Friday, March 29, 2013

Update on the Communitarian's Progress in the USA

How Far We've Come!

The communitarian ideolgy has penetrated deep into the American heartland. From the colleges to the K-12 programs, it is 100% Communitarianism being taught to the future leaders of the USA. The Communitarian Residence Life Movement in Delaware is just the tip of the iceberg. Our people are jumping on the Communitarian "feel good" bandwagon like there's no tomorrow. In Madison, Wisconsin, The Hamilton Middle School Handbook open with:
“With education comes understanding, and with understanding comes a better sense of ourselves. I am a communitarian. I believe in giving back to thecommunity. A community is not a place- it is a system of values. A strong system of values prepares our young people to live and think clearly in the world.”  - Velma Bell Hamilton"

Barb Drews and Phil Lyons were named the 2009 recipients of the 
Don Hunt Communitarian Award for all their volunteer efforts for the Souper Bowl. 

The communitarians have been run out of places all over the world, but their power in the USA grows stronger every day. All our businesses and our schools promote communitarian ideology like volunteerism, sacrifice, social equity, responsibility, service, Quality of Life, Sustainable Development, Livability, Stewardship, Environmental Ethics and Cultural Diversity. The hottest new field, where all the big grant money flows, is climate change "research: and Sustainable Development. If you're not studying how to micro-manage people and willing to sell out their freedom to secure your own financial sucess, you're just not a very nice person.

 2012 Communitarian of the Year - Rex Maynard

Communitarian Awards sound goods to Americans, who apparently cannot grasp that all those empty, meaningless communitarian phrases were created to achieve a level of control over people never before thought possible. The war against our national system is advancing to the stage where the facades can easily be dropped anytime, and we will accept whatever they ask us to do next. 
"Government subsidies of gasoline, electricity and other energy sources amount to about $1.9 trillion a year and should be ended or offset with taxes used to battle climate change and pay for social programs, the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday in a major foray into the global warming debate."  By Howard SchneiderMarch 2
Unlike the people of Colon, who rose up in their streets, beat the comunitarians and took back control of their local economy, the Americans are still being "educated" to think and act like good little communitarian slaves. We can't even tell the difference anymore between an intentional communitarian fellowship and a government run communitarian program. Is there any?

Intentional Communities Newsletter: February 20, 2012

Kozeny Communitarian Award — Your Nominations

We can't tell the difference between an authentic local effort to be a good neighbor, and an international effort to control the way we volunteer. Canada has not escaped the plan either.

Patrice Bernier named 2012 Communitarian Award winner

The Communitarians are hearing from their victims across the EU, but in North America, our people are completely duped into thinking slavery is freedom, and our protests are still of the most civilized sort. We vote, write letters, and give public testimony at meetings. When the Communitarians show up to steal our land and homes, we form a kindergarten committee.
"Last October, there were protests when President Ricardo Martinelli, a supermarket tycoon who has made business development a centerpiece of his term, pushed through a law allowing the sale of state land next to the free zone. Residents interpreted the move as a prelude to expanding the zone and displacing them, and several people died in the unrest." New Your Times, March 24, 2013
Global Warming environmental policy and law is openly defined as communitarian. This is but one of the many ways Communitarian governance is introduced into formerly sovereign nations.
  "The issues of environmental protection, rational nature usage and conduction of communitarian policy in the ecological field are among the most substantial elements of the expanded European Union activity." Sakartvelos Ekonomika, Scientific-Analytic Magazine, September 2011

A global government requires a global tax. When the IMF and the World Bank announced last week that we should either divert funds used to fuel our economy into fighting Climate Change or else collect a $1.40 gallon tax on our oil for them, you would think the public outcry would be so loud and so furious they could hear us all the way to Colon. Instead there was barely a whimper. No big surpise really, considering how many churches have converted to Communitarianism over the past decade. Even Wikipedia added a "List of New Religious Movements" page:
"An NRM may be one of a wide range of movements ranging from those with loose affiliations based on novel approaches to spirituality or religion to communitarian enterprises that demand a considerable amount of group conformity and a social identity that separates their adherents from mainstream society."
Communitarians openly state we have to meet their demands that we conform to the group mentality. We must all become "better" global citizens and give up our freedom to live an a Safe and Healthy community.  So a few million people may have to die before we're safe, but as Veronica Jackson, Director of the Department of Neighborhoods in Seattle told us in 1999, "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the common good." What kind of sacrifices have been made in other places forced to adopt Communitarian values and ethics?

Added March 30:

I forgot to add another piece of this that has come into the public arena lately. It's called Common Core, and some people have recognised it as a communitarian program. (Of course the Right always calls it communism!)

"Two Moms Against Common Core. March 2, 2013Agenda 21, Education. Great video about Common Core and how the states are being forced to change their curriculum, state laws, and have to agree to loss of privacy for their students. Parents must understand what Common Core is all about, and fight to keep it out of their public schools or take their children out of the public schools. Common Core teaches the ideology of communitarianism.  This is communism with a new name."

There were people noticing the communitarian influencc on education back in 2001:

communitarianism and education Communitarianism has become the focus of some debate and interest - but what is it, and what implications does the communitarian agenda have for education? by Mark Smith 2001

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Claiming ownership of our original thesis on Agenda 21 & Communitarianism

Keep finding new places that are citing our antithesis as if it's just "common knowledge" now. This is a major breakthough and we're very pleased to see how far and wide it's gone. After ten years of being the only people pushing an original Anti Communitarian thesis into the mainstream arena, it's a very good feeling to witness how many people have finally learned to pronounce it! 

The downside for us is, the world is so communitarian now that our copyright on our published thesis and our original idea has been violated on a scale we never imagined. We are seeing our names removed, portions reproduced as if the author was someone else, or flat out plagiarization of everything. Worst of all, some writers are twisting it around and adding their own conclusion to our thesis without bothering to show where in the hell they came up with their idea! Academia has always been plagued with robbers who steal papers from fellow students. I wonder how often it's happened outside academia. We may not only have one of the most widely read original theses in modern times, but we may also own the most plagiarized thesis by non-academics in modern times.

Our original research, thoughts, lines, articles, and thesis is in other people's books 

Sustainable Development Handbook

It's in videos of other people

ROSA KOIRE: Shut down Agenda 21 and communitarian Fascism.

Community by Coercion Communitarianism New American May 31, 2004


It's in letters written by other people

Our original idea has been reproduced so many times many people may assume Rosa Koire, the John Birch Society or Debra Rae are the ones who showed conclusively the role of Communitarianism in Agenda 21. They did not. The JBS barely mentioned it in the past 20 years, and only lately began using the term in their Anti Agenda 21 meetings. Debra Rae went so far as to take entire sections out of 2020: Our Common Destiny as well as TACM, and while she mentions she took most of her article from us at her website, she apparently forgot where she got it when she gained a larger audience at News With Views. Rosa Koire did not do any original research that led her to a Communitarian conclusion either. Rosa read both our books before she put her final argument together. But she never cites us in her public speaking engagments anymore (not since her Tea Party video in 2011), and she actually removed Nordica's name from TACM. The upside is that Rosa never removed the reference and link to the Anti Communitarian League at DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21. We're still in her book somewhere (haven't seen it yet). 

I have no problem saying Rosa Koire has done a tremendous amount of research on her own. She has been a major force in bringing Agenda 21 in front of the Tea Party and the Religious Right. We do not disparage the valuable contributions she's made to exposing the plan in her traveling book promotions. But Rosa did not make the connections between Communitarianism and Agenda 21, she knows she didn't, and it's dishonest of her to make it appear like she did. 

Now I'm fully aware that communitarian America doesn't care what we sacrificed to provide this thesis to them. I've heard the Christian collectivists whining more than the leftists about how it doesn't matter where the information comes from, it's so important the rules do not even apply. I've been told I'm jealous of Rosa's success. I've been told I need to "share more." Total BS. I defend property rights for everyone else, why wouldn't I give myself and my co-author the same consideration? I do know zero value is placed on intellectual property on the internet, but it's just hilarious that other people so worried about their property rights think it's okay to steal ours!  We haven't gone around asking everyone who reposts our website/works to take it down. As long as there is proper attribution, it's educational and not for profit, it's allowed. Remove the attribution, pretend it's your original thoughts and words, or make money off it, and it's not allowed. 

There is only one antithesis that shows Communitarianism is the synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic. There is only one antithesis that shows Agenda 21 is Communitarianism. There is only one book in the world that shows evidence for the connection between Agenda 21 and Communitariansim, Communitarian Law, Asset Based Community Development and Community Oriented Policing. Those are chapter titles in 2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We're in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy!

Ten years ago we cited the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy in our antithesis against communitarianiam, mainly as proof that it even existed. Their first entry for Communitarianism was added in 2001, and in 2002 most people were still telling us it wasn't a "real" philosophy. The reference to our work is at the bottom under "Other Internet Resources". It goes to Berit Kjos's reposting of one of my articles. But we're in the book, our "school of thought" officially exists.

Undeniable Proof the US Government adopted Agenda 21

I keep seeing articles in the mainstream press ridiculing the Tea Party groups over their concern about Agenda 21. The standard line is that Agenda 21 is a "non-binding" agreement and holds no force of law behind it. That is true. The laws that enforce Agenda 21 have to be passed at the local levels, and that is where Agenda 21 has been passed and adopted in the USA for the past 20 years. Never to rarely introduced to Americans as Communitarian Law, these changes to the constitutional system have gone un-noticed and un-challeneged for over 2 decades.

Now that some people have learned about it, looked into it, and decided they don't want it, their opposition has been relegated to a right wingnut conspiracy. Yet, many documents exist that say otherwise, and this is but one of thousands that confirm our worst suspicions about the plan:

Objectives of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development


Lawrence J. Gumbiner
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Second PrepCom of UNCSD
Washington, DC
March 7, 2011

The United States is pleased to participate in the PrepCom and to contribute to a successful Rio 2012 Conference on Sustainable Development. We have developed a robust process within our government to evaluate how far we have come since Rio, and to identify gaps that we need to address and emerging issues where we need to make progress. This effort is reinvigorating discussions on sustainable development within our government as we work together to identify shortcomings and replicate successes, and to avail ourselves of new science, information, technologies, and collaborations to make real progress toward achieving sustainable development.

In doing this, we increasingly understand that, while the United Nations and national governments are essential to sustainable development, our participation alone is not sufficient for achieving meaningful progress that improves people’s lives and the environment. We are beginning to engage our stakeholders – including nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, local and regional governments, and academia – all of which have important contributions to make to this process.

In this vein, a concise political document should only be a part of the outcome. We also need to look to major groups and stakeholders to bring forward good ideas and take on commitments and actions. Sustainable development can only be achieved when we enable all citizens and empower all stakeholders to take action to achieve a sustainable future. We need to invest in people, recognizing women and youth as key agents of change in society. We need to promote human capacity development through education, especially in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and to enable the development of skill sets vital to emerging sectors of the economy. development path.

The partnership approach out of the World Summit on Sustainable Development continues to be an important tool for achieving sustainable development, and we should look at how we can strengthen and further legitimize this approach. For example, our domestic policy on innovation realizes that governments can catalyze and leverage action across stakeholders, provide enabling frameworks and incentives for private sector investment, invest in people, and facilitate meaningful collaborations across all stakeholders. Together, we can address market failures, invest in sciences and innovation, develop human capacity to meet today’s challenges, and adapt solutions for local contexts.

Good governance at all levels is critical to our ability to make good on our Agenda 21 commitments. While national governments will make the political commitments, we rely upon regional and local governments to implement new policies in the context of local situations, to enforce environmental regulations, to innovate and adapt solutions that will succeed in unique environmental, social, and political realities. Some of the most creative solutions to our sustainable development challenges are emerging in the U.S. from our state, regional and local governments. We should encourage communities to do integrated planning, to develop sustainability plans and a local Agenda 21. {emphasis added}

Cities are hotspots for population growth, investment, and increasing demand for energy, water, food, buildings and waste disposal. Rapid urbanization is a challenge and an opportunity to focus our global efforts to minimize impacts from this development, to develop state-of-the-art disaster preparedness plans, to integrate planning with smarter designs, to build more livable communities and to address the needs of the poorest of the poor. With good governance and sound planning we can implement solutions that address the needs of people and promote inclusive growth that works for all strata of society. We can identify and leverage solutions to improve access to water, sanitation, food, and energy that will help us to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Chair, we support the Rio 2012 process and the need to review our progress and to identify gaps and emerging challenges. We want Rio 2012 to be forward looking, to address ways that we can learn from past struggles, build on our successes, and achieve a sustainable future. We believe that all countries should be able to monitor natural resources and make informed and integrated decisions about their development paths. We support efforts to measure progress and to share information and best practices.

Our challenges are significant. We recognize that economic growth is an essential component of any sustainable development strategy. But economic growth should not and does not need to be “development at all costs.” It should be balanced in a way that takes into consideration the environment, natural resource, and social dimensions, addressing poverty and improving the status of women. This is a challenging objective, but one toward which we are making great strides. We are committed to this process and to working with all stakeholders to identify actions we can take reinvigorate our commitments and to harness 21st century tools and human capacity to achieve sustainable development.

Thank you.

{Note: "balancing" is the communitarian concept that all national and state constitutional law must be balanced in favor of the global elite's objectives,)

Opposition to Agenda 21 is not just a Right Wing agenda

Over the past few years we've seen a rising swell of opposition against Agenda 21 in the United States. It's becoming harder for Americans to not see that something is very wrong in America. We've also seen our book orders triple in the last few months, and a huge percentage of the orders are coming from the UK and the EU. People are catching on to the hidden nature of the plan, and seeking information at a level that almost gives me a renewed sense of hope.

There are hundreds of new websites and articles about Agenda 21 flooding the internet. While some are innacurate, borrow heavily from other people's research and provide no new information, the good news is, they're not all conservatives. The opposition to the big lie is not only coming from Christian and Right Wing perspectives; just one "Democrat" site opened the whole topic up to a general audience uncomfortable with the idea of aligning themselves with the Eagle Forum and the John Birch Society.  Lucky for all of us, that one Democrat site uses the term "Communitarianism" to define the political theory driving Agenda 21 and all Sustainable Development around the world. Lucky for us, Rosa Koire still links to our websites and many people have found the ACL via her. Because of our low-key approach and our aversion to advertising ourselves, and because the JBS and their network of Christian affiliates do not even mention our work (even when they use it in their articles), there is no one in the "information war" who knows what Communitarianism is, or if they do know, they aren't willing to take the time to explain it properly.

We are not Right Wing Christians and there were very few Christian writers I was willing to cite at the ACL ten years ago when we built the website. In fact I purposely avoided republishing any of the religious views thinking that was unecessary and clouded the issue. I provided links to religious people I thought were offering good research, and included in those lists were several I have since learned to distrust. It's okay, it's all part of the learning process that this kind of work requires, and our attachments to people and dialectical pieces are sometimes very deeply held and unbreakable. Especially when it comes to relgion. So I avoided it, wanting to leave something for people to hold on to and find out more about their own beliefs on their own. Today I see communitarianism is the global religion, and my next book is exploring the expanding communitarian religion, and all the churches embracing it, in detail. It's the final key to putting the whole plan into perspective, and as painful as it may be for some people to pull back this final veil, it has to be written.

Our original thesis poses that Communitarianism is the final synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic. But that means nothing to the average reader. Hegel confuses people with Master's degrees who read Hegel in college. Our first Hegel Communitarian tutorial was designed for my father, a US Army soldier who had no formal exposure to dialectial reasoning. We later laid out our argument so that Dr. Amitai Etzioni and the Communitarian Network, who we were calling out for a public debate, could follow precisely how we arrived at our conclusion in The Anti Communitarian Manifesto.
Part 1 went online in December 2002, and Part 2 was completed in spring 2003. We started at the upper academic level because that's where the only "debates" were taking place.

Over the years I tried hundreds of ways to explain it to the laymen who begged us for a "simple" explanation.  I'm still trying, and my new approach is the 30 second flash card:

The confusion about what the term "communitarianism" actually means continues. That's why any beginner to the topic needs to know right up front that Communitarianism was designed to confuse us. We're not ever supposed to understand it. It's considered as, "most notable for its vagueness."

The new ACL website will have a beginner series of articles about Communitarianism and several new topic sections.  After 14 years of studying and writing about Communitarianism, after a few years in the social networks meeting like-minded folks and some not so like minded, I'm ready to take ACL research to the next level, and put our information into the "game."  And so is Nordica, without whom there would be no ACL, and no new ACL Books site. It should be going up in the next couple days. I'll let you know when it's up.