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"A win for our country" - CNN

In an email on 2/26/10 from Organizing for America:

Niki -- President Obama gathered with congressional leaders of both parties yesterday for an open, honest, and productive discussion on health reform. It was a strong success, focused on substance -- as CNN put it, "a win for our country."While disagreements remain, the meeting uncovered considerable areas of overlap, including many Republican ideas that were already in the President's proposal. And with all the best ideas now on the table, the President made it clear that no excuses remain: Congress must put aside partisan divides and swiftly complete a final bill.This is a message the whole country needs to hear, but most people weren't able to watch all seven hours of today's summit -- and we can't let the special interest spin machine drown us out.
That's where you come in.
Check out a few of the best moments from yesterday's historic event. Then, help spread the word using our brand new "On the Air" tool to speak out on talk radio.

The President was crystal clear about his commitment to pass reform that puts Americans in charge of their own health care, reduces costs, and expands coverage for tens of millions without insurance. We've come too far to scrap a year's worth of work and start over. And the millions of Americans that are suffering can't afford another year-long debate. There's simply too much at stake.Yesterday's bipartisan meeting was a huge step forward toward passing reform. And today, you can help make sure we go the rest of the way: Thanks for making it possible,

Mitch Stewart

Director Organizing for America

Nothing in my inbox from the Democratic National Party on this bipartisan effort sent to Obama the day before... guess it's just not as important to Americans as national health care:

With no modification and little debate, Democrats send Patriot Act extension to Obama

I think the Patriot Act is an indicator of how far gone America is, because Dennis Kuchinich, the Third Way middle of the road global communitarian is the main one who opposes it. duh. Oh I almost forgot the gothic champion of American motherhood and apple pie who's recently called for Rham Emanuel's resignation, because he said Dems opposed to National Health Care are "F**king retarded"! Knowing these are the people who speak for my views is beyond my endurance. How much longer can I claim to honor and value my US state citizenship?

Back to CNN's big "win for our country." Remember Ezekial Emanuel (versus Sarah Palin)? Obama's Health Czar... brother of Rham... fellow Israeli.. son of former Israeli terrorist? Well these powerful men owe their alliegiance to a little known thing called communitarian change, and it includes making us assume new rights AND new responsibilities. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains our US model for compulsory national health care:

National Health Insurance
Israel has a well-developed infrastructure of medical and paramedical services, as well as research and bioengineering capacities. The health-care system provides extensive medical coverage through a network comprising hospitals, clinics and mother-and-child care centers. The high quality of medical care is reflected in the life expectancy of 79.1 for women and 75.3 for men, and an infant mortality rate of 7.5 per 1000 live births.

The National Health Insurance Law, in effect since January 1995, sets forth the state's responsibility to provide health services for all residents of the country (not including tourists). Until the introduction of this law, the majority of residents had been insured by one of four
comprehensive health-care organizations; the law stipulates that a standardized basket of medical services (including hospitalization), will continue to be supplied by those health-care organizations.

Provisions of the law
Every resident must register as a member with one of the health-care organizations.

Israeli citizens who have been living abroad for more than five years and have not spent more than 90 days in Israel must renew registration with a health-care organization upon their return to Israel.
New immigrants must register with a health-care organization upon arrival in the country. They will be exempt from payment during their first year in Israel.

The sources for funding include:
Health insurance premiums paid by each resident
Parallel-tax payments by employers and self-employed persons
National Insurance Institute funds
Funds from the Ministry of Health budget
Consumer participation payments

Payment of health insurance premiums is compulsory. The National Insurance Institute collects health insurance premiums in the same way it collects national insurance premiums.

Of course there are a few areas we're not supposed to discuss.. because it's anti-Semitic. And just in case we do discuss it, they have already made sure the discussion moves their primary goal forward.. which is compulsory acceptance of supreme international communitarian law.

Focus on Israel: Harvesting Haitian Organs Disdain for International Law is Breathtaking by Stephen Lendman
Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Israeli organ harvesting is a longstanding practice, well known by "most if not all the Israeli medical establishment...." In Haiti, publicity about their providing humanitarian aid is cover for this illicit operation, another crime against humanity.

"The Israel Defense Forces' aid mission to Haiti left Israel overnight (January 14) with equipment for setting up an emergency field hospital. Around 220 soldiers and officers (were) in the delegation, including 120 medical staff (to) operate the hospital in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince

"This is the reason, as President Obama claimed, most democratic societies guarantee the right to health care services. This is why for me the public option is actually a no brainer. Without it, one of the most basic human rights, as recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is denied." Health Care Lessons from Israel by Dani Filc, guest blogger at the Washington Post

Everything elite, enlightened America does now is leading everyone on the planet into submission to a one world government based in international communitarian law and communitarian "rights." As long as common Americans refuse to see the bottom line, they cannot see past the phony left v right debates as part of the trick. And then the fact that the bipartisan politicians (like Senator Evan Bayh, Obama, both Clintons and the Senate Third Party) are ALL 3rd Way communitarians offering purely communitarian solutions is the final trick... because partisan Americans cannot see that the communitarians are not only the ones driving every divide, they're also the final solution to all our immature conflicts.
Come on... the morality of the people pushing for national health care is evidently not what Etzioni would like us to believe. Do we really need a compulsory health care system modeled on a agressive military kibbutz system that treats everyone as expendable and harvests body parts of the unchosen and sells them? And hmm... can the Patriot Act be used to determine which Americans refuse to register for global citizenship? I wonder what country CNN is talking about.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is the Church Growth Movement (CGM)?

And now for an updated Christian perspective (thanks Consuelo!):

Clinton brought global citizenship message to Berkeley

Many thanks to Lark for alerting us to the latest call for communitarian citizenship!
"BERKELEY — Former President Bill Clinton urged UC Berkeley students Wednesday to practice "communitarianism" by helping improve the lives of impoverished people around the world." Mercury News Feb 24, 2010
Clinton brought global citizenship message to Berkeley
by Mark Mathews
BERKELEY, CA (KGO) -- Former President Bill Clinton brought his message of global citizenship to the Bay Area and asked the question: What exactly is "global citizenship?"

Clinton told a packed audience at Zellerbach Auditorium that the most important question is one that rarely got asked in his White House.

"Most of the time I was in politics we debated three things: What are you going to do, who is going to do it, public or private sector, and how much money you going to spend on it," Clinton said.

According to Clinton, the most important question of the 21st century is the fourth question -- "How?"

"However much money you have whatever it is you proposed to do, how are you going to do it, so you turn your good intentions into positive changes," he said.

Clinton said in the non-governmental area there are immense opportunities that never existed until now.

"Look at what happened after the Haiti earthquake occurred. First you had George Clooney and others putting together this amazing concert 'Hope for Haiti' in no time. They put it together in a week and they raised $66 million. A lot of it was in $10 pops because you could text Haiti in your phone and automatically $10 would be transferred here and $5 in Canada. Amazing," he said.

And people wanted to give time.

"All of a sudden I had teams of doctors from New York who were calling me saying, 'I can only stay five days, but send me down there," Clinton said.

Clinton said global communication has enhanced our abilities and global interdependence has made it a necessity to be involved.

Anaya Roy is chair of the Global Poverty and Practice Program at U.C. Berkeley.

"I think the most important thing he said today here at Berkeley was that it is possible to think about a new moment of communitarianism," she said.

Will Smelko is student body president.

"It makes me realize that there is so much validity to what he is talking about, and it makes me inspired to make me go out and do something," he said.

Clinton spoke at the invitation of Richard Blum, UC regent and husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

On Wednesday night, the former president and Blum are at an event in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel in support of the American Himalayan Foundation.
{emphasis added}
(Copyright ©2010 KGO-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)
Here's the bottom line for anticommunitarians too:
"It makes me realize that there is so much validity to what he is talking about, and it makes me inspired to make me go out and do something," he said."

Here's Lark's full email he sent out to several alternatve broadcasters today:

Americans and their 'Selected Representatives' Really Need to Wake Up...

... And smell the stench. But we also need to help them along... by telegraphing to them that we know what the insiders know... as well should they. Many of them [like us] still don't fully comprehend the scope of the new language.

We're not in Kansas anymore, folks - unless and until... more of us can [proactively] learn to [meaningfully] counter the communitarian arguments [poor agreements reached by consensus]... for continuing along this path toward global governance [serfdom]... the good ole USA... will one day be just a memory. This means our [S]ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES... too... need to speak publicly [and directly] to... the grand designs of... THE PLAN!

Don't ALL Americans need to know about this? This is NOT some kind of trend - it's the reality nowadays! I suggest strongly that someone besides Darren Weeks interview Niki Raapana about communitarianism and the matrix of communitarian laws that have... enslaved all Americans. She has both researched and written about these topics since before 2000; and I know of no layperson... better informed... to articulate what this portends for the average American citizen. When we speak to the phenomenon called [euphemistically] the New World Order ~THIS~ is what we are referring to - it is that well-thought-out... insidious... and pervasive.

Thanks for taking the time to read my message!

~Lark in Texas

P.S. - Scroll down to the latest Google Alerts keyword search for communitarianism. I have been studying this ~ism [and communitarian law] for four years to date. What I have witnessed is that these words appear online more these days than ever before. And the mainstream news media will only continue to keep us... in the dark... for as long as the powers-that-be can continue to weave their spiderweb around us... without "we, the People" (unsuspecting Americans) knowing a damn thing about it! So I have to ask you here ~once and for all~ are we all so undereducated or ill-informed that we can't even SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD over the airwaves... and then discuss them rationally? Is it just not that important? Does Bill Clinton have it right?

"There_ is_ no_ freedom." ~William Jefferson Clinton

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
The Hidden Guru of Globalization
Living Outside the Dialectic
The Anti Communitarian Manifesto

Google News Alert for: communitarianism
Bill Clinton touts global citizenship in wide-ranging speech at UC ...
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By Matt Krupnick BERKELEY — Former President Bill Clinton urged UC Berkeley students Wednesday to practice "communitarianism" by helping improve the lives ...
Bill Clinton touts global citizenship in wide-ranging speech at UC ...
Inside Bay Area
(Kristopher Skinner/Staff) BERKELEY — Former President Bill Clinton urged UC Berkeley students Wednesday to practice "communitarianism" by helping improve ...
Bill Clinton to speak at UC Berkeley today
"I think the most important thing he said today here at Berkeley was that it is possible to think about a new moment of communitarianism," she said. ...
Grotesque: After the Grand
The Monthly (Subscription)
The Left had simply collapsed, and in its place was New Labour's creepy communitarianism (what The League of Gentlemen is really about), in which bullying ...

Google Blogs Alert for: communitarianism
Newry « The Cedar Lounge Revolution
By WorldbyStorm
It institutionalises, to some degree, communitarianism. But… given that the space for class politics has always been extremely narrow (and not just in the North but on the island as a whole) and given that communitarianism exists it ...
The Cedar Lounge Revolution -
Debate Round Up (so far…) « Let A Thousand Nations Bloom
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Max Marty: Let me rephrase Mike's question as follows: “Should individua... 9 hours ago; New blog post: The Good Citizen Never Leaves: Yesterday, I proposed a debate with all communitarian comers. ...
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Fashionably Yours: Clinton: Don't Major in a Minor
By Tenny
Keeping those in mind, he also talked about the rise of communitarianism, the idea that after recognizing the interdependent world, we have to share the responsibilities or pay the price. No matter what political affiliation you have, ...
Fashionably Yours -

Google Web Alert for: communitarianism
Communitarianism |
BERKELEY — Former President Bill Clinton urged UC Berkeley students Wednesday to practice "communitarianism" by helping improve the lives of impoverished ...
Communitarianism and Its Critics : Daniel Bell (Paperback, 1993 ...
eBay: Find Communitarianism and Its Critics : Daniel Bell (Paperback, 1993) in the category on eBay.
Communitarianism and the Social Construction of Morality - Journal ...
The emergent message of “Communitarianism” is challenging the tradition of liberal rationalism that has sustained much recent research in ...
citizenship and communitarianism - PDFQueen - PDF Search engine ...
conservative communitarianism, civic republicanism), the communitarians shared a dedication to the cause of politicizing citizenship, arguing for a ...

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Dawson v the City of Seattle

It's been five years since this judgement, but it's still the main reason we built the ACL. I was highly motivated to challenge the international police actions authorized under sustainable development plans in Seattle. I spent thousands of hours between Sept 30, 1999 and June 2002 preparing for this lawsuit. I was sure our win would become a barrier to nationwide expansion of this new search warrant policy and I refused to give up and let it fade into nothing. All those hours, all the money I spent on copy machines, all the binders I filled with highlighted letters and responses and printouts of federal and supra national government plans, were a waste, and it backfired. Instead of helping to stop the policy, I helped establish it.

Why Dawson lost:

I. Monell Entitles the City of Seattle to Summary Judgment


Despite serious concerns about the conduct of the police, this case cannot survive summary judgment. Plaintiffs did not name in their cause of action the individual police officers who searched their rooms and violated their rights. Rather, Plaintiffs pleaded a case of municipal liability, claiming that the City of Seattle and its police chief were liable for their policies concerning detentions incident to search warrants and for their failure to properly train police officers to conduct those detentions. And so, Plaintiffs' claims are controlled by Monell, 436 U.S. at 691-692, 98 S.Ct. 2018. To survive summary judgment, there must be a genuine dispute of material fact as to whether there was a(1) policy or practice that (2) caused (3) a violation of plaintiffs' rights. Id. at 692, 98 S.Ct. 2018.


Although, Plaintiffs have demonstrated at least a dispute of fact as to whether there were violations of plaintiffs' rights during the execution of the search warrant, they have failed to show that a policy of the City of Seattle or Seattle Police Department caused these violations. Roman Welyczko, an attorney with DPH, testified in his deposition that while DPH does not have a formal, written policy that police accompany inspectors on every inspection warrant, "the expectation of the department and what I have consistently communicated to staff is to have police accompaniment for reasons of safety and security." ER 204. In his deposition, Seattle Police Captain Kessler indicated that "generally, yes, we would detain people when we're in the middle of a search warrant of any kind. That's a basic officer's safety premise." ER 252. There is evidence, therefore, that both DPH and SPD have policies or customs concerning police accompaniment of DPH inspectors and detention incident to a search warrant for safety reasons.

When Attorney Margaret Boyle stripped the case of all my hard won FOIA evidence for the COPS' training programs in Seattle, she effectively eliminated all references to The Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan's "innovative strategies of enforcement" as published in the 1999 Matrix.

Boyle refused to name the well recorded ties between Sustainable Seattle, the DCLU and DON to UN Local Agenda 21 and the international blueprints for these new police actions. I provided reams of evidence that a policy adopted by the City of Seattle caused these actions. Boyle took it all out. She told me I had been named as a witness in April 2004 and that was why after years of almost entirely volunteer efforts I had to leave the team. I was never called as a witness and I was never contacted regarding the coming court appearance. In fact I never heard from her again, and I was the one who brought her the case and worked on it day and night for years. I got all the clients to sign on and I ended up housing most of them too just to keep them in Seattle for the 2 years it took Boye to file.

That the new police actions were part of a new communitarian police force called Community Oriented Policing Services in Washington DC was never admitted as evidence either. Amitai Etzioni's views on privacy and community policing appeared to be irrevelant to the case, even though Dawson guard Officer Hope Bauer of the Seattle Police Department was a federal COP.

Nothing has yet stopped the global movement toward rebuilding sustainable communities, and today sustainable is the buzzword for every business in the market. The fact that "sacrifices must be made" in the name of creating livable spaces is not a concern to the rich and the middle class who believe their good jobs, money, credit and nice homes protect them from the community police. hahahhahahah. When Americans began disrepecting the poor and the lower classes they fell for the biggest lie of all time. Either everyone in the USA has the natural born right to live free from police interference or nobody will have any rights for much longer. As more and more formerly middle class people end up on the bottom rung, they will have ample time to reflect on the way they treated people in their same situation last year. I know that if our yuppie neighbors would have supported the Dawson claims the outcome could have been vastly different. But the most often heard response: "Why do you care so much Niki?"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fake springtime in Alaska, it's 40 above!

summer gertee 2009
ceiling and windows made from scraps

It's our early spring and we're loving it. Last year it warmed up and all the snow melted in January, but this year the big teaser is later and a bit milder. Good thing too, can't get too much warmer or the trails will turn to mush. Fred and I are finding ways to get outside, and this weekend Copper Center is hosting sprint dog musher races, but there's no link to it online. Tim's been busy helping drag their trail, and rumor has it a few more old time Redingtons might be at Camp Redington this weekend, with their kennels. Go Team Redington!

Decided to take a position up in Talkeetna for the summer. I can manage a coffee van there and set up a gertee model as a screened-covered sitting area for the customers. I'll finish the gertee book by April and then no matter how the sales go I can be secure in knowing I have a "real" job lined up that is a proven moneymaker. It was a good experience to see what all can be done with very little cash and my reader's support, but now that I've proven to myself and shown my level of commitment to ACL research, I don't feel such a strong compulsion to keep doing it the same hard way. I'd like to start moving gertee up just a tad and with a good summer I can put in hardwood, heated floors and fully plumb the 20 footer. The trick will be installing it so that it can all still be moved. I'm ready for a propane stove top too. And cupboards that close, or even plastic slides to keep the dust out.

It's been a trip seeing all the places that linked to the tinyhouseblog article, I did a google search for it and there's probably a 100 different sites. It's kind of a shame that some people assume it will always look like it does when you start with scraps. Some don't understand that's the emergency version. Gertees can be made out of any materials... why limit the possibilities? Rich people could make them unbelievably beautiful, even if they only use the leftovers from their curtains and couch coverings. ") All those long scraps I bought from the dollmaker on ebay are very nice pieces... the word "garbage" doesn't quite describe them correctly.

How to cook 2 eggs, 6 slices of bacon and 2 slices of toast
on top of a 12x14" wood stove cook space

new shower stool out of a box of scrap wood and rope

winter shower in plastic tub now
waste water dumps into metal pan behind stove

Fred training himself how to "hong on!"

My job this summer! Starting on June 1! Thanks sister!

For my family :)

Here's a cute little yurt a lady made for $35 Canadian, in a response to a post on gertee! I knew there had to be more people making their own!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Citizen's Advisory Commitees - Real or UN-NGO driven?

"Communitarians sometimes sound like conservatives of both camps because they want to shore up the social and psychological foundations of virtue but also to keep the state in its place. Solving this dilemma calls for a new approach, and this is where communitarians stand apart: they reconcile the social conservative's quest for shared virtues and the laissez-faire conservative's devotion to limited government by relying on the community—not the state or the individual—as the first and foremost protector of the social order." Amitai Etzioni, Community, Yes. But Whose?
Just got an email from Kristin Smith with an update on the Copper River Stories Mapping groups progress. They set up a google group for comments, but you have to join it in order to comment. Kristin is the Director of the Copper River Watershed Project, closely affiliated with major NGO player EcoTrust (although that's not prominently displayed on CRWP's website). No suprise to learn Janelle Eklund, Director of W.I.S.E. is the former president of CRWP. It's always the same people in all these new citzen groups; it's similar to a very small, intermarried coven.

So why do I care about them and what they do? Well, they claim to represent all of us. They claim they provide a forum for our local interests in the region. Yet not one person I know out here is part of this group... not one. And when I showed up at one community meeting and expressed my verifiable concerns for their innovative approaches, I was chastized for being a selfish person in the Copper River Record, in two dfferent editorials published last December. Janelle Eklund and her WISE bubba were given five columns in the local paper to respond to my allegations; my actual complaints were never publically printed anywhere except on this blog.

The Copper River Watershed Project provides residents with a forum to consider and implement innovative approaches for achieving balance between a diverse economy and healthy ecosystems while maintaining our quality of life and our cultural heritage. {Ed note: Notice how the balance is no longer between rights and responsiblilities, they don't even have to mention individual liberty anymore.}

The communities we serve:

* Chisana
* Chistochina
* Chitina
* Copper Center
* Copperville
* Cordova
* Gakona
* Glennallen
* Gulkana
* Kennicott
* Kenny Lake (Editor's note: where we live)
* McCarthy
* Mendeltna
* Mentasta Lake
* Nabesna
* Nelchina
* Paxson
* Slana
* Tazlina
* Tonsina Upper
* Tonsina Lower
* Tiekel
* Tolsona
Here's their latest attempt to further represent my interests. I contacted my ex-husband about this about a year ago when he was still working for Alyeska and asked him if the company was aware of the expansion of powers these citizen groups assume. He barely responded. :)
Groups seek citizen oversight of trans-Alaska pipeline

CITIZENS: Advocates fear spill in salmon-rich copper river tributaries.


Published: January 25th, 2010

Environmentalists, fishermen and others in the Copper River region are spearheading a new effort to boost citizen monitoring of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.
Whose idea was it to start empowering citizen groups? Amitai Etzioni's?

Will it become our responsibility as all volunteer citizens to serve on these committees? Or was the program designed to make it look like the people who do serve are the most moral among us? The Essential Commuitarian Reader
"To quote from "The Responsive Communitarian Platform," a manifesto that I helped to draft, we must recognize "that the preservation of individual liberty depends on the active maintenance of the institutions of civil society where citizens learn respect for others as well as self-respect; where we acquire a lively sense of our personal and civic responsibilities, along with an appreciation of our own rights and the rights of others." Communitarians aim, in short, to strike a balance between individualism and social duty," Amitai Etzioni, Community, Yes. But Whose?
I still say we kick the bums out.
No longer will the country be ruled by the huge and unwieldy councils (known as soviets) that the Bolsheviks packed with milkmaids and factory workers and turned into handy rubber stamps for their party machinations--or which more recently, as democracy took hold, turned into the last bastions of the Communist elite.

Gerteeville labled ghetto (favela) chic!

The Tinyhouseblog article's been picked up by a few places that are interested in it because of its obvious sustainable properties. Even the Alaska Dispatch linked to it with a funny summary of what the guys at said about it, and about where we live. I appreciate all the positive attention on gertee. I do want people to see what's possible and inspire them to make what has yet to be discovered. I'm assuming that the green sites perused my work enough to see exactly what it is I oppose. That they did not refrain from sharing the ACL link with their readers gives me a lot of hope. Common people may just find the way to get outside the communitarian traps, avoid the staged conflicts, and start getting on with real living together.

Woke this morning with the word "community" running around my brain. I had this great idea for an article addressing Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone and I started writing it in my sleep. By the time I woke up and started a fire in my gertee and thawed out my pc and cords, it faded into vagueness, as dreams often do. In my dream I was a kind and gentle person writing a beautiful introduction to my understanding of what makes a natural community. But that's not how I write when I'm awake. Because of my directness and intensity, heck, I am often assumed to be a man.

I am not against building communities naturally or living in them. I've often been accused of being an uncaring, selfish individualist who does nothing for other people. That's because my opponents need me to be that person in order to discredit my ACL research. The truth is my lifestyle has always included making room for others. Hundreds of people have slept on my couches and floors, and I've often found myself in the position of caring for people I hardly knew. There's a lot of things about me that don't fit the designation the communitarians give me, and Professor Crawley from the University of Wyoming, when helping me via email to understand deductive and inductive reasoning for our thesis in 2003, insisted that my voluntary collective lifestyle made me a communitarian by default. I remember thinking yesh, I do know firsthand how communist collectives work... I do all the chores and the laziest of my roommates get to sit on their butts and do nothing. :)

I've been traveling and living across the US and Canada for 53 years. I've been helped out and offered a place to crash by countless generous North Americans, and I've never felt as if our people didn't have a sense of community. What I experienced was an abundance of community spirit wherever I went. Not that I was always welcome in those communities (I was spit on in Hawaii for being white) but some places were unbelievably welcoming (is there anyplace friendlier to strangers than Wyoming or along the Alcan Highway?)

When I found out that the plan was to eliminate people like me and all the other individuals who are born "helpers" and replace us with a government funded community council, I was horrified.

I can't help it, at my core I oppose government manufactured fake communities that destroy genuine community. I read, study and try to interpret government and NGO publications that contribute to rebuilding America and the world into micro-managed police state collectives. We began by opposing specific COPS' ordinances and regulations mandated in UN Local Agenda 21 in Seattle in 1999. We expanded our research to include every piece of the communitarian theology-philosophy that ties to the communitarian's global political agenda. This naturally led us to examine many of the ideals promoted by the communitarians that we thought were "good."

Is recycling "bad" just because the global communitarians seized the idea as their own? I never believed that. In fact I still believe many of the things the communitarians plagiarized from the natural world are "good." Protecting land and water from poison and decimation always appealed to the "healthy instincts of the plain man."

Just because the communitarians named their horrendous system "Community" doesn't mean they own the word. Just because the communitarians use the gay community to further their horrendous hate laws doesn't mean we oppose gays. Just because the communitarians use Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Native spirituality doesn't mean we oppose these religions. The communitarians use everyone and blaspheme every belief they can; like parasites they cannot exist without piggybacking onto something that already exists (good or bad). They have no original ideas of their own.

Public-private partnerships are not new. (British and Dutch East India companies may even be the modern EU models). Corporations began destroying the North American continent and everyone on it long before the communitarians published their sustainable development plans. Protected imperial corporations stole the land and harbors in all the places that became known in the 20th century as The Third World. Indigenous people across the planet wrote Declarations of Independence much like the Americans did, but today they're all completely communitarian. Somewhere along the way everyone and every place got sucked into the communitarian plan.

As a nature lover all my life I used to identify myself as part Green. I thought some of it was too bizarre to take seriously, but I automatically, emotionally subscribed to the principles, before I knew what they were. The con doesn't change the way I live or my level of respect for the natural environment. The fact that environmental legislation became known as EU Environmental Communitarian Law should have been disclosed to the common people who complained about the poisonings and destruction of their communities in the first place.

Our studies in the Hegelian dialectic indicate a purposefulness behind the legitimate government's refusals to control unchecked and irresponsible corporate destruction of the planet. Commmunitarian solutions would not have been possible otherwise. People were seeking justice and restoration of their local degraded resources, but it's simply not possible that everyone in the entire world came up with the exact same communiatarian plan at the same time. That should be all the evidence of an organized plan we need. But it's not, it's so not.

Community Services Officer SPD Hope Bauer told 100+ people at a Town Hall meeting in Seattle that the police were advised to not enforce the noise ordinance in City code for five years prior to the 1999 Revised Noise Ordinance proposal. The revision proposed a $250. first time no warning fine for any discernible noise over 50 feet! A second infraction of the new code was $1000. fine and/or six months in jail, plus the authority to abate the property (always the ultimate goal). SPD Officer Hope Bauer said she had no idea why the police were told to stop enforcing the established law, even though she was on the start-up committee to revise it. Hope was also the friendlier neighborhood COP who guarded the Dawson clients during the hostage taking incident and told them to "shut-up" about their rights. She told them, "You people already have too many rights in this country as it is." That's what the COPS mean by promoting a livable community, and community police play an active role in all sustainable development.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiny House Blog publishes Gertee article!

%Up on the roof% at

Fred trains to take over Friedrich & Sons

Thanks Kent!

Tiny House Blog site has so many different ideas and instructions for building some very amazing little structures. I poked around there after one of you suggested it a while back. Thank you whoever that was! The first comment on gertee is one we hear all the time and seems to be the biggest barrier to living small. Where do we put all our stuff?

It's one I slip in the conversation whenever I talk to my brother or Tim about gertees. I want someone to design portable kitchen/bath/lr/br shelving and cupboards for round rooms. We've been studying Ikea catalogs and other places, but I think there are a lot more options as yet undiscovered. In our kitchen now we are using 3 baker's racks, one large bulky counter and one 2 1/2' wide shelf. I too get clausetrophobic by clutter and was hoping to build some cupboards, and finally just covered what I could the old-fashioned way.

Our situation in AK requires us to have a few more things in order to survive the winter, and having the 16' bedroom/bath addition would have helped if there weren't three of us living in it still. :) I have wondered many times HOW the people in Mongolia and traditional Americans lived without so much stuff! I haven't seen huge kitchens in their pictures, and the Mongolian beds look like they double as storage. It's the cooking that amazes me... our kitchen just gets bigger and bigger, this summer the front 16' will be all kitchen and dining.

Nordica took this because I match the scarf on the wall

Annika of Kenny Lake Diner & Bakery, Jeremy, and Nordica

Entry a bit more open now that it's warm (above zero)

Kitchen - covered the broken shelf door with fabric scraps

Monday, February 15, 2010

Obama - Democratic Strategist or clone?

Is it true that no one has ever come forward from Obama's past and said they knew him? I've heard this so many times but it really is too freaky to even contemplate. Not one former student can remember him from Columbia? Well, maybe we should ask Dr. Amitai Etzioni who was the lead professor of sociology at Columbia until 1984 if he knew Obama. (Chris? Can you call him back?) If he says he did not have Obama in ANY classes, then we can follow up with more questions, starting with the picture of him with Obama and the role John McKnight played in getting Obama into Harvard (does anyone remember him from there?)
Obama the Sociologist – Obama’s fundamental political strategy is based on a sophisticated sociological perspective that political scientists, campaign managers and even many progressives largely ignore.
I used to think the idea of him being an Egyptian clone was funny. Not anymore. I was only at CSUC one semester and I can name many people I met there. I was at UMass for only 2 years and can name even more people I met there, including my academic advisor Prof Howard Ziff who remembered me after I was gone for 15 years. How are we supposed to believe nobody can remember Obama from Columbia? That's just nuts.

Smart Growth was the mandate for all the communitarian police actions taken against rental tenants in Seattle in 1999. The Washington State Growth Management Act was passed in 1990, 2 years before LA21 was introduced at Rio. Our neighborhood plans were based on the 1987 UN definition of "sustainability" and the lead City Agency, the DCLU, hasdas its Director a man who was also a presenter at Rio, with a company called Sustainable Seattle. I asked every one of the seven city, county and federal agencies working to implement Roosevelt's "vision" what their term "livability, quality of life, and sustainable" means. After numerous requests, the Department of Neighborhoods Director finally responded, in writing (aka "on the record") that the city had "no definition for these." No suprise this big affirmation was presented in Seattle. :)

BREAKING: Cabinet officials affirm committment to smart growth and livability at national conference

February 6th, 2010
By Steve Davis

A few of the record-breaking 1,700 attendees at the New Partners for Smart Growth conference in Seattle might have been pinching themselves on Thursday night after hearing three of President Obama’s cabinet secretaries emphasize the importance of smart growth, sustainability and livability as core goals shaping the work of their three massive federal agencies.

Donovan Lahood Jackson

Demonstrating the Obama Administration’s commitment to making neighborhoods more livable, sustainable and affordable, Secretaries Ray Lahood and Shaun Donovan of the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development came to Seattle to discuss their plans to use their giant agencies’ budgets and programs in unison to help American families in rural, suburban and urban communities have better options for affordable housing and getting where they need to go each day. Making sure that future growth in our towns and cities results in affordable homes in walkable neighborhoods close to places to work, shop or go to school means less money wasted on skyrocketing transportation costs — saving money for everyday Americans.

(Lahood and Donovan were joined by Assistant Administrator Mathy V. Stanislaus from the Environmental Protection Agency, filling in for EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, who was unable to attend due to a conflict, but sent a video message for the conference recipients to watch.)

Secretary Ray LaHood made it clear that the federal government will be a powerful supporting partner in the work that all of us are doing across the country to ensure that the neighborhoods, communities and cities we call home are great places to live for decades to come. “You guys are the dreamers; the innovators — but we are going to partner with you to do this work,” he said.

Smart Growth America applauds HUD, DOT and EPA for the powerful message delivered by cabinet secretaries flying across the country to tell 1,700 planners, local officials, advocates and ordinary citizens that they’ll be making smarter growth and livability the norm and the standard — not the exception.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

European Nationalism study guide has had a link to our Hegelian dialectic page for many years under European Nationalism. This repost of their page at
inspires me to add this highly relevant topic to my list of reading materials. It gets harder and harder to keep studying the past when the present is happening so quickly. Gotta try anyway.

Sarah Palin - Starring in 30 Days of Night Part II

Last week, I don't know how I got there and I didn't bookmark it, I found a site that associated Palin with gothic and witchcraft stuff. There was a whole section on her children's names being associated with vampires. I was laughing at the time, because sometimes the extremes in this dialectic are so insane I have to laugh at them, but I admit it was kind of nervous laughter. The more I understand about the whole concept of enlightenment, the more I want to study what people actually believe. That Palin is an actor in the biggest soap opera going is fairly obvious. That she has religious attachments to Israel and openly echoed Daniel Pipe's call for attacking Iran is now fully exposed and on the record. %Is... she ... live or dead....dudududadudundadun.%

She's very much alive on facebook. Some of my friends support her for 2012 and are dissapointed that I cannot. The numerous dialectics that Palin's personality is generating just keeps growing, doesn't it? I'm almost convinced now that the best dialectics play themselves out into hundreds of sub-conflicts that keep splitting into smaller and smaller halves. The masters of the media are causing great divisions among aware Americans already separated by other conflicts of interests.

On the other hand facebook is bringing people together in amazing ways, as in, I just got off fb chat talking to my Marine son in Afghanistan. I'm old enough to think that's wonderful. I'm finding so many old friends now and re-connecting with bloood family, like all the Wisconsin cousins!!!, and it's changed the way I see the whole idea of online social networks. As for google and the rest being owned by the CIA, I have been filling in my own file since I learned about it from Community COP Michale Crooks on August 30, 1999. FOIA requests obtained from the DoJ in 2001 confirmed my file included "anecdotal data" aka gossip.

I was never able to make them abide by the Privacy Act of 1974, and they actually tried to deny it existed. The City denied Michale Crooks told me she had it and that she ever showed me the blue file folder it was in! I got a copy of DoJ's Seattle COMPASS grant application and saw a reference to Veronica Jackson handing our R&B files over to COMPASS in June 2000. That's all posted at the ACL if anyone's interested in my war against Seattle in 1999, but the bottom line was I couldn't see, review, contest or add anything to that file.

Knowing that, completely frustrated in my attempts to get access to it via legal methods, I decided my only recourse was to start writing enormous amounts of text that would have to go in my file! I decided to tell my own life story and not let the gossips tell it for me. I even wrote a couple letters directly to the FBI about Etzioni, just in case that part of my story got lost in the mountains of documents I want to bury them in.

I've known the conditions for our living in the USA included datagathering since 1999; I explain how it all comes together under communitarian law in 2020. No matter what we wish it were like, we do live in a surveillance society already, and have been for quite some time. I used to write about it a lot, community mapping files freaked me out and for years it drove the ACL train. Now the terms have changed... fusion centers are the storage centers for COMPASS files and the term COMPASS hardly show up on the search engines anymore. It's mostly all links to us, you have to take the direct COMPASS links from inside the cityofseattle's website.

This picture of Sarah is too much. For some reason I see the blood in terms of information, the data on us that's being sucked up by the fangs of the people who think they're gods. If there is to be an international court that determines our right to live or die, wouldn't it be advantageous to that court to have a record of our contributions, thoughts, actions and devotions? I think some people might instinctively know that they are defending their very existence on facebook... not against their friends, associates and family... but the datagatherers who stalk us all.

Here's a very thoughtful fb comment made to the person who posted this lovely picture of Sarah.

Friends: For those Palininsta’s out there who consider Sarah Palin the magical elixir for a conservative revival, I want to caution that she is very much bought and paid for by the anti-sovereignty gangs that includes the United Nations, the CFR, the Bilderbergs and every other sovereignty slashing initiative devoted to global governance and the utter destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America. Simply put, Palin is an absolute fraud. Conservatives have been deceived for far too long by the likes of Bush 41, Bush 43, McCain, Palin and ilk.

Palin Endorsed Rick Perry, open border TTC governor of TX who wants to toll and sell our taxpayer funded roads to foreign corporations. Perry issued an Executive Order mandating that Texas school girls be forcibly injected with Gardisil, a deadly drug that kills (Perry took contributions from Gardisil’s pharmaceutical manufacturer). Perry signed a draconian business tax bill known as the Business Margins Tax that taxes gross receipts – a business could lose money and still have to pay TX a whopper of a tax (Perry also exempted his cronies from the tax). Perry initiated the seizure of hundreds of healthy and well cared for Mormon kids (subsequently declared unconstitutional by the TX Supreme Court). Having failed at child theft, Perry then supported SB 1440, a bill that churned the TX CPS into a Nazi organization that allowed the State of TX to seize children without court orders and any valid reasons whatsoever. 1440 was so horrible that it took the collaboration of the religious right, the Libertarians, the Paulites, civil liberty minded liberals and even the ACLU to force a veto.
Palin endorses Rick Perry in TX

Palin is on record supporting ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty, a sovereignty slashing UN global governance treaty that puts 70% of the earth’s surface under UN taxing authority and control. The global governance group, Citizens for Global Solutions, specifically praised George Bush and Sarah Palin for their endorsement of ratifying LOST.... See More

Quote: Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska: "I want to put my administration on record in support of the convention as the predicate for asserting sovereign rights that will be of benefit to Alaska and the nation." (2007)

Another Smoking Gun on Palin’s support for LOST where Palin actually goes out of her way to bash Republicans opposed to the ratification of LOST.

Quote: However, as you know, ratification has been thwarted by a small group of senators concerned about the perceived loss of U.S. sovereignty. I believe quite the contrary is the case. If the U.S. does not ratify the convention, we will be denied access to the forum established by the international community to adjudicate claims to submerged lands in the arctic.

Note: Those senators who opposed ratifying LOST were nearly all Republicans. John McCain was also a rabid supporter of ratifying LOST, as is Obama and gang.

Palin is on record supporting the Bankster Bailout Bill, along with John McCain. Palin, in her typical convoluted and inarticulate reasoning went even further in her defense of the Bankster Bailout by linking it to healthcare and jobs.

Palin Quote on the Bankster Bailout “Ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up the economy– Oh, it’s got to be about job creation too…”Source:

Palin publicly praised Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech and his muscular interventionist foreign policy. Again, Palin adds a weird twist by declaring a moral imperative for war based on the fallen nature of man.

Palin Quote: "Wow, that really sounded familiar," said Palin, a frequent Obama critic. "I talked, too, in my book about the fallen nature of man and why war is necessary at times."

Palin got her foreign policy indoctrination from one of the most evil global governance supporters in America – Henry Kissinger. In fact, Palin was immediately flown to UN Headquarters following the RNC Convention for her “Kissinger” foreign policy indoctrination.

Famous Henry Kissinger Quotes:
"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."

"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer."

"NAFTA represents the single most creative step towards a New World Order."
30 Days of Night was one of the funniest gross out vampire movies I've ever seen. I don't normally rent horror films, they bore me to gagging, but this was made by a New Zealand film company, uses Kiwi actors and it's set in Barrow, Alaska during Winter Solstice. Sarah would be perfectly cast in this sequel! The writers were most imaginative and I would guess that any Alaskan who, like me can't stand all the excuses to give the make-up artists a chance to show off, would have more fun watching their "how we made this movie" than the movie itself.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

USDA Dropping NAIS! Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

Good news forwarded from Canada. Thanks Darren!

The USDA has announced that it is dropping NAIS!


This is a major victory for the grassroots!! Thank you to the thousands of people who called, wrote, organized meetings, and more. Dozens of organizations, from across the country and the full range of the political spectrum, worked together on this common cause. And we succeeded in making our voices heard.

USDA has stated that it is refocusing its efforts on “a new, flexible framework” that will apply only to animals moved in interstate commerce and encourage the use of “lower-cost” technology. During today’s conference call with USDA, I asked whether the agency would continue using federal funding to pressure states to adopt the program through cooperative agreements. In response, Secretary Vilsack stated that USDA has gotten a “failing grade” on NAIS and that he does NOT intend to try to implement it through the back door.

You can read more details from USDA at:

We still have more work in front of us. As USDA develops its new framework, we must be involved and vocal, so that agribusiness does not develop yet another high-tech, big-industry boondoggle. We must be active at the state level to ensure that the state agencies do not implement unnecessary and burdensome rules. And we must work to roll back the unfair requirements that have already been implemented in Wisconsin and Michigan. Ultimately, it is up to us – as animal owners, homesteaders, farmers, ranchers, and consumers -- to build a positive vision for our farms and our food.

Thank you all!

Support Our Work

Please help us be a strong voice for independent agriculture by joining or donating here
Working together, we can make our voices heard!

Judith McGeary
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
P.O. Box 809
Cameron, Texas 76520
Phone: (512) 243-9404
Toll Free: (866) 687-6452

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Enlightened Propaganda - the Principle of the Whopping Lie

The Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - Nazi Propaganda

Another area of world history that's never been a big part of my studies is Nazi Germany. I was raised to feel the collective guilt for everything the Nazis did, and just because I learned that was a bunch of bs doesn't mean it left my psyche forever. Effective propaganda stays with the victims for life, unless we make a focused effort to destroy it, piece by piece. When we are tearing out these lodged pieces of bs deep inside our minds, these severely emotional and irrational pieces that were implanted by evil genuises, it leaves a gaping hole in our heads that's kind of vulnerable to alternate forms of propaganda waiting to jump into the gaps.

One of the earliest forums I was invited to join ended up being a racist site and I quickly left it. I personally think it's a little late to focus on racial purity in my country because most Americans are already of mixed blood. There are those who are convinced the US was established for this purpose. But it's not just Americans. Even my German/Norwegian ancestry has to have some Asian in it because some of us Friedrich's have very Asian facial features. Just as I have refused to allow my ACL work to change my core belief that everyone has value in the eyes of God, I have tried to respect other people's beliefs. And yes, part of the big plan is to destroy all cultures and races into one big homogenized melting pot. The racial purists appear to be convinced the only way to stop the eradication of entire races (like the Indians, the Prussians and every other dead race) is to fight for their race, and I can admit there is substance to the cultural and racial arguments for nationhood, no matter how much I disagree with racism on principle.

Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment.

We have a nation that already has many different cultures and our law is supposed to protect us all now, equally. Our constitutions were living documents that changed over time to include women, non property owners and people of color. This is what I honored in our system, and this is what we have today regardless of how we arrived here. I cannot as an American fight for "white" anything, because that would be to deny the blood flowing in my veins, my childrens's veins, and it would thoroughly disrespect all the people of color I love. Plus, I'm sorry, but this whole body of racial propaganda against "inferior" races, including eugenics, has been just as well used by the imperialists against American Indians and the Africans.

Racial propaganda is always under the layer in many online discussions about national independence. I guess it's time I faced this part. How can we study the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if we cannot at least acknowledge that the Israelis call the Palestinans "dogs." How can I continue to ignore all these patriot calls for returning America to white Christian values? To write racism off as another aspect of the communitarian dialectic is my lazy way of avoiding studying it or forming an educated opinion. In our manifesto we briefly touched on the ideas for not assimilating with the American Indians and why US public policy changed to genocide from the early friendly trader colonial ties to the Cherokees and other eastern tribes. Much of that neocon policy was based on Charles Darwin and HenryLewis Morgan.

From what I can tell so far, this whole white nationalist versus jewish nationalist mentality expanded into a white nationalist versus Arab immigrants in the UK and Europe. In the US, it's going beyond black v white and growing into white nationalists against Mexican, South American, former USSR, etc. immigrants. Racial dialectics are almost more effective at dividing people than religion; people don't get to choose their skin color or heritage.

Lately I've seen my blog linked to white racist sites and someone even added my email address to a white nationalist group on google. Anyone with gmail should know they have to go into their account and change their default setting from anyone can add me to nobody can add me.
There are two kinds of propaganda - rational propaganda in favor of action that is consonant with the enlightened self-interest of those who make it and those to whom it is addressed, and non-rational propaganda that is not consonant with anybody's enlightened self-interest, but is dictated by, and appeals to, passion. Were the actions of individuals are concerned there are motives more exhalted than enlightened self-interest, but where collective action has to be taken in the fields of politics and economics, enlightened self-interest is probably the highest of effective motives. If politicians and their constituents always acted to promote their own or their country's long-range self-interest, this world would be an earthly paradise. As it is, they often act against their own interests, merely to gratify their least credible passions; the world, in consequence, is a place of misery. Propaganda in favor of action that is consonant with enlightened self-interest appeals to reason by means of logical arguements based upon the best available evidence fully and honestly set forth. Propaganda in favor of action dictated by the impulses that are below self-interest offers false, garbled or incomplete evidence, avoids logical argument and seeks to influence its victims by the mere repetition of catchwords, by the furious denunciation of foreign or domestic scapegoats, and by cunningly associating the lowest passions with the highest ideals, so that atrocities come to be perpetrated in the name of God and the most cynical kind of Realpolitik is treated as a matter of religious principle and patriotic duty.

Who is Aldos Huxley?

Does enlightenment change with the propagandist?

"Hitler himself, in Mein Kampf, laid down his rules for dictatorship. He stated the “principle of the whopping lie... See More” and of the gullibility of the masses. If you are going to tell a lie, he said, and nobody doubts that he intended to, don’t tell a little one, because it will be recognized as a lie. Tell the biggest and most unlikely lie you can think of, keep on telling it, and the people will think it must be the truth and believe it. “The greater the lie, the more effective it is as a weapon,” said the master of the alleged “master race.”"
Sure was a lot going on when McKinley died in the Harriman's attorney's home, wasn't there?
The Harriman railroad fortune paid local charities, such as the New York Bureau of Industries and Immigration, to seek out Jewish, Italian and other immigrants in New York and other crowded cities and subject them to deportation, trumped up confinement or forced sterilization.

The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Quiet Revolution - New Republic

Every US communitarian law I've studied started in an administrative agency. Violations of these new community codes were "tried" in administrative courts. Seattle's Administrative Hearng and Review Boards had what's called "quasi-judicial" authority over city residents, but somehow we kept getting charged and fined under their newly expanded full judicial authority.

Our experiences with Seattle's new regulatory powers, powers the City claimed "balanced" our Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights, were the motivator for all my early ACL research. Over the years my research naturally expanded to these progressive agency workers' belief in their being "more enlightened" than me and my podunk neighbors. It took ten years before I finally researched what they mean by enlightenment in Enlightened Rule by scientists and experts. I am completely convinced there is nothing "disinterested" about these trained individuals.
The success of the regulatory agencies, he wrote, depended upon “a sufficient popular confidence in the ability of enlightened and trained individuals … and the actual existence for their use of a body of sufficiently authentic social knowledge.” John B. Judis, Senior Editor, The New Republic
Last March I wrote an article called Join the Quiet Revolution, about the global-to-local policing revolution. I gave a summary of the history of community oriented policing and the ideology used to implement the global program. A month prior I wrote an article called How Communitarians Change the US Legal System with Federal Regulators, about the advance of Administrative Law and it's role in creating a more communitarian nation.

In both the above mentioned articles I based much of my slant on our ACL Manifesto, which includes the possibility that President William McKinley was saved from an assassination attempt and then murdered by attorneys working for Harriman Brothers (From dialectic2.html: "McKinley was moved to the home of Expo Board Director John G. Milburn, where he died a week later. Milburn was one of the attorneys for HARRIMAN v. INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION, 211 U.S. 407 (1908). More here.")

So how interesting is this Feb 1, 2010 article in The New Republic, which tells us the "three great reform periods" began right after McKinley was killed and Harvard's own Teddy Roosevelt was crowned First King of the British American Colonies. The New Republic, like every other expert source, curiously leaves out the part about McKinley's murder as part of how all this progressive reform started. Look in most any book that claims to "tell all" about the FED, the banker's schemes to control America, and "real" American history and you'll find few (if any) references to President William McKinley. If there are references to him, they usually claim that McKinley was responsible for the expansion of the American Imperialist designs. Yet even a quick study of McKinley proves that to be blatantly false. And it should come as no suprise to learn that VP Roosevelt eventually took credit for McKinley's trustbusting efforts. That McKinley died under very mysterious circumstances in the home of one of the attorneys defending the Harriman's monopoly of the railroads doesn't seem to bother anyone besides me.

The regulatory agencies, most of which date from one of the three great reform periods (1901–1914, 1932–1938, and 1961–1972) of the last century, were intended to smooth out the rough edges (the “externalities,” in economic jargon) of modern capitalism--from dirty air to dangerous workplaces to defective merchandise to financial corruption. With wide latitude in writing and enforcing regulations, they have been described as a “fourth branch of government.”

That wide latitude could invite abuses of power, but the old-time progressives who fashioned the regulatory state rested their hopes on what could be called “scientific administration.” Louis Brandeis and Herbert Croly--to name two of the foremost turn-of-the-century progressives--believed that the agencies, staffed by experts schooled in social and natural science and employing the scientific method in their decision-making, could rise above partisanship and interest-group pressure. Brandeis’s famous concept of states as “laboratories of democracy” comes out of his defense of state regulation of industry and was meant to conjure an image of states basing their regulatory activities on the scientific method. For his part, Croly often made the progressive case for disinterested expertise. The success of the regulatory agencies, he wrote, depended upon “a sufficient popular confidence in the ability of enlightened and trained individuals … and the actual existence for their use of a body of sufficiently authentic social knowledge.” The Quiet Revolution, Obama has reinvented the state in more ways than you can imagine, by John B. Judis, Senior Editor, The New Republic,,0

Can the EPA really become the substitute for Climate Change legislation?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

War on Behaviors expands - Britain leads the way!

Poking around UK newspapers this morning and finding all kinds of interesting news.

Here's a vision for the future that's so lovely we should all be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. If somebody else has a vision of a new and different world, then I should be obliged to follow that vision, right? I mean come on, who am I (or who are you) to get in the way of these advanced souls' mystical visioning? And, lest Americans think it doesn't matter what they do over in England, the new airport X-ray body scanners in the USA were tested in London on pub patrons a couple years ago. They actually started it out on drunks. Bobbies cordoned off a pub, took everyone hostage and told all the customers to choose between a strip search and X-rays. Concerned London police looked for weapons, drugs, and definitely not silicone implants.

The official "side" of the smokers debate:
‘I want to see a smoke-free future, a future where people lead longer and healthier lives because they don’t smoke.’ Health Secretary Andy Burnham

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Carbon Footprints

After stumbling across an article that reported yesterday that Americans were self-imposing carbon footprint reduction, I signed up for a company assessment. I haven't paid too close attention to the actual expectations in this portion of the communitarians teaching us all to be better stewards of the earth. What's absolutely mind-boggling is my lifestyle, with just the couple things we do, only gets 2 stars! (Final calculations below) It's not enough that we have zero in every category except our vehicle (and we only drive it 5000 miles a year!). We have to quit driving too!

We only use 3 things on the list, minimum electric, 5000 miles a year travel and we only get 2 stars? I just assumed we'd be below level and not even have to concern ourselves with this part. I really didn't think it would apply to us because we hardly use anything. England has already passed the legislation committing their citizens to reduce their carbon footprint by 80% by 2050!

Nothing about animal emissions in these tests... and isn't that considered part of the NAIS? I do remember seeing a bunch of jokes about cow farts last year. And yes, some European subnations are having national no meat served in the restaurants days.. like every Thursday.. so people can learn to be better global skinny followers without the strength to join any resistance.

Hmm, is this why Kenny Lake community destroyers want to take advantage of the Americorps program and start performing "air quality" testing in our homes? This is going to get so crazy even I can't stop myself from laughing. No wonder I've always sounded like a lunatic when I tell people about the programs I study, and why they always accuse me of making it up as part of my wacko conspiracy theory! Do people understand that in order to have a zero carbon footprint they can't possible live to brag about it in community sabotage meetings? Yeah, the link between zero cabon footprints and zero population growth is getting a lot stronger.

The Carbon Picture, from

"Today the UK Government has published its comprehensive plan for decarbonising the UK and maximising the economic benefits presented by the transition to a low carbon economy.

"In order to achieve the extremely ambitious and challenging targets set out in the Climate Change Act 2008, the Government has today released four documents which explain how these targets can be reached. Please find a brief description of the documents below, together links so you can download them directly:

"The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan: (a White Paper) which outlines how the UK will meet legally-binding ‘carbon budgets’, in particular a reduction in overall carbon emissions of 34% by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050. Making the transition to a low carbon economy will take strategic action by government and a comprehensive plan. This is that plan. It shows sector-by-sector what savings can be achieved and how every department across government will take responsibility. a particular figure of significance is that by 2020 40% of our electricity must come from low carbon sources."
And now for the other side of the argument:
Researchers at Oregon State University have made some helpful calculations on how much extra carbon little Johnny and/or Suzie are likely to emit over the course of their Gaia-destroying lifetimes. As the OSU press release explains: Some people who are serious about wanting to reduce their “carbon footprint” on the Earth have one choice available to them that may yield a large long-term benefit – have one less child.
Didn't China start that policy during their "change we can believe in" cultural revolution?

Here's my gertee business results:

Your Business Carbon Footprint:

2">0.00 metric tons of CO2
2">0.00 metric tons of CO2
2">1.99 metric tons of CO2
2">0.00 metric tons of CO2

Total = 1.99 metric tons of CO2

To offset some or all of your carbon footprint, click the sections you would like to offset in the list above, and click the Offset Now button.

The results of your business carbon footprint calculation

Now you have calculated your company's carbon footprint, you are part way towards achieving our one star approval. If you offset you are on the way to receiving our 2 star approval.

Carbon Footprint 2 star approval

If you would like to become a carbon footprint approved company, then please contact our team for details. This will allow your company to use our "Carbon Footprint Approved Company" branding to show your customers and stakeholders that you are being environmentally responsible. Note a small license / administration fee applies.

The blogger at Reason explains why all Lynn and her urban planning buddies have so much support. Sustainable transit related development in Seattle, Portland and across America (around the new light link rail stations) is exclusively designed for childless couples with high incomes:

My question: Since my wife and I are childless by choice, do we get extra carbon credits to sell? Let's see: 9,441 tons X $50 per ton X 2 kids = $944,100. Deal.
So what does all this have to do with anything, really?
Not a single Western European country has a fertility rate sufficient to replace the current population, which demographers say requires 2.1 children per family. Germany, Russia, Spain, Poland and Italy all have rates of about 1.3 children, according to the U.N. The Czech Republic's is less than 1.2, and even Roman Catholic Ireland is at 1.9 children. (The U.S. rate, which has remained stable, is slightly more than 2 children per woman.)

Fifteen countries, "mostly located in Southern and Eastern Europe, have reached levels of fertility unprecedented in human history," according to the U.N.'s World Population Prospects 2004 revision.

As children grow scarce and longevity increases in Europe, the continent is becoming one vast Leisure World. By 2050, the U.N. projects, more than 40% of the people in Italy will be 60 or older. By mid-century, populations in 25 European nations will be lower than they are now; Russia will lose 31 million people, Italy 7.2 million, Poland 6.6 million and Germany 3.9 million. So Europe is abandoning religion, growing older, shrinking and slowly killing itself. These are signs of a society in eclipse — the Roman Empire writ large. Is this any model for America?