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winterizing gertee

Is it even possible to live outside the mandates for Agenda 21? No, it is not. Today, just being born requires us to be some part of the physical manifestation of the dialectical con game. We are either part of their banking system, we use their money, we use their fuels in our autos and homes and bbqs, we vote for their candidates, we take their drugs, our children atend their schools, and that's just a small part of their influence.

Then, the really hard part to accept is, as far as I can tell, there is no place left in the USA where the legitimate, established government protects the property and privacy of its free and independent, sovereign state citizens. There are scattered citizens who fight major battles for our "outdated" American liberty, they do it in courtrooms and along most dams and streams... but they are fighting a new communitarian system, and there is no legal constitution included in the reinvented government of these United States.

American property rights have been under assault for a century, and most individuals do not win in the millions of cross-state battles against public-private partnership land "deals."

So, like everyone else, I'm living completely under the watchful eyes of Big Mother. I've been in the COMPASS database since the 2000 DoJ piolot test, and after 5 years of being stuck or walking, I have a new "Etzionized" AK DL. I got insurance and tags for a car that quit running as soon as it was legal. But I'm not a victim of gang-stalking (that I know of anyway), and unlike some people (like Barbara down in Nebraska), my phone line isn't tapped (that I know of.) I don't even try to travel if I can help it, but last time I flew I got through with just a few feels and xrays. Daily interference from the comms isn't really part of my daily troubles.... yet.

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to live free. To me, part of it means having the choice to see if the "ultimate" plan for humanity is even possible. It's ironic that all my attempts to learn to be more self-sufficient tie me into their plan to train us all to be more "sustainable."

But I've been homeless a few times since I started working as a volunteer for the US government (in exile), and I'm just looking at ways to make my own housing. I'm learning to use power tools like chainsaws and drills, and someday I'd like to know how to rely on myself more, and not have to always look to a City or Borough for my heat, lights, water & sewer & garbage. I'm one of those people who cannot imagine being in a city when "all hell breaks loose." I'm opting for a little more space than what's offered in refugee camps/human resettlements/etc.

Even up here in remote Alaska, where there's no local government or zoning ordinances telling me I can't do my own thing, "free" choice doesn't make my daily chores or tasks any easier. It just would be really nuts trying to do this with community inspectors out here bugging me to comply with international building codes.

An 18 foot gertee is the perfect size to build a platform out of 4x8 foot plywood. I just figured it out when I laid out the floorplan. So then I decided to go ahead and winterize the "summer" gertee I threw up when Nord came out to stay in August.

I put 2 more layers of felt and a new PVC tarp on the outside walls. Put the plywood floor in yesterday, Nord says I did it a really funny way but I kept burning up the screws trying to secure it so it doesn't have very many screws holding it down yet.

So yeah, my first floor ever wobbles, but it's dry and almost kind of level. Pulled all the moldy carpet, rugs and tablecloths out first, and then I sprayed Nord's teatree oil and burned Dave's incense.

Now it smells good, it's warm, tomorrow I'll finish the new roof, and then all it has to do is make it through six months of interior Alaskan winter. In the meantime I can get back to my "real" work and start writing again.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1998/40- Declaration of 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism

United Nations

Resolution 1998/40

Economic and Social Council

46th plenary meeting
30 July 1998

1998/40 - Declaring the year 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism

The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling its resolution 1980/67 of 25 July 1980 on international years and anniversaries in which the Council recognized the contribution of international years to the furtherance of international cooperation and understanding,

Recalling also Agenda 21, 1/ which was adopted by one hundred and eighty-two Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit), on 14 June 1992, and the conclusions of the General Assembly at its nineteenth special session relative to sustainable tourism,

Stressing that the implementation of Agenda 21 requires the full integration of sustainable development in the tourism industry in order to ensure, inter alia, that travel and tourism provide a source of income for many people; that travel and tourism contribute to the conservation, protection and restoration of the Earth�s ecosystem; that international trade in travel and tourism services takes place on a sustainable basis; and that environmental protection is an integral part of tourism development,

Stressing also the need to promote the implementation of international conventions on environment and development, including those on biodiversity and climate change,

Bearing in mind the need for international cooperation in promoting tourism within the framework of sustainable development so as to meet the needs of present tourists and host countries and regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future, managing resources to fulfil economic, social and aesthetic needs, and maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life-support systems,

Recognizing the support of the World Tourism Organization for the importance of ecotourism, and particularly of the designation of the year 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism, in fostering better understanding among peoples everywhere, in leading to greater awareness of the rich heritage of various civilizations and in bringing about a better appreciation of the inherent values of different cultures, thereby contributing to the strengthening of world peace,

Considering that the designation of the year 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism will encourage the intensification of cooperative efforts by Governments and international and regional organizations, as well as non- governmental organizations, to achieve the aims of Agenda 21 in promoting development and the protection of the environment,

1. Recommends to the General Assembly that it declare the year 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism;

2. Invites States Members of the United Nations, and members of the specialized agencies and pertinent intergovernmental and governmental organizations, to exert all possible efforts on behalf of the success of the Year, in particular regarding ecotourism in developing countries;

3. Requests the Commission on Sustainable Development, in the framework of its discussion of tourism during its seventh session, to recommend to the General Assembly, through the Economic and Social Council, supportive measures and activities which will contribute to a successful Year;

4. Requests the Secretary-General to provide, in accordance with the guidelines for future international years as contained in the annex to Economic and Social Council resolution 1980/67, necessary support to ensure the success of the Year, including widespread dissemination of pertinent information;

5. Requests the Secretary-General, in cooperation with all relevant entities of the United Nations system, including the United Nations Environment Programme as well as the World Tourism Organization and the World Travel and Tourism Council, to submit to the General Assembly at its fifty-eighth session a report containing:

(a) Programmes and activities undertaken by Governments and interested organizations during the Year;

(b) An assessment of the results achieved in realizing the aims and objectives of the Year, particularly in terms of encouraging ecotourism in developing countries;

(c) Recommendations to further advance the promotion of ecotourism within the framework of sustainable development.


1/ Report of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development , Rio de Janeiro, 3-14 June 1992, vol. I, Resolutions Adopted by the Conference (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.93.I.8 and corrigendum), resolution 1, annex II.

This document has been posted online by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). Reproduction and dissemination of the document - in electronic and/or printed format - is encouraged, provided acknowledgement is made of the role of the United Nations in making it available.

Date last posted: 6 December 1999 17:53:10
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Thinking About God's Idea

This past winter I had the time to study a few books in the boxloads our new friend Jason in Massachusetts was kind enough to send. One of them is a college political-philosophy textbook called "Political Thought, from Plato to the Present" published by the McGraw-Hill Series in Political Science, Joseph P. Harris, Consulting Editor, and M. Judd Harmon, Dept of Political Science, Utah State University, 1964. (I wish I had the entire series...)

The "communitarian" political theory is not explored in the above mentioned text, and it appears nowhere in the glossary of terms, or index. This ommission could be easily explained away, as it is in most reputable sources (like the Stanford Ecyclopedia), by the claim that: the term "communitarian" just appeared in the upper reaches of academia in the late 1970s. The reason the actual term doesn't appear as a topic in almost any text books or encyclopedias published prior to 1980 is it couldn't have been written about or referred to, not prior to the magical day it jumped up and hit Amitai Etzioni in the head. It's a NEW idea that was ONLY formed as a reaction to selfish individualism (as best represented by the U.S. Bill of Rights).

Yet, on page 372 of the above described textbook, in the Bentham and Mill section, the term "communitarian" is used in the first full paragraph:

"Utility is what the legislator must understand. In framing legislation, he must consider only the probable effect, in terms of pain and pleasure, of a proposed legislative measure upon the community. That measure is best which brings the greatest happiness and the least pain to the greatest number. It should be understood that Bentham's theory here is individualistic rather than communitarian. Whereas he speaks of the happiness of the greatest number and is obviously concerned with the welfare of the community, he cautiously points out that there is no community as such, but only individuals...."

So, if there existed a theory designed to replace the "theory" of individual liberty in this 1964 American college texbook, why wasn't the topic important enough to explain to American students whose only legitimate form of federal government was established, by law, to protect American state citizens' individual liberty? Here's my theory on that:

Communitarianism is the final, ultimate theory that will save mankind from destroying itself. It has to be introduced as perfect, by international gurus. It cannot have any religions or theories posed against it, because the final global government system is beyond mere beliefs and mortal, human understanding. It's so perfect that only stupid people would ever be bold enough to question it (like me) and only really advanced souls are capable enough to begin to understand it. That's why Georg Hegel called it "God's Idea."

As I prepare to begin writing the series I outlined last spring, I begin with "God's Idea," as it is explained on page 344 of the above mentioned text. This section on Hegel was literally mind blowing for me when I first read it and I've been stewing on it for six months. It's profoundly affected me, for many reasons, but mainly because this textbook validates our entire "thesis," and actually helps it to make a LOT more sense. There was so much to read and yet it's very interesting how we never found anything like this when we wrote our Hegel page back in 2002.

On a personal note, we may be heading out of here for the winter. The rains have been steadily building channells across my carpets and the mold is setting in. I spend my days gathering wood, keeping two fires going, and hauling water (Nord is doing cloth diapers and washing them by hand!) I don't have the manpower in me to build a deck in the rain and mud, I'm feeling all 51 years lately, which means I'm still in a summer gertee and it's already snowed (but didn't stick) twice. I do have a nice bunch of new materials I found on ebay for under (400.00) to test out a good winter gertee. So I can't make the decision to leave without trying it out. But our new webwriter and advertising business is hitting some serious glitches in the negotiations. As hard as it would be to walk away from all our work, it may not take off until next spring, if at all.

And, Nord just told me somebody from New Hampshire emailed her about sending me candles! Nice... I'm still using them to light the gertee and the sun's going down a lot earlier every night. It's expensive to mail them here, but the truth is, they're not available anywhere near where we live. I'm also learning to use kerosene in my oil lamps. Too bad I don't know how to burn fish oil.

So the new plan is I'm going to write the first article. Then, if the rain doesn't stop between now and when I finish it, so I can get enough sunshine to build a winter tent, we will be making some drastic geographical changes... preferably someplace warmer (which could literally be anywhere, considering how cold it will be here next month.) But still, with all the harships, I don't want to leave... man.. some places just get inside my skin and won't let go.. this place is one of them.

Thanks to Arlyn in Colorado for forwarding this article by Devvy Kidd at It brought tears to my eyes... been a long time since I cried over this.

THE 1775 PATRIOT IN 2007

By: Devvy
May 28, 2007

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"It is Kissinger's belief, according to his aides, that by controlling food, one can control people, and by controlling energy, especially oil, one can control nations and their financial systems. By placing food and oil under international control along with the world's monetary system, Kissinger is convinced a loosely knit world government operating, under the frame-work of the United Nations can become a reality before 1980." --Gary Allen

One of the most often asked questions to me in e-mails is: What will it take to wake up my family or friends? Why do Americans care so little for their freedom that they refuse to even consider the truth about the mechanisms in play destroying this republic? Here's how I see it and it's not a pretty picture.

True, we have a nation of approximately 300 million people; close to 20 million here illegally. However, a large percentage of that 300 million are children, so that lowers the number of adult age Americans. In 2004, there were roughly 215,694,000 'voting age' Americans. We have a growing segment of the population who spend their days sick and dying. My heart fills with compassion for the human condition and those who are sick and dying through no fault of their own; their days are filled with meds and misery. I know that millions of Americans are the victims of consuming food and drink products that have been killing our people for decades. I speak of aspartame and fluoride as just two; my columns on these are many (see In Progress here.) Deadly chemicals rain down from our skies daily and despite proof of that statement, not one elected public servant will demand answers from the Department of Defense.

This nation is drowning in booze and drugs. I know that Libertarians want to legalize all drugs, but if you think we have massive problems with broken homes and crime now, legalize meth and see what happens. That drug is so highly addictive, tens of thousands of families across this land are broken, split apart with one or both parents in state prisons. Mothers and/or fathers who are addicted to meth are little better than vegetables trying to function; domestic violence in these cases is off the chart and it seems like all of them have children who end up either dead, totally neglected or removed from the home by some child welfare agency. America loves illegal drugs: meth, pot, cocaine and heroin. Two fine Americans, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, former U.S. Border Patrol Agents, are rotting in federal prisons because of a drug smuggler getting a free pass from a corrupt Federal Department of Justice. That drug dealer's profit is dependent on America's dependency on illegal drugs. Oh, sure, it's just recreational and so what if it's illegal? If there weren't so many Americans addicted to drugs, the market for these huge drug cartels selling you poison would dry up and fine, decent Americans like Compean and Ramos wouldn't be rotting in federal prison. Think about that the next time you snort some "nose candy" for fun. The reality is those who do these drugs are weak of character; they can't go through day to day life without a crutch to make them high.

If it's not illegal narcotics, we have a nation literally drowning in prescription drugs, many of them extremely dangerous like Prozac and Ritalin. A self medicated population that has reached epidemic proportions. How clearly can one think if their minds are muddled with massive amounts of drugs, legal or illegal? The same applies to the booze. If your brain is addled, how can you think and analyze clearly? Is it unfair to say that millions are walking zombies?

We have a nation of young adults who have gone through the government's indoctrination centers (public schools), who can barely read and have no understanding of the history of this country, much less the meaning of the Bill of Rights. They've been taught America is a democracy and carry that ignorance on to major colleges where they are brain washed with the communitarian doctrine to accept communism dressed up as "progressive," "liberal" and other popular labels. The toxic "feminist movement" poison and other communist propaganda has brought our nation to a state of millions of dysfunctional and broken families. America is dying from a thousand cuts daily; most don't really understand how or why. I do not claim to know everything, but I do know from dedicating my life the past 17+ years for the noble cause of freedom, so much of it spent researching, that the American people have been played and are marching lock step to the slaughter with their eyes wide open, their minds shut down.

There are tens of millions of people in this country who spend their time addicted to TV trash called reality shows, non stop sports on a half dozen channels simultaneously or who simply can't get through the day without some new scandal involving movie stars, "pop tarts" or Rosie O'Donnell. It is amazing how many hours every single cable network (supposedly serious news/commentary programs) have spent since last Wednesday on this junk. FOX, MSNBC, CNN and all their hot shot anchors just saturating the tube over The View dust up. Useful fools like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough, Larry King and others wasting dozens of hours on nonsense instead of warning the American people about the NAU and the real reasons Bush and his handlers want Iran. Forget it. They know who sign their multi million dollar paychecks.

I watched the entire fight between these View hosts once just because it was on the screen as I was panning channels on cable. I have never wasted the time I have on this earth watching nonsense called The View, so I am unfamiliar with the personalities. However, watching this one clip was an eye opener. It started with a Joy Behr firing off her laundry list of grievances against Bush and her support of Marxists. I determined there was enough room for rent where Behr's brain was supposed to be located to house an Army battalion. Then came the mouth off from this Elizabeth Hasselbeck; I guess she's the poster offering for what passes as a conservative today. Next up was O'Donnell. When it was over, I went back to work because WHO CARES? So this sexual deviant left The View a few weeks early. WHO CARES? America is on the the brink of financial ruin, another war for oil (Iran), Bush is killing us with his dictatorial edicts, aided and supported by a corrupt Congress and I'm supposed to care about some stupid TV show and the squabbling by a bunch of cats sitting around sniping at each other?

Over the years I have also watched my fellow Americans trade freedom and liberty for trinkets. Material objects mean more to them than freedom. Millions of Americans are out playing today or hitting the mall because it's a "holiday," when in fact, today we are supposed to honor our veterans and military currently serving. Parades honoring our veterans are becoming extinct in favor of shopping and fun. Those graves in military cemeteries represent men and women who gave up their tomorrow's so we could have ours. The forces orchestrating the destruction of this nation are relentless. They are counting on millions of Americans turning a blind eye. Reject the truth in favor of good times, blind loyalty and support to their political parties regardless of their betrayal. Millions continue to ignore reality because their paychecks depend on perpetual war and endless looting of the people's purse by a corrupt Congress in unconstitutional spending. Millions continue to turn a blind eye to the truth because it's too painful. Millions will continue to pretend they are free while bowing to the yoke of tyranny out of fear.

Then we have the political activists in this country whose blind loyalty to their party is killing America, Republican or Democrat. They are the voices of America's destruction. Last week I watched film clips from the demonstration in front of counterfeit Senator Jon Kyl's office in Phoenix over this phony immigration reform sell out. Several Kyl supporters were interviewed and said that Kyl had done the best he could with a Democratic controlled Congress and that the protesters were a "vocal minority." BULL. The Republicans held a majority for 12 YEARS, the last six with a Republican president. They could have shut down the border, deported these criminals (illegal aliens), saving thousands of Americans from being killed by illegals every year plus all the other crimes perpetrated by them, i.e., violent sexual predators, and demanded enforcement of existing immigration laws. Did the GOP controlled Congress with a GOP president get the job done? NO and that includes counterfeit Senator Kyl. The tens of millions of Americans who are demanding these illegals be deported, the borders shut down and NO amnesty in any form are not a vocal minority. We stand for the law, not cowardice and excuses.

I submit to you that we the people are in the same situation as patriots back in 1775. The Boston Massacre had occurred five years earlier, the Boston Tea Party stirred the pot (1773) and things were growing more tense by the day in the colonies:

"Meanwhile, British troops began plundering houses in Boston; and Gage proclaimed martial law, ordering the Patriots to lay down their arms. See PA. Evening Post, May 25, 1775, at 2; PA. Evening Post, June 24, 1775, at 2. The following is a typical Patriot's response:

"What terms do you hold out in this gracious proclamation? ... Now, Sir, waving all that may be said of your hypocrisy, cruelty, villainy, treachery, perfidy, falsehood, and inconsistency, are you not ashamed to throw out such an insult upon human understanding, as to bid people disarm themselves till you and your butchers murder and plunder them at pleasure! We well know you have orders to disarm us, and what the disposition of the framers of these orders is, if we may judge from the past, can be no secret.

"E. Ludlow, To the Vilest Tool of the most profligate and tyrannical Administration that ever disgraced a Court. Inhuman Butcher!, PA. Evening Post, June 27, 1775, at 1. An editorial on Gage's proclamation stressed that an armed populace must keep government in check:

"The opposing an arbitrary measure, or resisting an illegal force, is no more rebellion than to refuse obedience to a highway-man who demands your purse, or to fight a wild beast, that came to devour you. It is morally lawful, in all limited governments, to resist that force that wants political power, from the petty constable to the king.... They are rebels who arm against the constitution, not they who defend it by arms." Tench Coxe and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, 1787-1823

Those who wanted a free and independent nation were called rebels; these freedom fighters called themselves patriots. Those who opposed them were called Tories. A Tory depended upon the Crown and King George for their financial well being and most were too afraid of the British to take a stand. Is it any different today? With roughly 40% of the American people dependent upon mother government, state and/or federal, for the bread on their table and the fear drilled into them with this endless "war on terror" and images of paramilitarized local police on the great programmer (TV), you have a huge percentage of Americans who will get down on their knees and beg for the illusion of safety, security and a paycheck: "The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." Dresden James

For those who know the truth from columns like mine and thousands of fine writers in this country, the frustration level in this country is burning hot like molten lava. I tell you this: You can't expect something that isn't going to be and by that I mean, we cannot reach every adult age American in this country. The architects of this world government and the massive corporate conglomerates who control all television programming and every major newspaper in this country control the information being fed to the largest number of Americans. You and I know it's spin and lies; the most critical and fully documented information is deliberately withheld. Until the American people withdraw their support of these corporate monsters by not buying their newspapers, advertising space and not patronizing sponsors, it won't change. Until Americans by the millions stop listening to party hacks on the radio like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, Neil Boortz and all the rest, they will continue pumping out half truths and enriching their own pockets while America dies from lack of knowledge. As long as the American people continue to own stock in these monster corporations that have and are betraying America (CBS, NBC, ABC, Dell, Microsoft, Ford, etc), these same Americans are funding their own destruction. Those dividend checks drip with the blood of this republic.

I say to you do not despair because we have the truth on our side and we do have the numbers - the important numbers. By that I mean the same as it was when this republic was being birthed: a core number of dedicated patriots who will stand against tyranny. We are in the millions even though we have no voice in the controlled, dominant media. We must continue pushing on the most important issues, i.e., we must stop this massive amnesty to reward law breakers (illegal aliens), the NAU, force a show down on the Seventeenth Amendment, a real investigation into 911 and revitalization of "the Militia of the several States" as mandated by the Second Amendment because YOUR survival is going to depend on it and that's no hyperbole.

I leave you with these words from an author I grew up reading, Frank Yerby; Bride of Liberty (1954):

"But it was not enough. Nothing was enough. By March three thousand men had deserted to the British. Another four thousand were unfit for duty from utter lack of clothes and shoes. The Ninth Pennsylvania now consisted of two officers with no privates to command.

"Yet we shall endure," Ethan Page wrote to Polly Knowles, "because what we fight for is indestructible. Though we, through our bodies' feebleness, succumb to hunger and to cold; though some of us fall prey to littleness of heart and the weakness of our souls and turn traitor, freedom cannot be destroyed. It may be that we shall be crushed here in the valley of our anguish; but should we fail, afterwards, our sons shall rise up; and their sons after them, if need be; generation upon generation until the last visage of despotism shall have vanished from the earth. For this is the meaning of America: That every where men shall stand up tall in liberty, proud in human dignity; this we have written with our blood upon the snows at Valley Forge: that until, which God forbid, she be destroyed, America shall remain the implacable foe of tyranny in all ages, anywhere upon the earth....And America shall not be vanquished, for she is liberty's body; and freedom is her soul."

No matter the cost, I will not submit to the tyranny being pumped out of Washington, DC. I cannot. If I am reduced to rags, I will wear them with pride instead of shame because I valued a day at the ball park or hours in front of the television over freedom. You and I dear friends of liberty - we are facing the same challenges as those who shed their blood before us and we must not falter because the opposition is backed up by paid mercenaries. We are seeing victories in our fight as more and more states are standing up and saying no the the federal machine.

We the people must continue our non violent assault against this massive usurpation of power coming out of Washington. Leave the cowardly to their chains for they won't be moved until it's too late. You can do nothing for those who live in la la land drenched in booze and drugs and those who willfully believe lies to maintain their comfort zone. Stay focused, united and keep that fire in your belly for freedom because you are the 1775 American patriot in 2007, and for always, because freedom beats strongly in the hearts of the brave. As Yerby said, it is the soul of our nation.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Building Livable Communities

Since 1991, every branch of the elected and appointed (and created) US government changed their job description. While all are required to swear to uphold US constitutional law (which they still do in every swear-in ceremony), they have, collectively, quietly agreed to enforce the "sustainable development" ideology. Sustainable development nullifies all other legal contracts.

I say quietly, because most Americans haven't got the first clue what it means. I say enforce because there is nothing voluntary about going along with the sustainable development ideology.

Sustainable development is a plan for rebuilding a "livable" world. A communitarian world is a planned global community. It addresses valuable social dilemmas like social inequity and over-consumption, greed and individual and "outdated" national selfishness.

Most importantly, the new meta-system teaches the blessings of sharing. Don't want to share your hard earned wages? Tired of supporting the communitarian system with your federal taxes? Sorry. Can't help ya there. This is not a representative system and you hold no rights in it as an individual. Your rights are only part of the "collective, common good." As an individual you mean nothing. It's managed by hundreds of levels of unelected "experts" who are appointed because of their total belief in the new "party rhetoric." Think they care about you as an individual? Their new rhetoric says humans (especially the selfish ones) are the biggest problem the world faces. It's basically a new religion that places the earth above humans, kind of a nice Hegelian twist on the Judaic-Biblical version of man's role under God. (Bobby Garner at has done a beautiful job of disecting the writings of Alice Baily on this subject)

In the U.S., our law is based on the premise that each individual is born with certain rights. We are born with them. Men did not give them to us, and therefore man cannot ever take them away. Americans are not born with rights "granted" from a benevolent master. We own them.

The main premise for this new system of governance is that people cannot be allowed to roam the earth freely, because human activity harms the natural environment. The goal of Agenda 21 it to catalogue and control every inch of the planet. This vast GIS/GPS/RFID/NAIS merger will direct all human (and animal) activity based on the information gathered and stored in the global community mapping database (ACL: COMPASS).

Newly created citizen councils are empowered use the database to determine where humans live, where they work, how they commute to work, and where they can shop. According to their platform, this global totalitarian system of sustainable development will bring everlasting peace and harmony. (Nancy Levant has published hundreds of articles at outlining the exact procedures for the harmonious transition to global peace and justice.)

Across the globe, members of every political party and organized religion, including pacifists, neo-cons, Christians, Zionists, Jews, Muslims, fascists, feminists, progressives, communists and socialists have all merged under the umbrella of Communitarianism. Even though this entire idea is the absolute antithesis to U.S. Rule of Law, both Democrats and the Republicans have openly "embraced" the new system. Everybody uses their "buzzwords" now. But hardly anyone ever mentions communitarian law... not even the anti-globalist/NAU crowd. (Rep. Ron Paul, the leading candidate favored by the anti TransTexas Corridor/SPP/NAU/ movement will not respond to our requests for clarification on his position on communitarian programs in the U.S.)

The best part of the plan (to an opponent such as myself) is: since nobody knows what the terms mean, and even fewer people know what the philosophy is that supports the theory, then anyone who learns the terms AND the meanings has an edge during community "visionings." This means if we can share the terms for the new partnership agreements with each other, then more of us might have the good old American opportunity to make an individual choice about it.

It can be shown that 9 to 10% of the American people support sustainable development and the communitarian system of "values" rather than fixed written laws. (see poll on ACL homepage) So what about the rest of America? What is their real vision for their local community? Can 2 opposing systems such as a Soviet and a Republic exist simultaneously in the same "Region?"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unsustainable patterns of consumption and production

What is an unsustainable pattern of consumption and production? Any pattern that does not follow UN mandates for micro-managing all endeavors meets the criteria.

This terminology comes directly from the UN Programme:

From their website:

{begin quote}

Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
III. Changing unsustainable patterns of consumption and production

"14. Fundamental changes in the way societies produce and consume are indispensable for achieving global sustainable development. All countries should promote sustainable consumption and production patterns, with the developed countries taking the lead and with all countries benefiting from the process, taking into account the Rio principles, including, inter alia, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities as set out in principle 7 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Governments, relevant international organizations, the private sector and all major groups should play an active role in changing unsustainable consumption and production patterns. This would include the actions at all levels set out below.

"15. Encourage and promote the development of a 10-year framework of programmes in support of regional and national initiatives to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production to promote social and economic development within the carrying capacity of ecosystems by addressing and, where appropriate, delinking economic growth and environmental degradation through improving efficiency and sustainability in the use of resources and production processes and reducing resource degradation, pollution and waste. All countries should take action, with developed countries taking the lead, taking into account the development needs and capabilities of developing countries, through mobilization, from all sources, of financial and technical assistance and capacity-building for developing countries. This would require actions at all levels to:"

{end quote}

Anyone unfamiliar with the terms for global change should probably take the time to read the rest of what's on the above referenced page.

Wallace Global Fund's 2004 Grants at
is another good introduction to what it means to change patterns (of government).

{begin quote}

"Natural Resources

"Current patterns of unsustainable consumption and production are irreversibly harming the natural systems that sustain life, exacerbating economic inequalities and threatening human health and the survival of indigenous peoples.

"The Fund seeks initiatives which minimize the risks that current levels of production and consumption pose to the health of people and ecosystems around the world; integrate environmental objectives into public and private economic and policy decisions; strengthen civil society participation in economic and environmental governance; and improve or enforce protection of key environmental resources and biodiversity. Program areas include:"

{end quote}

What is "strengthen civil society participation in economic and environmental governance?"

Friday, September 14, 2007

Yellowstone to Yukon-Wildlands Projects

There are literally thousands of conservation organizations that say the exact same things. Every new agency and coalition in the world claims to be promoting a "sustainable" future. Many also promote "community decisions." Here's one of the emerging leaders: the Sonoran Institute.

Small Town and Rural Subdivision Design Workshop
The Sonoran Institute will be holding a Small Town and Rural Subdivision Design Workshop, being held September 25th and 26th, 2007, at the historic Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, Montana. The workshop is open to those who are involved in small town and rural development in the Northern Rockies: landowners, engineers, city and county commissioners, planning board members, planners, realtors, and others... (

Sonoran has Big Plans for the U.S.
The Sonoran Institute's new strategic plan sharpens our focus on the goal of a West "both prosperous and healthy, with a civilization to match its scenery," as Western writer Wallace Stegner envisioned. The Institute is devoted to realizing this vision which embraces civil dialogue and collaboration as hallmarks of decision making.

Sonoran has the grants to make their vision happen.
The Sonoran Institute through its local project, the Montana Smart Growth Coalition, announced the launch of the Gallatin Area Planning (GAP) grants program. This grants program will serve as a catalyst for citizens to envision, plan for and manage growth that protects the region’s unique quality of life.

Sonoran welcomes our Community participation.
"Participation by diverse community members is key to successful collaboration. Decisions that conserve a community’s natural and cultural assets are more effective and enduring when made and embraced by local people. When assisting communities, the Sonoran Institute staff seeks a broad spectrum of interested groups and individuals to engage in civil dialogue and develop practical solutions that promote healthy, resilient natural and economic systems. The Institute also provides training and other resources for people interested in the management of change and growth in their communities. " (> Community Members

Alaska Conservation & Sustainable Development Links

AK Conservation Foundation Press Releases, up-to-date information about coming events across Alaska.

Institute for Social & Economic Research, Methods and Approaches for Sustainable Development in Alaska

Capacity Building Grants

promoting rural economic growth

Does promoting rural economic growth encourage small producers of goods and services to use their land and natural resources in a responsible, profitable manner? Does this program provide interest free loans and other start-up incentives to fledgling farms and industries? Or is serving eco tourists and elite academic's training the only only type of growth promoted in rural Alaska?

While many of my neighbors believe this area remains the "forgotten" part of Alaska, expanding large scale, corporate tourism will profoundly affect everyone who lives out here. Not only because it will bring more tourists driving down our roads and shopping at the Merc, this area is connected to the United Nation's proposed Wildlands Corridor.

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve is a designated World Heritage Site.

This means humans activity comes under the jurisdiction of international land management treaties that supercede U.S. Constitutional Law.

The Wildlands Corridor will connect wildlife trails from the mainland U.S. to Alaska. Already the Cascadia Wildlands Project in Alaska is actively trying to protect the entire Copper River Delta from future human use.

The Copper River Branding and Marketing Plan of 2006 dubbed the Copper River Roads as "Adventure Corridors." This is a significant document that should be studied closely by anyone who has a stake in the Copper River Basin. The Wildlands Studies Program at Santa Barbara, Ca hosted a summer project in the Wrangell Mtns this past summer. From their website:

"Alaska’s parks are uniquely mandated to allow continued traditional use by their local rural residents. This summer, team members will discover the passionate connections people have to the Wrangells, both as a home and a park. We will examine the dilemmas a gateway
community encounters as it works to sustain an Alaskan bush lifestyle in the face of an
increasing pace of change brought about by tourism and other human activity.

"Through writing and discussion, team members will reflect on relationships between culture and landscape, and on how those relationships influence land use and management. Our work can suggest creative possibilities for the future of the Wrangells and help us understand why Alaska’s wilderness affects us so profoundly." (

Maybe we should understand more about what it is we need to understand.

"We've learned over the past 40 years that while our National Wilderness System is a
spectacular collection of majestic peaks and wild, rugged terrain, it is not large enough to
provide adequate habitat for many wide-ranging species and does not capture the full
diversity of habitats. Disjunct islands of wilderness or other protected lands often cannot
support sustainable populations of native plants and wildlife, and are inadequate at
protected biodiversity. Therefore, in addition to expanding and adding new wilderness
areas, we need to identify and protect linkages and compatible use areas as part of a
connected network of protected areas in the Pacific Northwest.

"As part of our work to establish a network of wildlands across North America, the Wildlands Project is launching a program to reconnect wildlands along the Pacific "mega linkage" from Baja, up through California, Oregon, Washington and into British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. This will take continental conservation down to the regional level-step by step with our partners from the region. Together we will build a positive blueprint for all conservation work, a context for wildlife and wildlands defense.

"Even our largest wilderness areas are too small to provide adequate wildlife habitat. Activities outside wilderness areas can threaten the ecological integrity of the wilderness as well as some of its wilderness values. Thus, it is necessary to look beyond the wilderness boundary, at the whole landscape, in order to protect the viability of some wildlife species and the wilderness values within a particular wilderness. Regional reserve design helps to address these threats to wilderness, by identifying additional areas in need of protection, linkages between wilderness areas, and compatible use areas (or "buffers") in the matrix of managed lands surrounding wilderness areas." (Leanne Klyza Linck, Executive Director, Wildlands Project Abstract for session: "Connecting Wilderness & Biodiversity"