Monday, September 28, 2015

The New World Pope is a Communitarian

Had a few more major glitches in our publishing endeavors, lost a lot of data in a laptop crash and almost all my hard bound library books with all my margin notes, but things are settling down finally and I'm back on track with rewriting the Gertee How-to book and The Green Virgin.  

It's been interesting to see how many major media sources have identified Pope Francis as a communitarian in their coverage of his world tour. Even as politicians are claiming to be communitarians, the American public remains mostly in the dark about what it is. 

Made a new video called Communitarianism and Global Citizenship, posted on youtube and Liveleak. Youtube pulled the audio within an hour, and liveleak pulled the entire video and permanently banned me from their website. This inspires me to make more videos. I may also make The Green Virgin into a full length documentary film rather than a book. It's no secret that Americans would rather watch than read. And for some reason, after all these years and the trouble it's brought us, I still feel inspired to expose the lie.

Just a few samples of what's been published recently:
Pope Francis Criticizes 'Unfettered Pursuit of Money,' Calls for 'Communitarian' Response
Why Pope Francis’s climate message is so hard for some Americans to swallow

"On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo, a political force de Blasio has had limited success marshalling to his advantage, spoke of Pope Francis. "In some ways, ironically, the pope's message isn't even religious. It is so universal that it is just humanitarian. It's communitarian," Cuomo told NY1's Zack Fink. "

In Pope Francis, De Blasio Finds Ultimate Validator by Ben Max, Sep 24, 2015

“I’ve been a Republican and I’ve been a Democrat,” Christopulos says. “Now I’m a communitarian.”
As Wealth Inequality Soars, One City Shows the Way


Anonymous said...

Try as I might .. this link to your blog will not be 'allowed' on Facebook .. yeah .. its just that fucky out there ... hahaha

Anonymous said...

Don't fool yourself: is the same old "good" marxist tactics. By the end of next year you'll find another 100 names for the same old marxism-leninsm principle: "destroy the society because by destroying the society it will emerge a better society."

If you really pay attention to Engels writing to a newspaper before the publishing of "Communist Manifest" you'll see everything you need to know about their intentions.
Seek for this letter, it was short before the publication of the Communist Manifest

overtheedge said...

Just another classic example of the parasitic organisms attempting to dictate to the hosts the conditions of parasitism.

This is exactly what Benjamin Franklin was getting at when he said something to the effect of, "Those who would trade liberty for security will get neither." I would add that they deserve the yoke of slavery of which they seek to place on the producers. Once you disincentivize productivity, all that is left is classic communism former Soviet Union style. It failed, but only parasites would embrace a philosophy of redistribution of seized private property. And amongst that private property is the individual's means of production. This is the very definition of claiming that a person is an asset of the community. It is slavery.

I can only take solace in knowing that those who desire the enslavement of the producers will find that it is they who will suffer the greatest. For it is the non-producers that get the left-overs.

Every generation thinks they are far smarter and wiser than those who came before. After all, they have all the historical accounts of what went wrong. And of course, being omniscient they have figured out how to avoid the calamities of the last iteration. Their belief system is what prevents them from recognizing that natural political economies are natural not because of design or management, but because natural political economies permit and incentivize productivity. No belief system can survive evidence to the contrary of said belief system. Therefore said evidence MUST be denied, ridiculed and buried.

And each new generation studiously avoids the deepest reality of their thesis. The fundamental thesis is devoid of all merit. It is a thesis of incentivized failure and punished productivity.

Imagine Oog and Gruk, cavemen extrordinaire, argued pro and con; subject was communitarianism. Oog decides screw this and moves to a valley far away where he continues to bust his butt hunting, gathering and laying in a stock of firewood. Gruk decides he deserves a share of what others have produced. Oops, nobody produced.
Coming to a theater of operations near you far sooner than anyone expects.

Communitarianism: We steal from you for our own good, because we are all in this together.

Just what products have the communitarians produced?
I ask this for one reason. In a natural political economy, you must produce something before you can trade for something else. Otherwise one of the parties is trading for nothing from the other party. How long do you reckon a system like that will be embraced?

Like I said, the parasites are dictating the terms that the host must live up to.

What if we said, "No?"