Thursday, October 22, 2015

New video - Communitarianism and Global Citizenship

Monday, September 28, 2015

The New World Pope is a Communitarian

Had a few more major glitches in our publishing endeavors, lost a lot of data in a laptop crash and almost all my hard bound library books with all my margin notes, but things are settling down finally and I'm back on track with rewriting the Gertee How-to book and The Green Virgin.  

It's been interesting to see how many major media sources have identified Pope Francis as a communitarian in their coverage of his world tour. Even as politicians are claiming to be communitarians, the American public remains mostly in the dark about what it is. 

Made a new video called Communitarianism and Global Citizenship, posted on youtube and Liveleak. Youtube pulled the audio within an hour, and liveleak pulled the entire video and permanently banned me from their website. This inspires me to make more videos. I may also make The Green Virgin into a full length documentary film rather than a book. It's no secret that Americans would rather watch than read. And for some reason, after all these years and the trouble it's brought us, I still feel inspired to expose the lie.

Just a few samples of what's been published recently:
Pope Francis Criticizes 'Unfettered Pursuit of Money,' Calls for 'Communitarian' Response
Why Pope Francis’s climate message is so hard for some Americans to swallow

"On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo, a political force de Blasio has had limited success marshalling to his advantage, spoke of Pope Francis. "In some ways, ironically, the pope's message isn't even religious. It is so universal that it is just humanitarian. It's communitarian," Cuomo told NY1's Zack Fink. "

In Pope Francis, De Blasio Finds Ultimate Validator by Ben Max, Sep 24, 2015

“I’ve been a Republican and I’ve been a Democrat,” Christopulos says. “Now I’m a communitarian.”
As Wealth Inequality Soars, One City Shows the Way