Friday, December 11, 2009

A grassroots solution to global sustainable devlopment

My profoundest apologies to Michael and Doug at Blacklisted News for sleeping thorough the scheduled interview today. It dropped to 30 below in Kenny Lake last night, and I was so focused on my research, writing and keeping the stoves red hot that I forgot to leave Nordica a note to make sure I was awake by 2 pm to go on the air. I can't express how sad I am that my situation as a year round Alaskan camper reduces me to unrelibale status. But the truth is, I am living on the edge of feed the fire or die mentality and it clouds my whole persona.

Somebody opened the bids on my Sarah Palin mini! I just went in and changed the opening price from $49.99 to $249.99 last night after I finished my community research paper. Tonight I'm celebrating because now I can buy my Marine son his tobacco and chew and give the rest of my proceeds to Nordica for Freddie's Christmas. I don't celebrate it anymore, but my politics will not interfere with Fred's enjoyment of my Prussian/Norwegian family tradition of celebrating Jesus's gift to humanity. Like my sister Kathy says, "We always have fun."

It's very nice to know people are sending Freddie presents and I can spend every dime I have to make my son happy. No matter what you think of me or my work, nothing changes the fact that my only son is a Marine stationed in Afghanistan right now. My committment to the ACL has caused me to look like a bum to my children, and Nordica is not as supportive of my current actions as she could be. She's from a different generation, as is my beloved Nolan, so woe be it for me to question her ideas of my ideas for ousting the witches from Kenny Lake politics. All I care about now is that my minis DO sell. As an artist who thrives on adoration, hehe, I am thrilled.


Anonymous said...

We appreciate your work. Few could do it. As for the Climate Coven over in Denmark, the media do not begin to tell the truth about how many of these people are witches, literally. While we are told we are beyond silly superstition the truth is the so-called scientific community are believers in witchcraft.

Lark said...

Niki, I hope you can re-schedule soon, as these appear to be good people who really do appreciate your work.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning [from 9 to 11 A.M. CST] on Oracle Broadcasting features William Roberts of Become Vocal Local and Vicky Davis of Channeling Reality discussing Agenda 21 issues and the communitarian plan for global governance. As you might expect, my ears are generally glued; and I try to lend substance whenever possible.

Vicky maintains an archive link at her site for Become Vocal Local. It sort of serves as a discussion outline for each show, with links to original source material.
Channeling Reality

On very early Monday mornings (starting at midnight) is Oracle Unleashed, often featuring these same folks, along with other great radio hosts from the network such as Mike Chambers, Lee Rogers, and Freeman... plus a few surprising call-in guests [like me!].

Here's the link for free access to the network archives.
Oracle Broadcasting

Fantastic news on the mini sale!

Also, please consider visiting my barter club sometime... and let me know... what might interest you. I don't have any kiddos, but I still enjoy playing Santa.

Although I don't work for Federal Reserve notes anymore [and keep very few around] I know the club owners personally, so maybe I can assist you in getting your books and minis advertised there. Call or email Byron and me directly.
Merchant Trade

The grand opening for this one is tomorrow. It actually may prove a better fit. And, yes, I know the owners of this one too. ;)
AG Trading Post