Saturday, December 19, 2009

The BRussells Tribunal

What a suprise. Bertrand Russell formed an International War Crimes Tribunal to combat "American" wars of aggression.

I guess the fact that Russell was also a founder of the "slow march through American institutions" Fabian Society ( is supposed to be irrelevant. But hey. What if it was Emma Goldman, a Fabian, who trained McKinley's assassin in 1901? What if the Fabians were the ones who induced Wilson to enter WWI in 1917? What if the Fabians were the ones to introduce America to Fabian schooling after they started WWII in 1933? What if the Fabians' actual mission statement was to spread lies and propaganda to help ensure their plans for a global government? What if the Fabians infiltrated or founded American suffragists? What if the Fabians had a prominent role in the first Zionist war against the Arabs in 1947? Are Fabian Socialism and Zionism compatible political ideologies? They do share the same ultimate goal.

What if the founder of the Communitarian Network is also a Fabian? Does this tie into my renewed interest in their "spirituality"? Well, Annie Bessant and Alice Bailey were Fabians and Theosophists, so yes, it does.

Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Eduardo Galeano, Noam Chomsky, José Saramago, Margarita Papandreou, Harold Pinter (d.2008), François Houtart, Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Howard Zinn, Edward S. Herman, John Pilger, Michel Chossudovsky, Michael Parenti, Samir Amin, Cindy Sheehan, Denis Halliday, Hans von Sponeck, Hana Al Bayaty, Lieven De Cauter, Jean Bricmont, Sabah Al-Mukhtar, Lucas Catherine, Gideon Polya, Francis A. Boyle, Cynthia McKinney, Socorro Gomes, James Petras, Souad Al-Azzawi, Immanuel Wallerstein, Imad Khadduri, Anne Morelli, William Blum, Dahr Jamail, Saad Jawad, Michel Collon, Sr Anne Montgomery RSCJ, Sami Zemni, David Swanson, Ian Douglas, Curtis Doebbler, Karen Parker, Patrick Deboosere, Pierre Galand, Haifa Zangana, Herman De Ley, Dirk Adriaensens, Fouad Elhage, Max Fuller, Ward Treunen, Hana Ibrahim, Serene Assir, Dirk Tuypens, Bert De Belder, Felicity Arbuthnot, Hugo Wanner, Sarah Meyer and many others {boldface mine}
Why are there so many familiar names on this list? Because I'm supposed to know and put my trust in them? Chossodovsky is one of the leading globalist researchers in the world outside mainstream. I link to his site from here. Howard Zinn wrote the tell-all book on American history, and craftily left out the fact that his "text" was a compeltely Marxist viewpoint, designed to teach disrespect for our founding legal system, which was the only barrier to Marxism we had. How fitting that mother of a sacrificial lamb, Cindy Sheehan belongs to this group. And McKinney the open communist ... man.. what's her role in all this?

The bottom line is THIS group represents the legitimate court "opposition" to the "war machine." If the war machine had no high ranking opposition, would it be as successful at pushing us into wars and ultimately toward a Hegelian solution? If there was no phony Fabian led opposition to the war machine, would there arise LEGITIMATE opposition, reasonable and factual based, that would not lead to a Fabian Hegelian solution?

Jeff has opened up another area I missed in his comments that are really opening my eyes today to how many blinders I still have up. Do the communitarians believe their groups are endowed with rights from God, as we believe (and our law supports) that individuals are? I never looked for the answer to that, because I never asked the question.


Anonymous said...

Niki and All,

the interplay of "universal" religious movements with "progressive" cultural paradigms may not be terribly obvious but they are definitely in the "same league"...

And in that league, the Individual is either absent, or alien, or enemy.

Only in pagan, native American, and other such perceptions does the Individual - whether male or female, adult or child - hold sway...

And over in the extreme patriarchal creeds, the mature, masculine Individual (only)is considered significant.

For these reasons, younger and more feminine segments will be "put off" by the patriarchal, "left flat" by the pagan, and be strongly attracted to the universal, divinely inspired religious movements, and, more especially, any secular spin-offs that may derive from them.


FishTaxi said...

Thats why I'm attracted to the Native American ways. No word for "devil". No swear words. An even keel so to speak. You get the good with the bad and give back. Simple as that.

Unless you felt threatened.

Anonymous said...

Niki, in an earlier comment, you said: "...nobody can define what a community is in a legal sense"...

If I carry a NYState driver's license in my wallet, I would guess that I am a legally-recognized member of that "community" (NYState-licensed auto drivers). I am such because I "voluntarily" carry that license card. I am self-enrolled in that legally-recognized community.

And when I get a chip in my arm, I'm sure there will be a great number of encoding bytes built onto that chip that will specify which legally-recognized sub-groups I am a member of.

In a sense, the chip will be a miniature wallet embedded under my skin.


Anonymous said...

I know very little of Native Americans but the little I do know tells me that they are of the "Middle Pillar".

The Middle Pillar is where you want to be.

The Left Pillar is overly masculine and over-active.

Te Right Pillar is overly feminine and too passive.

If you can't be in the middle naturally, you have to work at blending the left and right - in order to stay centered.


Lark said...

Dahr Jamail hails from your neck-of-the-woods, Niki.