Friday, December 18, 2009

Enlightened Leadership and Open Minded Dialogue

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What is the Aspen Institute?

Our core mission is to foster enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue. Through seminars, policy programs, conferences and leadership development initiatives, the Institute and its international partners seek to promote nonpartisan inquiry and an appreciation for timeless values.

We help people become more enlightened in their work and enriched in their lives. Together we can learn one of the keys to being successful in business, leadership and life: balancing conflicting values in order to find common ground with our fellow citizens while remaining true to basic ideals.

Walter Isaacson
President & CEO

Sounds to me like they could easily become affliated with WISE. Why do we all need so much help to become enlightened again? Oh right, it's our Hegelian evolutionary destiny to follow the Lightbearer. How many "more enlightened" teachers live in cities, towns, and near Heritage Sites across the US? Are they all over Europe now too? How BIG is this organization of more enlightened beings? Are they all trained, like WISE founders were, to write themselves into Community Visions for the Future, as our designated more enlightened spiritual gurus?

Berit Kjos has quite a bit to say about Aspen. Berit is a Christian online minister who does some really good research on communitaranism. She reprints ACL work with a disclaimer saying she does not agree with everything on our sites. I think she had to do that because we are not Christians and we openly tie Zionism, the Talmud, and the Kaballah to the overall global government agenda. I don't know how she can ignore it, but a lot of Christians manage it quite well. (Henry Makow, The Politics of Christian Persecution).
... it's not surprising that the Aspen Institute is funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Ford Foundation. Nor is it surprising that the Wye Plantatin was donated by the Corning Group, while its supporters include the Deutsche Bank AG, NATO, Siemens, [World Bank President] James D. Wolfensohn, Inc., and many other powerful transnational corporations and organizations that seek the demise of the nation state.

Just as revealing is its Board of Trustees. Among the Honorary Trustees are humanist educator Mortimer J. Adler, Henry A. Kissinger and Former World Bank President Robert S. McNamara. Its Trustees Emeriti include the powerful UN Under-Secretary Maurice Strong, chief of the UN Conference on Environment and Development. The founder of the World Economic Council and Planetary Citizens, Strong has served as director of the World Future Society, trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation, and a member of The Club of Rome. As head of the Earth Council, he initiated the drafting of the The Earth Charter, a global code of conduct based on global values and radical environmental guidelines. One of his offices is a few blocks away from the White House.
So what would I reply if Washington Democrat Nancy Rising asked me today what she asked me back in June 2000? She wanted to know who was at the "top." She wanted me to go beyond the UN and all its branches. She urged me to keep going and find where the new system originated. She called my work "uncovering a new Third Reich." Today, in all honesty, I'd have to answer, "Communitarians claim they follow Lucifer." And yes, that's a verifiable fact.


Anonymous said...

I believe it. That they follow Lucifer. Our children have all this pseudo-science shoved down their throats (as we did a generation or two or three before) but the people running things are believers in unseen entities while at the same time they ridicule those who believe in a GOD who is spirit. The Bible tells us that Satan is the god of this world. That he gives power to whom he chooses. Those who are in power would honor the one who gave them power.
When our child was in her government school and being brainwashed in the gifted class by the evil woman who calls herself a Christian, the books and programs used on our child and the others (and it still goes on) were written by men well-known in that area (Mortimer Adler). One of the stories in the Jr. Great Books series used on children including mine to facilitate change deals with Kaballah. It is a fact that the schools are full of these change agents and have been for a long time. The churches are infiltrated too. But you cannot convince people of truth when they refuse to accept truth. Most of the people I know refuse the truth.

AngelaMVK said...

Niki is ignored precisely because the totalitarian roots of Communitarianism are so perfectly revealed by her antithesis.
We can now identify as totalitarian anyone on earth who has stolen our human agency and reason for irrational totalitarians bent on subverting our will. They can be identified by their stance on Communitarianism or on their silence.
Real simple to see who the totalitarians are, masquerading as humanitarians.
The absence of critique eliminates any notion of reason or virtue in anything other than the brute murderous irrational force that they have named virtue. Forget all of those other pretty names they give it. The one virtue of communitarians is their willingness to kill anyone who stands in their way.
Funny how a simple object like an alarm clock does not objectively exist according to the basis of their psuedo-science and their dialectic. What is, is NOT. Mind control. Your refusal to be irrational, which is the entire structure on which so-called science is maintained, is a threat to the established order of psychopaths. The subjection of reason and rationality requires totalitarianism and the supression of dissent. The notion of objectivity or community is so laughable now, all those kids engaged in science fairs are operating under faulty premises.

No truly objective idea may compete with communitarianism, signaling the end of any source of reason not in perfect alignment with the goal of the death of 80% of the planet. That is the only operating defintion of reason and rationality and objectivity.

Many of my friends who support Obama and are extremely pro-Palestinian have no idea that Etzioni is a Zionist. Funny.
Very few people understand that "Communitarian" agents are busy in every country creating,training, teaching and arming the fundamentalists that we are taught to hate.
WE are the fundamentalists they hate, too, because we have suspended our reason and placed mystic faith in people whose words are in direct opposite of their intention.
Karl Popper gives us clues in his words on Hegalian psuedo-science, it is the absence of falsibility that signals absolute authority, built on mystic faith. The defintion of Science itself is now irrational psuedoscience according to Poppers own words.
We must all obey an irrational dictator and be servants to invisible authority - isn't that exacly why supposed superior intelligent people ridicule those "stupid" religious fundamentalists??
Because one gets to live in a Palace and one in the dirt doesn't lessen the fact that by their very own defintions, they are both to be considered equally ridiculous.

I loved Margaret Atwood's book, Oryx and Crake. In the end, the evil genius who brilliantly designs the clone race of slaves and bioengineers the plague, unleashes the horrible plague on everyone left on the planet, including himself. He leaves on the scorched, destroyed earth, his one childhood friend, along with a race of programmed slaves.
Even insiders know that this is their likely fate, which is why it is so "dangerous" for them to reveal their intentions.
Psychocognitive warfare and repression, murder and squealching opposition are their only source of power. Which eventually they will turn on each other, when all of the subjects to torture and kill are gone.

Anonymous said...

I believe that most American Christians believe in Calvinism which I believe has led to doctrines such as unconditional eternal security, once saved always saved etc which are dialectical in nature. This aspect might have contributed to the conditions we see in America today.