commitments but I will study this asap.
United States non-ratification

The United States strongly objected to the provisions of Part XI of the Convention on several grounds, saying that the treaty is unfavorable to America's economy and security. The US felt that the provisions of the treaty were not free-market friendly and were designed to favor the economic systems of the Communist states. The US also felt that the provisions might result in the ISA becoming a bloated and expensive bureaucracy due to a combination of large revenues and insufficient control over what the revenues could be used for.

Due to Part XI, the US refused to ratify the UNCLOS, although it expressed agreement with the remaining provisions of the Convention. Even though the United States is not a party to the treaty, it considers many of the remaining provisions as binding as customary international law. {Explained here:

[edit] Revision of the LOS Convention

From 1983 to 1990, the United States accepted all but Part XI as customary international law, while attempting to establish an alternative regime for exploitation of the minerals of the deep seabed. An agreement was made with other seabed mining nations and licenses were granted to four international consortia. Concurrently, the Preparatory Commission was established to prepare for the eventual coming into force of the Convention-recognized claims by applicants, sponsored by signatories of the Convention. Overlaps between the two groups were resolved, but a decline in the demand for minerals from the seabed made the seabed regime significantly less relevant. In addition, the decline of Socialism and the fall of Communism in the late 1980s had removed much of the support for some of the more contentious Part XI provisions.

In 1990, consultations were begun between signatories and non-signatories (including the United States) over the possibility of modifying the Convention to allow the industrialized countries to join the Convention. The resulting 1994 Agreement on Implementation was adopted as a binding international Convention. It mandated that key articles, including those on limitation of seabed production and mandatory technology transfer, would not be applied, that the United States, if it became a member, would be guaranteed a seat on the Council of the International Seabed Authority, and finally, that voting would be done in groups, with each group able to block decisions on substantive matters. The 1994 Agreement also established a Finance Committee that would originate the financial decisions of the Authority, to which the largest donors would automatically be members and in which decisions would be made by consensus.

[edit] Debate

In the United States there is vigorous debate over the ratification of the treaty, with criticism coming mainly from political conservatives who consider involvement in some international organizations and treaties as detrimental to US national interests. A group of Republican senators, led by Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, has blocked American ratification of the Convention, claiming that it would impinge on US sovereignty. The Bush administration, a majority of the United States Senate, and the Pentagon favor ratification. In addition, various special interests including scientific and international legal scholars, and mining and environmentalist groups have also expressed support.

Here's Senator Inhofe's speech on the Law of the Sea Treaty last October:

Inhofe appears to be a model Republican who supports the War on Iraq, and other lovely projects like turning Yucca Mountain outside Vegas into a nuclear waste site. Inhofe is painted as "out of touch fringe group" by Democrats. ( "Sen Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, painted Inhofe, R-Tulsa, as part of an out-of-touch fringe group that is ignoring the advice of the world's leading scientists and experts on climate change."

What's the odds Inhofe is a dialectical player, just like Boxer? Can't reach a synthesis without a left or a right. Somebody has to act out each "side." The problem is when people like me are forced to choose one or the other. I don't like the far right any more than I like the far left. It irks the hell out of me that the only elected officials who oppose the UN are right wing Christians (or Birchers) who can be labled "fringe" and discounted for their voting records in other areas like war and welfare. It makes it appear as if my anti UN sentiment is based on right wing ideology. Then there's the whole trap that if I can't identify with a side then I am a communitarian by default. There is NO place in the debates for anti communitarians.