Monday, December 7, 2009

Kenny Lake Community Board Meeting tonight at 7pm

Is it possible UN Local Agenda 21 agents have infiltrated our tiny community? Most definitely, and they have the full force of the global government behind them. Sorry this is late, I just opened it, but I wanted to get it up for my local readers... now that I know I have them. :)

Gay - I hope everyone on your Email list shows up at this meeting tonight so we can all hear the explanation to the rumors that are going around. Such as:
How did the Community Leage violate the Articles of Incorporation and the bylaws by:
declaring themselves a Board of Directors instead of a community league.
by adding a 3rd trustee in violation of the bylaws.
By setting yourselves up as a Board of Directors you:
Set yourselves up for compensation for serving on the board
Set yourselves up for travel all around the country for "classes on how to be a board member" at the communities expense. This expense could run into thousands of dollars for EACH Director
Set yourselves up with an expense account with a "community credit card"
Set yourselves up to "HIRE" people to do the work the league members were elected to do.
Set yourselves up for making decisions without the input or Vote of the members of the Community.
If the bylaws were changed -when did the ballots go out?
Where was the required 90 public notice of the election to change them? (an email sent to a select few of the community does NOT forfill the State requirements of Public notification of a vote on a bylaws change.
Everyone in the community needs to attend and hear the answers to these questions
Hope tp see everyone there - Carl

Subject: next KL Board meeting
> The next Kenny Lake Community League Board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 7 at 7 PM at the Kenny Lake Community Hall. This is an open board meeting. Community members are invited to attend. Call Gay Wellman (xxxx) or Kathy Libby (xxxx)if you have any items you would like us to consider.
> --
> Gay Wellman

Anyone who's followed my work knows that this backdoor infiltraion into the American system is how it all began for me in Seattle. The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association "passed" their entire package of LA21 redevelopment and behavior modification regulations against all rental tenants, and 35 homeowners "validated" it for them. There was NEVER a vote and I couldn't find one person in our neighborhood who had any idea what the community ALL agreed they wanted to see change. When we challenged the City with our opposition and insisted their plan violated numerous municipal, state and federal laws, we were called "tin foil hats." Can't wait to see what kind of counter arguments will be used tonight! I'm bringing my camera for sure.

Update 11:30 pm
How absolutely bizarre the meeting turned out to be for me. I was late, almost didn't go, and arrived in time to hear the lectures regarding Carl's email. SAME exact whining I heard in Seattle, "we're the only ones who care enough to attend the meetings, not everybody comes every month, need to get the community more involved somehow..."

Many of the participants are the same folks working with EcoTrust to make a map of our new region, the same ones who gave us our new name, the same ones who never bothered to put Kenny Lake on their cultural maps of Kenny Lake. Their whole stories map is designed to "teach" people how to honor the land and native culture (and disrespect all the other cultures who built the place) and find ways to make us all become better "stewards" of the land.

The Kenny Lake Community League is responsible for maintaining the community hall, organizing the fair every summer and maintaining the community well. That was most of their planned agenda and somebody itemized every little task with bullets as if it was this huge list that had to be tackled one tiny bit at a time. The last item on their agenda was "Form Standing Committees" and a list of seven potentials. While they made sure Carl's concerns about their ethics and motives were entirely unfounded because they never tried to get paid and have devoted ther lives to MANY non-profits because they are practically all Mother Teresas, they didn't say a word about the "community credit card" because that was actually on their agenda. :) And they have applied for a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.. an old established Alaskan donator whose mission changed from stimulating development of Alaska's abundant resources in the 1950s to promoting "quality of life" in our communities... the same goal as LA21.

They want to hire a temp to help them "get things squared away" and they want to get the board trained in financial matters. All this for a little community league that's only used for a few things, most importantly the community well, which has nothing to do with local volunteer firefighting, and the small one day fair each August. For that they need a BOD and seven new committees. They also want to "get more members who use the well," and "find someone to take over the keys." (People here pay $50. yearly to use the community well and there are those who can't understand why the community needs grants to keep operating it.) No details yet on how they plan to "get" anyone, that oughta prove interesting to watch.

I listened as long as I could, read their agendas, and finally lost my paitence, laughed outloud and asked what, if any, affect their actions would have on people who don't join the League, and if they have any other authority over those non members other than what's in their paperwork. It was me at the meetings in Seattle all over again, nothing's changed about the way I feel when I'm in a room with these people. I did think I'd be less emotional though by now ... damn.

And there were a few email responses to Carl that blamed him for being wrong about them, and this one adds another new insulting term to the game I haven't heard before, or it could be a typo, I don't know. When Gay asked me who I was I said, Niki Raapana, co-founder of the Anti Communitarian League and I'm telling you that because you should know I do not agree with you on policy. I wish I wasn't such an emotional person but I am, at 53 I have to accept I get upset when I listen to liars and frauds, and it makes me want to throw up all over them. So I left, slightly embarassed at my outburst but I also know their meetings are designed to drive a sane person over the edge. My parting words were, "rule by committee, uh huh."

Carl, the point is that most of us are sick and tired of a hand full of right ring nuts trying to intimidate the rest of this community (U know who you are). These people give of themselves to try to make things better for the rest of us. I may not agree with everything they do but it's more then I or most of the rest of you are willing to do. I'm coming to the meeting and would request that this issue be moved to the top of the agenda so we can vote and go home.........pete pxxxxx
Well, back to my art... so much for not writing about communitarianism for a while. :)

Another update:
One of my readers searched for the people involved and she found something very interesting.
Kenny Lake Community League Business Information - Kenny Lake Community League is a private company categorized under Community Development Groups and located in Copper Center, AK. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $13,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1. The listed Company Conact is Gay Wellman, President
I have never once heard the KLCL referred to as a Community Development Group, and that's certainly not what Gay Wellman told me the league is at the meeting last night.


Anonymous said...

In Googling around looking for stuff on G.and her better half, the retired? government school Science teacher, I get the impression that they have figured out many ways to get funded for many things. Firstly, if hubby is like the retired teachers around here he retired on about 85% yearly of what he was making at his highest salary + medical and so forth. I wonder if there are $$$ from the fetal alcohol syndrome gig or the Alzheimers gig? Then the B&B and all that connects to that? And heading the Community Development Group. It appears there are grants coming and going. Those people seem to know the ropes. Stuck off in the wilderness but they are tied right in with Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch. The last one leads workshops on "collaborative decision making". I guess that means she trains those who faciltate The Dialectic.

Dave Wellman is retired from a career of teaching high school sciences in rural Alaska. Among other pursuits, he now manages a small Bed and Breakfast and does technology consulting.
Gay Wellman is a psychiatric nurse, assisting Alaskan clients with issues relating to substance abuse, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease.
Sheri Medford is a volunteer consultant for School of the Earth. She has a Masters Degree in Health Education and has worked with technical writing, editing, and illustration.
Dorothy Shepard is an Associate Professor at Alaska Pacific University and directs the Human Services degree program. She writes and leads workshops on using stories for personal healing and on collaborative decision making.

Anonymous said...

Some may feel squeamish about eating it, but rabbit has a fan base that grows as cooks discover how easy they are to raise — and how good the meat tastes.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your cause -- and your comments about emotion. As a former gov. school teacher, I've had the same experience of wanting to throw up at the idiots and speaking my piece...then leaving feeling like I "shouldn't" have said it. After losing to many jobs because of my passion for justice (not "social justice,") I'm outta there, but just wanted to say how much I related to how you described your feelings about fighting the collectivists.