Monday, November 19
BOSTON (AP) — The Boston police will ask parents in high-crime areas to allow detectives to search their children's bedrooms for guns without a warrant as part of a new anti-crime program.

During the next two weeks, Boston police officers assigned to schools will go in plainclothes in groups of three to houses where they believe teens have guns, and ask their parents or legal guardians for permission to search.

Police believe parents are so worried their teenagers will be caught up in gun violence that they'll be willing to allow police into their homes. If the parents say no, the police will leave.

The program, called Safe Homes, has raised questions about civil liberties. Commissioner Edward Davis said he understands people's concerns. But he was said mothers of teens arrested with firearms "are in a quandary."

"They don't know what to do when faced with the problem of dealing with a teenage boy in possession of a firearm," he said. We're giving them an option in that case."

Davis unveiled the program Friday in a meeting with community leaders.

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What's the odds the Boston police are equipped with advanced GIS Crime Mapping and Analysis software? How are they identifying which houses to be searched? And hmm, a legal search requires identifying the exact things to be searched for... if the police are looking for a gun suspected of being used in a crime and they find evidence of another crime (such as controlled substances) they are required by law to apply for a new warrant that expands their scope. Good thing this COPS program eliminated that "identified barrier" called the 4th Amendment, or they wouldn't get to decide what to do if they find marijuana in the boys underwear drawers.

The more I think about this the more I wonder.. have all teenagers lost their right to privacy in their homes, not only to bear arms, but for any *other* law enforcement purposes? What a can of worms this will be. And it sure is interesting that in every report about some new program that violates the constitution the "authority" consulted is always the communitarians at the ACLU. Are all Americans still so naive about the goals of the ACLU, or just their reporters?

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.....