Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zionist Communitarian control of the anti-Agenda 21 movement

In 2000, we identified Communitarianism as the legal system supporting Agenda 21. We identified the "guru" of the Communitarian Network, whose own writings tell us he was a terrorist, a soldier and now a planner in the Zionist takeover of British Palestine.  I quickly understood why some Christians would never consider these facts, but I've been trying to understand why so many of the Americans actively opposing Agenda 21 and claiming to be on our "side" avoided discussing Communitarianism and its root philosophy, Zionism, for 13 years. 

I couldn't understand why the Liberty movement took no interest in the Communitarian philosophy either, especially after Washington Post Columnist E.J. said the last battle would be fought between the Libertarians and the Communitarians. When the leaders of the Libertarian Party REFUSED to acknowledge that challenge, told me the word was "too hard" for Americans, I was confused by that. I waited for Ron Paul to say the word just ONCE during his Liberty campaign, and his silence did nothing to alleviate my suspicions that all was not as it seems in the Liberty corner.

It's recently been revealed that Ron Paul's Homeschooling program is connected direcly to  Christian Futurist Dispensationism. This explains to ME why RP, Tom Woods and all the other Von Mises "liberty" economic proponents refused to discuss or debate Communitarianism.

Now it's been revealed that Rosa Koire, who is the only person out their speaking against Agenda 21 who alludes to the term "communitarian" in her speeches (but never fully explains it), is censoring the most relevant FACT about it. On page 31 of her book, Behind the Green Mask, she does a very tricky thing. In the top half of the page she writes, "calling it a Zionist plot is absurd" and the bottom half of the page encourages her readers to "Familiarize yourself with communitarianism."  Rosa learned ALL the facts about Communitarianism when she read both our "excellent books" (her words) about it in 2009, but when she included our research in her book in 2011, she used it on the same page where she negated our research as "absurd." Sure, she cites us in the back somewhere (not on the page where she distorts our original thesis), and she has links to us from her websites, but so does Etzioni and the Communitarian Network.

The war against the slippery Etzioni and his Zioni followers takes many shapes and forms. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Webinar on Communitarianism April 13, 2013

Our first webinar on Communitarianism is on April 13, 2013, at 2:30 to 4:30 PM Alaska Time. Enrollment for each class is limited to 10. The cost is 40.00 USD, payment accepted via paypal only. Email registration requests to Make your reservation today! Scholarships available.