Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not Quite Everything My Teacher Never Told Me

A new friend dropped off some books today. I raced through my "have to be done every day" chores, then started right in reading one called: Lies My Teacher Told Me, Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, by James W. Lowen.

On the cover there's a can of white paint, a dripping brush and a lable that says "white wash." I thought sure it would fill in some of the missing parts of history that I only just learned when I started my ACL studies in 1999. Since that time I've looked at hundreds of history text books, and after a while I could spot the communitarian introductions within a few pages. (One book, called "The Dilemma of Democracy" almost didn't even need to be opened.) So I'm familiar with all the current rewrites of our history by the Fabians. But I was still hoping this wasn't them. I didn't like seeing Howard Zinn's praise on the cover, it was a flag, but I decided maybe it wasn't another one of those kinds of history books that tell America's story as if we've always been a Marxist struggle for democracy.

So, I got as far as page 19 when he's telling "all" about Helen Keller and President Woodrow Wilson. Now the first part about Wilson being a racist was really interesting, and I didn't know his attitudes helped rejuevinate the KKK. But then he blames Wilson's racist beliefs in his Southern upbringing, and forgets to mention the racist Zionists Wilson surrounded himself with.

Loewen never mentions that Wilson appointed the first Zionist to the US Supreme Court, or how that affected the state of our union today. He never even mentions that Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, or what that is, or the fact that it's not a branch of the US Govt. He never mentions the Balfour Declaration and how that affected the Palestinian people of today. These were the things I didn't know anything about when I started studying Etzioni, and I'm one of the retards Loewen talks about who aced US history but never learned anything. I stopped reading his book and went to see if there's an idex at the back of his text, there is, and he didn't include Zionism, the Fed, or the Balfour Declaration. What a let down.

How can you write a tell-all book about US history and completely leave out the role of the Zionists? Their influential presence in the US over the last 100 years is hardly something we're taught in public schools. Wilson's Zionist appointees worked out the kinks in the Administrative Proceedures Act of 1946, which was written to regulate the Fed and today is the authority used for all the municipal and county level communitarian administrative courts. I found that all rather amazing as an American when I learned about that "hidden" piece of US banking history.

Here's what we wrote about Wilson in Part II of the ACL manifesto:
Woodrow Wilson was elected on a no-war platform, and in 1917 he petitioned the U.S. Congress to enter World War One. Here's where the dialectic gets really tricky. Information from around this time is contradictory, and reference to actual historical documents is labeled conspiracy theory, or worse. We have verified the Balfour declaration to Rothschild (Balfour 1917) and a first draft for a League of Nations (Balfour 1922), which has evolved into the modern day United Nations (Rothschild 2003). President Woodrow Wilson's decision to enter World War I (Wilson 1918) is connected to Colonel Mandel House, Zionism (Balfour-Palestine Mandate 1922), and Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Wendell Holmes (Lariens 19--).
Not that I'll ever have time to go back to this topic area, but I'd sure like to see how many of these "exposes" include a century of Zionist presence in every level of US govt. I don't think I ever looked for the specific inclusion of Zionism before, nor for it's ommission.

Found this interesting history magazine while I was out poking around. Some pretty funny titles!


Anonymous said...

Yes. That's the problem. You've got the supposed expose helping to hide the truth. Telling you some things you didn't know but conveniently leaving out some very important facts. I'm re-reading my IMPOSSIBLE DREAM by Maureen Heaton this week.

the tent lady said...

No kidding, I've seen too many of these now, kind of amazing how often they publish this crap. I'm still hunting for ONE expose about the banking system that includes the difference between Hamilton's 1st Bank and Madison/Jerfferson's 2nd Bank. It was the 2nd bank charter that Freemason President Jackson refused to renew in 1836.
President McKinley, another Freemason, was assisinated in 1901 and his successor, TR (a British nabob), opened the doors to US govt to the Zionists, the Monarchists and Wall Street.

So it's amazing every book I have on the "truth" about the Fed leaves out any research they may have found about McKinley, the authentic trust buster, the Tariff advocate, the hopeful nation's restorer of a gold and silver standard and a national bank, who was in serious conflcit with JP Morgan and related British Empire associates for monopolizing. Morgan, incidentally, was the rich guy "bailing out the US" every time there was a financial crisis.

The attorney's home where McKinley was eventually finished off by a gynecoligist is relevant too... anybody know who that was?

I'll check out Maureen Heaton too.

Patrick said...

Whew, finally we're getting someplace here. . .

Why not start with Carroll Quigley's, "Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time"?

Required reading for the U.S. Foreign Service and high-level CIA section chiefs.

After that, if there is any time left, his "The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis." is a must for a serious scholar and on the elite's short list for their children's education.

the tent lady said...

Does Quiqley's Tradgedy and Hope mention the word communitarianism even once? I was introduced to him 8, maybe 9 years ago, and I might have missed it.

I don't mean to be rude, but I am a "serious" anti-communitarian scholar. I don't have time for any more exposes that deflect my attention from my primary studies.

If Quigley actually named the system these boys planned, then I'll read everything he ever wrote.

Our antithesis poses that the theoretical evolution of civlization is a theory of dubious science and origins. Is that mentioned in Quigley's analysis of it?

the tent lady said...

On second thought, heh, does Quigley explain why McKinley was murdered?

Patrick said...

I misunderstood, thought we were going to take a break from the disease and look into the germs. My mistake. party on. . .

Sean said...

Quigley openly advocates maintaining British dominance of the world in the introduction of his book. At more than 1200 pages, and knowing he was essentially a "british israelite" I gave up.

I'm sure there are specs and flakes of good info in there... but if he's pro-british to the core...

---I'm not interested.

and I GUARANTEE he does not mention communitarianism.

the tent lady said...

I've spent ten years studying the germs, Patrick. There's no one else in the world who has gone after the history of Etzioni's communitarianism at the level I have. Only a few American Ph.Ds have bothered to study it and besides Dr. Kelly Ross, Fresian, most academics just accept Etzioni's "party line" and go back to their focus on dead germs. It was left to a non-university like us to challenge the whole theory that upholds the entire new global govt system. Why is that I wonder?

There were a million sides to the dialectical games that led to the present day synthesis. My research is about that synthesis, of which so few other "scholars" will study. I am basically 2 things: an independent current affairs reporter who does deep background research for my articles, and a un accredited political scientist with an undisputed original thesis published online and in hardback.

If I devote too much of my time to their rabbit snares, read every "bible" and tome they ever wrote, I will get lost in the endlessness of it all.

That is the point to all their millions of published works.. to bury us in their bullshit. Give me a good reason to study Quigley and I will... but don't assume I don't know these germs as well as he did, if not better. Does he mention the name Amitai Etzioni in his tutorial for the elites?

Sean do you have that copy still?

Sean said...

It's digital. I've got it. Check your email. :-P

Anonymous said...

The truth is left out because it's necessarily "antisemitic."

There are on-line versions of Quigley's tomes available if you look around, but they probably won't help move your research forward.

Interesting question on the 1st and 2nd banks and Hamilton, Jefferson and Jackson. Something to ponder and look into. Merci bien.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe Quigley was anything other than a change agent. After all, Bill Clinton gave him profuse thanks. When I consider how hard these people work to bring about our destruction I have to conclude they are controlled by demons. They crave power over people.