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Develop Green Economy, Promote Sustained Growth

We claimed in our ACL Manifesto that Etzioni suggested Americans must learn to follow the Chinese neighborhood model. The earliest case law I found using the words communitarian law came from China. That was before I found all the EU's environmental communitarian case law at Luxembourg going back to 1957.

All of Europe and many Americans have already totally adapted to China's ideology. We have been tricked into becoming more like the Chinese! This speech by the premier of the largest communitarian country in the world shows how easily the white westerners were duped. While our country listened to right, left and unsourced Russian propagandists, too many neglected to listen to the world leaders who tell it like it really is.

Here is the Chinese Premier talking about UN Local Agenda 21. He explains it in no uncertain terms. The purpose and intent of that document is "an effort to create a better home for the human race." In the USA, LA21 is still sneered at as if it's a joke. Our websites get hits everyday from Americans searching for "Local Agenda 21 conspiracy". But the hits for LA21 coming from the rest of the world never say that... wonder why.

So, what is the connection between the governments of China, the EU, Russia, the UK, Israel, Bolivia, Colombia, the United States (and now Iraq and Afghanistan)? There's only one thing they all share, it's a common belief in global communitarianism. And it's not a theory anymore.

Global government means it's global. If we never look at the global structure , the law, or where the ideas and practices are coming from, or where the law is already in place, then we haven't got a clue how to survive in it. Not everyone can "go off the grid" and you still need a lot of stuff and stable land. The survivers in the wild will have to be light on their feet and able to travel without leaving footprints. That knowledge barely exists anymore.

Truthfully, I see very few making it "hiding out in the mtns" because the globalists control too much of our wilderness and forests. I've been camping up here for years and don't think I'd last more than a month in the winter without assistance from civilization. But I do agree the biggest nightmares will be the cities, American cities, so if at all possible, get the hell out of those. Put your seatbelts on. :)

Speech by H.E. Wen Jiabao

Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China

At the Fifth China-EU Business Summit

Nanjing, 30 November 2009

Your Excellency Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt,

Your Excellency President José Manuel Barroso,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to attend the Fifth China-EU Business Summit. I wish to take this opportunity to express deep respect and heartfelt thanks to people from all sectors who have over the years made significant contribution to the growth of China-EU economic and trade relations and friendship between the people of China and Europe. At this crucial moment in tackling the international financial crisis, it is important to further enhance economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe. This will contribute not only to the growth of our own economies but also to the steady recovery and enduring prosperity of the world economy. I sincerely wish this Business Summit a complete success.

The theme of the Summit, "The Green Agenda: Sustaining Growth Beyond the Recovery", addresses an important area where we can enhance China-EU cooperation. A review of world industrialization over the last 200 years or more shows that the modernization of developed countries, with a population of no more than one billion, was achieved at a great cost to the resources and ecology of the whole world. A famous line from the World Conservation Strategy reads, "We have not inherited the earth from our parents; we have borrowed it from our children." To leave to future generations a planet where they can survive and thrive, we need to put in place a circular and sustainable system of national economy that generates high output with low input, low consumption and low emissions. We need to transform the existing patterns of development and consumption and move the world to a development path characterized by high productivity, prosperous lives and sound ecology.

In an effort to create a better home for the human race, the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development adopted two guiding documents, the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21, as well as a statement of principles on forests. It also opened for signature the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity. Since then, the concept of a "green culture" has drawn intense attention from countries around the world, and sustainable development has become a consensus of the international community. The Kyoto Protocol adopted in 1997 and the Bali Road Map established in 2007 defined the responsibilities of countries at different stages of development in addressing climate change, giving rise to a global "green wave" emphasizing harmony between economic development and the environment. The upcoming Copenhagen Conference represents another important moment in international action on climate change. The willingness and commitments expressed by countries at Copenhagen will promote a historic shift towards green economy and sustainable development. The Chinese government will take an active and constructive part in the Conference and looks forward to a positive outcome at Copenhagen.

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Sean said...

I'm starting to wonder if the chinese ladies at the top have taken note of your research.

Please keep warm! I'm battling the chill from getting in here, and it's only 12 degrees outside... and I have a FURNACE!

In this old house, the floor is pulling away from the walls and the doors all have light shining in around them.

Too bad the americans can't get it around their heads: This is not a conspiracy theory; not even a conspiracy, as that requires secrecy. It is an open plan! Stop reading Alex Jones and Daryl Bradford Smith, and start reading the quotes and speeches from the leaders of the global community!

How's the gertee book commin? I'm ready to read it. :D