Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Illuminati are the Nephilim, by Jeffery Grupp

This is wild. I just learned what anti-matter is last night, from a trashy novel I grabbed from a box of throwaway paperbacks up at Tims. It's called Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, and I thought it would be mindless fun to read it at the same time I'm studying Malachai's "novel."

The entire plot of this fiction thriller is somebody acting like Illuminati stole the first collected specimen of anti-matter. So the author had to spend a few pages explaining it to dummies like me. Brown also gives a history of the Illuminatti that I've never read, and I've read quite a bit now. Fiction or fact - oh how the lines are blurred. How can anyone call THAT illuminated? And then, I only opened this email because I'm making a gertee DVD and am interested in how people are marketing them now. I was blown away by name of the maker's radio show, and then I took the link to the preview of his DVD Series. It's taking forever to download so I haven't seen it yet, but it sure looks like it ties into the topics I'm "studying" lately.

The mysteries of who we are and where we came from always lead back to the same sources. Maybe the information about the Illuminati is part of the plan for diverting humans from the present. Maybe it leads to the original founders of the plan. I don't know. Our focus had been primarily on the current manifestation of communitarianism. I prefer using current, verifiable sources. But who's to say whether one version of ancient history is more accurate than another, when there is evidence of all sorts of secret socieities, plots, (H) assassinations, poisonings, intriques, gossip, rumors, rapes, pillages, crusades, wars of aggression, religious persecution and sacrifices, human slavery, torture, mass genocide and canibalism.

There is ample evidence of communitarian ethics and morals in the news today. I don't know if they're illuminated into Light Beings or not, but our modern moral leaders recycle the human organs of their enemies.

I used to try to maintain a certain journalistic standard, as with all my citations in my lengthy quasi academic papers designed to challenge Etzioni and his Network. When I had to include a topic at the ACL I knew academia deemed "conspiracy theory," I tried to be as detached as possible and presented all sides of the topic. There are always many sides to every topic under the communitarian umbrella, and sadly, most (if not all) are completely controlled by communitarian facilitators. Over the years I realized this is my blog and I don't have to kow tow to the information gatekeepers here. That's when I started having fun with it and posting photos of things like my tents, my camps, my projects, Obama as a Pharoh and Chris Katko's political cartoons. Today I'll write about and post anything I want on my blog. I've been called a conspiracy theorist for so long I'm numb to it.

This whole concept of natural science based entirely upon universal law of opposites is causing my brain to do flip flops. Why does everything appear to support Hegel?

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Justa Numerican said...

The more they're kept... confused... the more easily... they're [mis]led.

Call it... the [New Age] "spirit of the community."

REB said...

Regarding the last statmente...

You understand the circular nature of hegelian thought, right? You know about the offshoots of hegelianism and the evil that they have produced, right? You think our politics and culture in America is utterly polluted with hegelianism, yes? Then how can you not understand that men are naturally drawn toward madness as much as they desire rationality? We require a reference (Logos)outside of ourselves in order to steer away from evil and madness. Hegelianism rejects transcendent truth and embraces relativism. It's no wonder that "everything makes sense" while "nothing makes sense" under the logos of Hegel!

Hegelianism is a pious rejection of the rational concept of God and transcendent truth. It ought to make your stomach do flip flops. Be afraid when it does not.

REB said...

After watching a bit of Grupp's "Mysticism, Quantum spirituality, Problems with Darwinism 1/13" video, I have to say that he is a Kierkegaardian. And that is just a different flavor of hegelianism. It's a blending of faith and skepticism designed to abstract the word "faith" from any concrete meaning. Kierkegaardianism is mental toilet water. Don't be fooled by the fact that it might taste good today. (Would you gulp down toilet water if I made lemonaide out of it?) Drink it if you wish, but don't complain if you find yourself violently ill later on.

Justa Numerican said...

Actually, I rather think Hegelians are little more than... a cabal of arrogant... nihilists... who deny all empirical [pseudo-scientific?] observations... about "Christian" morality anyway - something only the cabal itself... is qualified to define... since it eschews all law (Biblical or otherwise)... by "virtue" of their numbers' [vacuously projected (a la Hegel) and hence mystically (magick-ally) traduced]... "divine right" to rule [as in to "pass judgment" upon]... over all those "lesser beings" (those pissy-ant "little people")... not so blessed.

Naturally, this gives the cabal... its presumed [divine] right... to deceive... to steal... rob... do harm... and to murder others [at will] - since they deny... said outsider "others"... even possess... [so much as] "free will"... or a living soul. Nor do their perceived "monsters" [as they see us, their "flock", thus their captured "possessions" unto their "enlightened care"]... have any "lawful", "natural" or "common law" rights... whatsoever... to say... own property. Because, yea, that's a right... reserved only... to "the elect"... or to those "chosen" few... with the divine mission... and the will to [Darwinian; illogical; Hegelian; nonsensical; magical] power.

I do admire their chutzpah though - I'm just not as inclined... to do grave or undue harm... to others... so needlessly. So in that sense, I agree: These people are not only radical... they're dangerous... besides.

A better word is futilitarians... in place of... nihilists. For me, words [like re-"ligios"] - like "beliefs" which often only provide them cover for the lies contained therein - can "re-bind" us... as can straitjackets - yet "nothing" is indeed "something." Just like "zero" is something too.

Futilitarians will say they have "no belief in beliefs" or "belief systems"... at all. But how might such "belief" differ from faith?

Here's how a "heretical Christian" [I once admired] said it:

"Faith is a state of openness or trust. To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float. And the attitude of faith is the very opposite of clinging to belief, of holding on. In other words, a person who is fanatic in matters of religion, and clings to certain ideas about the nature of God and the universe, becomes a person who has no faith at all. Instead they are holding tight. But the attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be." ~ Alan Watts

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