Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gertee: Make Yourself at Home DIY Media Package

It got real cold again, last we checked it was 27 below. The new insulation really helps though, and we're half way through the winter now and gaining daylight! Happy New Year everybody!

I haven't set it up to take paypal payments yet, but if you'd like to order one with paypal just click the paypal donation button on the right and write GERTEE in the subject/message line. I will give a flat 40% discount to homeless advocacy groups and churches. Other bulk orders get discounts as follows: 10 to 49, 25% off, 50 to 99, 35% off, 100 or more, 60% off. All bulk orderers pay their own shipping costs, TBD. Available only in English. Translations coming soon!


john said...

Get some mileage out your work. Contact Tiny House Blog and Tiny House Design. There's a receptive audience there.

the tent lady said...

Thanks John! I will.

Jonson said...

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