Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Patriot Dames Radio

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Tune in this Thursday, October 1, 2009, to listen to Niki Raapana, from Alaska, talk about the her book 'What is the Hegelian Dialectic?,' Alaska, and her 'made in America' store. Visit her blog at: http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com/2009/05/nikis-mini-mall.html DON'T GET DUMPED AGAIN!! Download TalkShoe Pro today!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

My new slideshows- Meet Amitai Etzioni & Visit Gerteeville

I'm going to have to pull both of these slideshows and completely change the way I make them., but for now they're up and ready for feedback if you have any. I was just using the music to help give them a beat while I was creating and then spaced it out and left both songs in when I put them on YouTube. Showed the Etzioni slideshow to my friend Rene this morning, she said she definitely got something out of it so I wanted to put it up asap. The music behind it was haunting, if you really wanted to see how it was you could play Christmas Eve Sarajevo while you watch it.. the Trans Siberian Orchestra's rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is one of my favorite classical recordings. Hearing them live is on my list of Things to DO before I die.

This slideshow is dedicated to the Irish people who have to vote AGAIN on the EU Constitution next Friday Oct 2. May God BLESS and keep the IRISH strong and obstinate!!!!! How many people in the US realize the importance of what the Irish holdouts are contributing to our freedom? Hidden Guru of Globalization - audio disabled, I'm working on a voice recording to replace it- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBlRS5vrk-c

Trying to get inspired to write the Gertee tutorial and decided to make a fun slideshow of our summer to get myself in the right frame of mind.

Here's the revised version of Summer of Gertee 2009 without the music:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Contemplating another Alaskan winter in Gertee

Winterized Gertee pods - detachable

Sister fishtaxi brought us the green roof tarp!

I'm doing a radio interview on October 1 at 8pm EST with the Patriot Dames on Talkshoe.com. Be nice to write a new article before I go on but still too much work to do before real winter sets in. I know people want an updated synopsis of how many communitarian programs and laws are in place now, and actually, so do I. Many thanks to artist Charles Kraft for suggesting us.

Here I am starting to "camp" for my fourth year in Kenny Lake, and it's been a trip to think about what changes have happened to my life since that first winter here in my trusty Girl Scout wall tent. I spent months freezing my off ass in that tent, wishing at least once every day that I had a yurt. I dreamed of owning a portable tent I could insulate well enough to hold some heat. Now, three years later I have not one but three gertees, and a lot more other things I need.

I took two bages of R-19 insulation from Tim's pile that's been under his porch for a year and installed it in the walls of my new16 footer. It's attached to my original 16' gertee which is now just an entryway, kitchen, pantry and dining room. The woodstove is heating both so far, but it's still above zero. I'll have to install some kind of fan to the stack; Ron suggested I modify a bathroom exhaust fan. I'm still using all the wool pieces and the RadiantGuard aluminum reflective foil for ALL my ceilings, plus stuffed up a few random pieces of styrofoam insulation I got out of a clients "to the dump" pile. Our friend Rick said he has 4 bags of the same insulation Tim has and I can have them whenever I drive over and pick them up! This means I can cut 15 more 6' posts and insulate the 20 footer! I'll use it right where it is and hope it holds up to the wind. Still waiting to get a big enough piece of solid waterproof something to put on the roof before I install the insulation. Learning about actual constuction materials now and how stupid I've been to not use visqueen sheets that come as wide as I need them! Plus there's amazing red tape that goes with it. This also means that EVERY city in the USA has enough leftover materials from building sites to build thousands of gertees for the homeless people. I didn't know there's almost 100,000 homeless people in LA! 100,000!!????? Gertees would be SUPER easy to make for that climate... I think I need to finish the gertee book asap.

Moved my shower spot into the kitchen right next to the woodstove, have a 21 inch metal tub that catches most of the water. I use about a gallon in the 4 gal sun shower. For extra heat and a ready supply I've got a 20 gallon metal pot filled with water set next to the back of the stove and three large pots on the metal shelf on the left side. The top of the shelf has ceramic tiles and makes a nice cookspace. To the right of the stove I have a small metal stand that also has ceramic tile on top. Behind that is a metal baker's rack with the bottom half for wood storage and the counter has 2 metal washtubs for dishes. Tucked in behind the baker's rack there's a small metal typing table I got from Tonsina Lodge 4 years ago, it makes a perfect dish drying spot.

New interior canvas wall cover

Had to scratch the plan to only add layers on the outside of the summer kitchen gertee, too much wind came through in the big storm the other night. Put up a layer of old felt from big gertee on the west side of the kitchen and covered it with the new burgandy canvas I've been using for the exterior walls. We like it so much I'll do the same thing in the eastern kitchen side with what's leftover from the bright yellow.

My first winter camp in Kenny Lake

My friend Caya is 10 now and says she's old enough to be really happy to see meat hanging, whereas when she was "younger" it made her sad. I had to tie every one of these huge chunks to the ceiling while Tim and Ronnie held them up. We're canning and freezing it now.

Me, a moosehead and a caribou

Gerteeville, Alaska, still under construction
Please send all your leftover building materials
to us or to your local homeless shelter!

Recycled homes are better than no homes at all.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"2020: Our Common Destiny" on ebay!

Sean put 2020 on ebay! Thanks Sean. Be interesting to see if it sells there. We haven't really done any marketing for either of our books so this is a great start. The books have always just been something we have available for visitors to the ACL but yes, marketing is important.

You know you're Alaskan when you're happy the thermometer still only reads 20 above zero F. I've got so much to do yet to get ready for winter, but it's coming along and the new gertee made all kinds of space for Freddie, visitors wood and water jugs in the 16' kitchen/dining gertee. The new 16' is so well insulated I can heat it with the woodstove from the kitchen! This changes everything. Now I'm taking the 20' down and rebuilding it the same way I did the new 16'. We are gonna be WARM this winter for sure. And ... since I got my first moose we'll also have plenty of meat AND fish this year.

Many thanks to Bill for sending this link on reinventing government, haven't read it all but it looks to be very important to our work. I mention this program in ACL research and remember being very shocked to find it so openly available. I assumed our constitutions made the very idea of changing the US government and system illegal unless it was done via constitutional means. This paper gives a lot more detail than I took the time to find:

me making the walls for the new 16'
the new pic on my info is for you Pete :)

using the shower roofring which only has 6 poles
so I cut 13 spruce posts and tied them to the walls

installed R19 fiberglass insulation between the posts
(how many times have I moved that pile of rocks?!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hunting in the Wrangells and thereabouts

Fishwheel at the Wrangell Park compound.
There are several new buildings... nicely manicured
lawns and a hiking trail to "observe" the Park from afar...

Federal "office" looks like a hunting lodge.

Display of hides at the Park office

This is a topo map at the Park office.
Where the hell is Kenny Lake?
When I asked why Kenny Lake wasn't on the map
to show people where they ARE, their answer was:
"This is about the mountains, not Kenny Lake."

Tim at the counter of the Wrangell Park office.
Why is the "entrance" to the Park 20 miles north
of the entrance to the park (in Copper Center)
and not on the actual road that leads into the park?
If you come up the Richardson from Valdez you
have to drive 20 miles PAST Kenny Lake
(the entrance road is the Edgerton Highway)
to "learn" about the park and then drive 20 miles
back to actually enter the park?

What can you possibly "need to know" about the park?
Here's a clue how communitarianism is introduced.

"Through the collective recognition of the community of nations..."
Sorry parkies, but there's NO SUCH THING!

Real display of hides at Camp Redington

Me posing as if I have a clue

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aftermath News

Don't worry everybody, this could never happen here:

"As the Indian government moves forward with its plans to provide all its citizens with a Unique Identification (UID) number, the biometric authentication behind the system will mean creating the world’s largest biometric database covering the data of over a billion people, according to a BBC News article.

"Further, officials plan on having the database stored and secured online enabling for quick and easy authentication whenever necessary."


Monday, September 7, 2009

Family news - Happy Birthday to Freddie!

My grandson is 2 today.

Fred and his momma

Corina, John and Ron and their kids brought a suprise cake.
Fred eats the icing instead of blowing out the candles.

Mom, Fred & Corina

New 20' gravel pad with 8' bathroom

Tim's boat rides

Catherine's selling the Emporium in Chitina.
It's her birthday today too!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Mother's Permission to Hunt & Fish

Thanks for all the comments lately, I've barely been able to log on for more than a few minutes at a stretch so I apologise for being so slow to answer. I keep getting emails that should be blog comments but these people don't want to deal with what they refer to as my "fans." Hehe. That last guy was a bit unsettled by those of you rushing to my defense and I think my enemies would prefer it that I be alone and defenseless in my opposition to their agenda. I got a long hate email the other day where I was chastised for everything from wasting my intellect to freezing my ass off in a tent in Alaska. I think I'll invite him to Camp Redington to put his money where his mouth is.

Went and bowed before Big Mother yesterday and recieved permission from her benevolancy to fill my freezer and shelves with food this winter. Got my permits for 1 moose and 2 caribou from BLM. Then I got my permit for the fishwheel from the National Park Service Wrangell St Elias Center (and the guy doing my paperwork was the same leader of the Watershed Leadership group who I told I oppose everything he stands for last month). Already got my subsistance hunting, trapping and fishing liscense from the State of Alaska, so last night I went grizzly bear hunting and we didn't see it until it was too dark to get a good shot. I was so nervous heading out, my first real hunt and I'm going for a bear... all the way down I was singing to myself songs from the musical Jesus Christ, Superstar. Going back tonight better equipped.

Camp Redington is going full swing in spite of the fact that we pretty much aren't open. Amanda came back for a week before her Alaska trip was over and she inspired everyone with her enthusiasm for life. I especially enjoyed hearing her stories. She's half Japanese and half Jewish Pole. Her grandparents on both sides were incarcerated during WWII. Her grandfather in Poland was trying to warn his family about the Nazis in 1937 and his family all ridiculed him for being a paranoid. Only 2 of them survived the Nazi invasion in 1939. She's a full blooded American and the part of her that is grateful to be one represents a slim hope to me. Whether the whole American diversity and mixed blood idea was part of the elite plot to take over the world or not, it can be our strength if we embrace and honor every culture whose children became Americans. My Norwegian grandmother, Pauline Anderson, was sold by her father to go be a bonded servant in Wisconsin when she was 14 years old. She remained until she was 21, and the Jewish family paid her a bonus when she got her walking papers. My grandmother used that money to bring her parents to America. My dad asked her once why she never ran away, and her reply was, "My father gave them his word that I would stay. The money they paid up front was used to feed my brothers and sisters." Many of our ancestors came to America seeking a better life for themselves and their descendents. Some of us descendents of those risktakers choose to honor their sacrifices. Ho.

Lots of help with raking the new gravel pad!

Amanda got me to try a raw salmon egg. They squirt all over the inside of your mouth when you bite them. She advises I eat them every day for the rest of my life, called it "brain food."

Fresh Alaska salmon eggs

Rene, newly ordained high priestess
of the Salmon Nation, rejoicing at the freezer alter

My bear

Bill and the Samoans at the Copper River Fishwheels

Tim's rock garden

Me picking wild sage and rosehips on McCarthy Road

Yes Rene, those are all for you!
(Don't I look tall? I'm on a pallet.)