Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Human Rights Principles or Human Entitlement Principles?

The difference between Human Rights and Individual Rights is the key to understanding the NWO. Human Rights are entitlements to things we "need." Individual Rights are specific barriers to government intrusions. This is what confuses many Americans and people from nations whose governments are based in Individual Rights, and I was one of them.

To keep it difficult, the globalists use some terms the American founders used, as with "inalienable" ("Human rights are universal and inalienable; indivisible; interdependent and interrelated"). And, most importantly, like the US Bill of Rights, Human Rights carry the weight of law.

Accountability and Rule of Law: States and other duty-bearers are answerable for the observance of human rights. In this regard, they have to comply with the legal norms and standards enshrined in international human rights instruments. Where they fail to do so, aggrieved rights-holders are entitled to institute proceedings for appropriate redress before a competent court or other adjudicator in accordance with the rules and procedures provided by law. Individuals, the media, civil society and the international community play important roles in holding governments accountable for their obligation to uphold human rights.
The international jet set goes to great lengths to express their "concern" for poor women and they want us to believe their belief in Human Rights will "help" women like me. They call it:
Participation and Inclusion: All people have the right to participate in and access information relating to the decision-making processes that affect their lives and well-being. Rights-based approaches require a high degree of participation by communities, civil society, minorities, women, young people, indigenous peoples and other identified groups.
Notice there is no stated INDIVIDUAL participation or inclusion? The high degree of participation played by "communities" cannot be over-stressed. Only identified "groups" are allowed to participate in participatory democracy. Individuals play important roles in making sure governments uphold Human Rights, but they aren't allowed to assist in creating the policies the governments are required to pursue. In fact, when poor women like me make a great effort to participate and access nformation relating to decision-making processes that affect our lives and well-being, we are ignored, ridiculed, and insulted for being poor. What a great system!

So many Americans have told me they have "Human Rights" it makes me want to defect.

I'm writing another "real" article about why I won't support Palin for President. It's amazing how many people assume I like her because we're both Alaskans (or we're both women). So with my newfound irreverence for American culture I'm also inspired to remake my trailer house miniature into a "White House 2012 or Bust" scene. I have this Xena Warrior Princess doll who looks a lot like her and I have furs I could make into a cape. My guy doll will work as Todd, and in my original scene I had Xena holding a baby riding a nice Harley motorcycle in the kitchen. I need something to put up on ebay. :) My biggest challenge is always which project to work on and for some reason lately I keep wanting to work on the ACL website again. But I've finished a few minis I promised to our supporters, now all I need is the cash to mail them out. It's a tough winter so far and no worries here about getting fat! My Sacajawea's soup finally went into the dog's dish... it turned slimey overnight and I'm not that hungry.

Many thanks to the local guy who went over to the Merc and bought 2 books! That was awesome and now I have coffee again!!! yeah. (And he went back and bought 4 more as gifts! He told Nordica he blasted through 2020 but the ACM was a challenge. I'm happy to see he liked them both enough to buy them for the people in his life... it's huge compliment. )


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I don't read paper books too much these days, so I sent a donation instead. I will try to do that regularly.

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BTW: I think Palin is a tool of the dialecticians.