Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sarah Palin in Miniature

Made space to work on the trailer scene, I am tentatively calling it "DC or Bust - 2012". I am shamelessly planning on using Palin to try to make money off my minis. I'm designing it for the people who hate her, they seem to have a lot more passion for her than her supporters. I can see this scene in a million different offices and homes, bringing sneers of joy to her most hardcore admirers. Americans sure love to hate, don't they? Anyway this mini scene should put an end to my "guru" status that I had no idea people were thinking about me. Besides being an international "expert" on communitarian law (a title I will allow), I am also a starving artist. Now that I'm combining the two main parts of me I'm amazed at what's coming out. I'm too crude to be anybody's leader, spiritual or otherwise. I assumed that was always fairly obvious. Now it should be.

Started downloading family pictures for her walls, magazine covers for her tables and bumper stickers for the outside. I had no idea how many funny photos there are of Sarah Palin! My original intent was to keep it sort of subdued so that you have to look into it before you see all the little signs that all is not as it seems. I have a dead polar bear on the roof now, and am beginning to think I'm taking this over the top of what decency requires. I made her a real fur cape and stripped her down to her undies.. she's wearing the fashion statement made by the visiting whores during the pipeline (except usually they were nude).

She'll have a Zionist Holy roller Bible in one hand and a rifle in the other.

I have "Indiana"Palin handing her a dirty old bucket filled with offerings from their international Zionist communitarian backers. The furnishing are lovely, but it's one of the rudest things I've ever made, and I haven't even got started. No idea what the ebay censors will say or how much they'll allow past their moralistic gatekeepers, but I'm counting on them using their expert ecomad reasoning over the polar bear issue and their dialectical hatred for Sarah's hunting ideology :)

I suppose I should make a mini scene for Obama lest people begin to think I'm biased in that direction... I could build a mini Pyramid for him! Still have to fix the trailer itself, want to spray foam over every crack and paint it orange so it looks like every trailer used in winter up here.

If I streak her hair, put glasses on her
and add lace trim on the coat?

(This is what I believe she was hired to do.)

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Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

I know I have said this before, but I will say it again and again and again:

I hope that Sarah Palin never goes away. No woman since Eleanor Roosevelt has done more for progressive politics in this country than she. Don'cha just love her? I sure do!


Tom Degan
Goshen, NY