Friday, February 1, 2013

Gertee DIY Homes - Promotional Materials

Gertee Home4Life is in the process of proposing a Community Development project in the Mat-Su Borough in Alaska. We're seeking a minimum of ten acres to develop a "village" of innovative homes and businesses, and a home for for Gertee building School and Workshops. Our plans include other forms of experimental housing like EarthShips, Strawbale and anything else the community wants to try building. We'll have a Community Garden, a Public Market, a community well and a community kitchen and bath-house for travelers and visitors. Privately owned lots will range from small town retail, rental lots to private farm and industrial lots. All buildings and businesses will be privately (non-corporate) owned.

We're NOT a collective, we won't interefere in the private life of any of the residents, nor will we require them to "commit" to fake sustainability. We're using ALL the sustainable language to get our project approved, because in a bizarre twist of reality, the dwellings we developed, only because of our extreme anticommunitarian position, ended up fitting the Future Vision of a sustainable world to a T. Well, not exactly, because as it turns out, LOL, the vision only pays lip-service to authentic sustainability. Any grassroots efforts to achieve it are.. well... not exactly what the planners had in mind.


poster by Nordica Friedrich 2011




Gertee Prototypes

The Gertee Traveler - 4 season PVC yurt