Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gather your strength, daughters of Zion - Palin will lead the Crusade!

pulled the moose off the truck mini

Wink wink

Rebuilt and painted my renovated "White House" trailer park trash scene. It's slate blue on the outside and the interior walls are deep purple. It has a matching couch, loveseat and footstool with "Middle class" accessories.

Sarah and Todd moved in last night before the walls were finished. I'm still trying on titles, "Palin 2012 - Zamboni Zioni!" is as close as I've come to capturing the essence of this piece. I printed up all kinds of things that represent her various views and influences and taped them all over the interiors walls. The exterior "peep hole" is framed with photos of her public personality. I found a lot of nice pictures of her, she looks stunning in a few of them, and anyone barely glancing at this scene would assume the owner is a huge Palin supporter. Inside is where it gets tricky. I found a "Communitarian of the YearAward 2008" that fits in perfectly! To think about how compelling it is when flaws become assets, boggles the mind.

Palin is keeping herself in the spotlight in various ways and she's real busy promoting her book, Going Rogue. I haven't read it. Most critisizms agree there is no substance to her book and wish she would have used the book as an opportunity to explain her policy agenda. What they fail to see is Obama already wrote a book about Palin's agenda of protecting the common good, as did the Clinton's before him, and like all communitarian liars, now he claims those ideas as his own. Clinton is out there telling the French he made up the word... the only thing I can trust is that these people will say anything to get us to follow them down the yellowbrick road. Besides ,that's not Palin's role... she's not a "messiah." She believes in the Messiah's Second Coming. So I did print up a few things on her walls that represent the depths of her passion for the Christ.

Wonder if Palin's read anything written by this lady:

We were invited to go on another Christian radio show next week and it was going to be both Nordica and I on, together. I got to wondering how much this Christian network actually knows about my ACL published works, so I wrote and advised the program manager that we are not official Christians and read a few recent blogposts. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but they immediately cancelled because of scheduling conflicts. They said they'd get back to us. :)

I've shaken off the pre winter blues and settled back into my routine of keeping the woodstove going as much as possible. The big windstorm blew all the damn RadiantGuard down into the walls, I didn't staple it down, so now all my heat is going right out the roof. It's been 10 below for a couple days, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and so bright at night I don't need a headlamp.

Tim gave me final approval in the griz skinning video so I can make it public on my youtube account. Getting a nice collection of his techniques going, and he's sounding serious about putting up a gertee on the other side of the Copper. We'll run out there on snowmachines, I'll get great pics and tape, put out traps and build something he can stay in if he gets stuck over there. He's all over it now because it's a stark reality for him. I finally get it. After observing his comings and goings for a few years now, seems to me a big part of trapping is preparing to get stuck, because snowmachines, 4 wheelers and dogs all have a tendency to go where you don't want them to go. It's also a good idea to carry a chainsaw on your sled. I've decided every self sustainable household in Alaska should have three chainsaws, minimum.

So planning Tim's Trapping School is moving into the actual creation phase... never thought I'd see the day. I love it that the new gertee will be a different model and serve a different purpose, Tim only want's it to be 6 or 8 feet max. I don't know if that's big enough for a tiny woodstove or not. Good thing he's a lifelong volunteer firefighter too. Another huge bonus was to find out Dean Wilson Sr. has been giving trapping seminars to the locals for years. Said he'd help us out in any way he can, he has enough of his books to use as texts, and he'll even give a class!

Now that I have a "real" job again and have committed to writing about gertee I will not be working on the ACL website, writing ACL articles or going on radio shows. I'm taking a break from the political opposition research and concentrating on what's right in front of me. I'm absolutely done debating my "core ACL message," and I'm done listening to complaints from people who like to shoot the messenger. If there was ever a message, it is certainly outdated now. For those of you who want to keep harassing me to believe in your views, be it "find hope in Obama" or "support Palin because she's a woman and an Alaskan," rest assured you will be ignored. I am closing down my gmail account and will contact my friends with my new address.

I'm in a different phase, I'm shedding the purely academic pursuit of truth. I'm making my case against communitarianism in new ways with videos, slide shows and now minis, and suddenly I don't care how many toes I step on in the process. This is real war, even if there's no war college in America that teaches us how to fight it. There are no anti communitarian war tactics. Our people, for the most part, still don't even know there's a communitarian war against them. So as long as we're all so unknowingly stuck in the dialectic between right and left, I'm going to let out my most outrageous personality side and speak my mind and my heart entirely. I will try to refrain from the obscene side that really came out in the first draft of the Palin mini, but everyone should know that my gloves are off and I'm not holding back on any level.

Did I ever mention that my first major in college was theatre? Journalism was never my choice, I was sucked into the English department at CSUC in 1982 because of my final bluebook score. It was a horrible decision on my part because I am a bad speller, I can't take the emotion out of my writing, and as my freshman comp teacher said over and over, I have still never learned to "master the use of the semi-colon." There's nothing that says I have to spend another decade writing boring articles about communitarian law. I've already published more about communitarianism than anyone will ever want to read. Most people hate reading anyway, and what I write they barely skim, if that. But my brother assured me a picture really is worth a thousand words.. and my minis have lots of pictures!

"Curtain up!"


Lark said...

I vote you do "The Video", Niki - it truly only takes... [just] the right one... to go viral!

Patrick said...

Hi, I'm Al Gore and I'm here to raise awareness.

Post grassy knoll, a political candidate, typically, a freedom hating, lapsed Communist, of any import is required to have a photo in bed with a dead hooker, or little boys in the bathtub on file, a thorough vetting by an unregistered foreign lobby (AIPAC) in charge of spying, bribery, and blackmail operations to keep them in line before it's all turned over to Diebold to pick a winner; as the Empire's lights begin to dim, Sarah Palin, an attractive, religious and fertile white woman, is a sort of Rorschach test for Americans on a bullet train to the The Lives of Others (2007).

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” -Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

Have you ever been afraid to speak "for fear of the Pope"?

Rough Sawn said...

That trailer is awesome. Way too funny and right on.