Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh discussing communitarianism? Not exactly.

Just in from George Butler of the Secret Truth radio show. Communitarianism is big news today, but little to nothing about the actual Communitarian Network or it's Israeli founder, Dr. Amitai Etzioni, Obama'a guru. Apparently Howard Dean said exactly what it is so Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh can ignore the facts. It's just socialism people, so don't bother looking ANY further. It has nothing to do with Community Policing, nothing to do with Community Development, and God forbid you should point out it has a LOT to do with Israel, the Vatican, Bush and Sarah Palin too... it's has to revert back to dialectical debates.. okay? The synthesis between capitalism and communism must always be less important than the pieces that created it. Besides, communitarian agents know it's much easier if people don't have to think about the possibilty they've been lied to by BOTH "sides".


Here's infowars' commentary:

In the video here from earlier this year, Dean declares the debate between capitalism and socialism is over. Dean says what we have is a merging of the two and it is called Communitarianism.


In other words communalism otherwise known as communism
. Communalism is not about a tribe of hippies living in the woods. It is about the needs of the community overshadowing the needs of the individual. The excuse here is the principle that the community exists for the benefit of the individuals who participate in it, so the best way to serve the interests of the individual is through the interests of the community.

In other words, it is a majoritarian philosophy. Sort of like two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner.

I couldn't see any video on infowars so I did a quick internet search for "Howard Dean communitarianism." Found Rush Linmbaugh doing a show on the same video. But Rush won't let you download or watch it without being a member.



RUSH: Howard Dean, April the 5th, 2009, this just surfaced. He was in Paris and said this.

DEAN: Capitalism is always going to be with us because capitalism represents part of human nature. But the other part of human nature is communitarianism. The debate for the new generation is instead of capitalism or socialism, is we're going to have both and then which proportion of each should we have in order to make this all work.

RUSH: So he's essentially saying here that the argument between capitalism and socialism is over. This is what the Democrats really believe, and they're content with saying this across the pond. Can you imagine if the Democrats had said this at all during the 2008 presidential campaign? "Capitalism has seen its last days, socialism is where we're headed, communitarianism." The Universe of Lies. But when they think they are with friends, like Western socialist democracies like Paris or France, then they firmly believe they're with friends and they can utter what they truly believe. (interruption) What's the angst in there, Snerdley? Communitarianism? Well, you know what a commune is? Okay, think of the original story of Thanksgiving. It's just like communism, commune, communitarianism. It is a word. Communitarian is somebody who believes in a commune, and so communitarianism is the belief in a commune, or communism. It means organizers! A communitarian is what Obama is. Organizers, community organizers. Community, commune, communism. Mao, Marx. It's all in there.

Here's where Rush got the video:
http://www.breitbart.tv/howard-dean-declares-debate-between-capitalism-and-socialism-to-be-over/ The tag line at breibarttv reads: "We are going to have both." I skimmed through the comments for a minute, there's 686 since this am. Love reading people say: There was a debate? What debate?

When I was told by Seattle City officials in 1999 that my rights had been balanced, I was confused. Then I found Etzioni and learned there was a debate between the US Bill of Rights and Communitarian Values and my privacy lost in the debate. So I asked Etzioni fand his cronies for the next four years, Where's the debate? Etzioni finally responded the debate had taken place in academia, the media and somewhere else I forget just now, meetings?

This infowars video is spreading across the internet as if it's the FIRST time these people ever heard of communitarianism. Good thing Alex and Rush are leading the big "expose" and telling people it's still just communism... but NOT that it's BOTH. Oh no, we have to protect the serious hard truth and disuade people from ever actually SEEING The Ultimate Third Way. The right wing prophets are so obvious sometimes.


and here's the discussion on a Ron Paul forum where a couple of the commentors think communitarianism is a GOOD thing! They don't like socialism, that's all. :) Notice how deftly the original poster changed it from communitarian to socialism in their title? That's not accidental.


And here's more of the same... it's ALL the left's fault... this has nothing to do with the Right. How can it, they're not socialists, right? http://www.wral.com/golo/blogpost/6526263/

But in the final analysis this is just disguised authoritarianism with a Socialist economic bent, packaged as 'community organizing' and couched in language that individualist Americans won't find so off putting. It's the same approach the Left uses when they call themselves "Progressives", which is just the fuzzy, feel good term for Leftist authoritarianism.

Howard Dean also talks about The Permanent Campaign in this video. It is a political strategy designed to control the media cycle and hence public perception. If you've ever wondered why Obama appears to endlessly campaign now you know why.

THIS is what the core and the leadership of the Democratic Party has become.

THIS is what the REPUBLICAN PARTY has become too. It sure looks to me as if the Right is playing hardcore damage control with this whole Dean speech. No heightened activity at the ACL today from people looking for "communitarianism." Americans are proving to be some of the most self deceptive people in the history of the world. I'm wondering if they even WANT to know what the hell is going on in this country. Looks to me like they don't.. not at all. The truth could fall on them like a tree blown out of the earth in a big windstorm and they'll spend the rest of their lives looking for the dead leaves it sent flying into the distance, and ignore the tree.


Justa Numerican said...


And at the Prison Planet sister site, my comment still remains stuck... awaiting an okay... from the site's moderator.

Interestingly too, the original posting at Young Americans for Liberty elicited very few comments at all.


# Justa Numerican Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 9th, 2009 at 9:59 am

This site, like the Young American Revolution site, has unfortunately turned into a despicably commercialized ‘disseminator of false information’; and I suspect the youngish commenters here recognize over-intellectualized, revisionist, and false historical drivel when they read it.

I too lived through the 60s; and I’m alive to tell about it. After giving it my all for Dr. Paul’s 2008 campaign, I know now I don’t ever intend to waste my time in a Stalinist election ever again... nor will I play a role for the “controlled opposition”... which is Campaign for Liberty.

All of us were brainwashed through-and-through by Marxist propaganda. And everyone of us was bombarded by that NYC-, Chicago-, and Hollywood-tainted Marxist revolutionary press – then, as now – at every turn. Even the public schools were decidedly Marxist… as evidenced by the internationalist, C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-A-R-I-A-N joke of a criminally-run “democracy” this sadly “interdependent” (but multi-culturally disconnected) nation-state has devolved to today.

For all of my 55 years I’ve known certain this country has been under constant attack by the “All-Seeing Eye” which has guided its destiny – from Rockefeller-funded, Nazi-style allopathic medicine, the Big Media propaganda monopolies, the Big Pharma and Big Oil rackets, all that high-flown Big Government rhetoric, all those alphabet soup agencies… and those charitable foundations – just fill in the blanks. The lies we were told… over and over again... have only gotten bigger; and they’ve compounded themselves – little lies overlaid upon grander, more grandiose lies... everyday it seems... and all of them... ignoble still... by design.

If this nation survives what our overlords have planned for us, I’ll be astonished. If it does survive, then I want to see Big Media, the Fed, and the Department of Education go bye-bye.
Perhaps then… this republic can be restored... but still... I rather doubt it.

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Patrick said...

Well, Jim O'Neill in the Canadian Free Press is talking about Communitarianism, or at least mentioning it within the broader context of. . .

Climategate Criminals, and Getting Our Money Back


Patrick said...

Communitarian Godfather Calls For 'One Million Jobs'


- - -

Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?


Anonymous said...

I think it is incredible what you are doing, I have been a anti-disestablishmentarianist who enjoys growing/ preserving our own food, heating with wood, and just trying to live outside of the need for government.

I am truly impressed.