Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kenny Lake Community League responds to my emails

This has been a busy and very fulfilling winter so far, and except for finding out our local league has specific plans to destroy our quality of life in Kenny Lake, I've been in a great mood and am getting lots accomplished. We're having a big dinner at Tim's tomorrow night and an "open house" neighborhood pool tournament after the toddlers open their gifts. See ya there!

Special thanks to the people who sent us presents for our Freddie, it took a huge burden off me. I love Christmas in Alaska, it's always been a special time of year for me. Some years I took breaks and didn't do anything more special than hang out watching movies with my kids, other years I had parties and dinners and decorated my house like I'm from Wisconsin.

Tonight Fred and I are making sugar cookies in Granny's Oven and preparing the halibut, crab and smoked salmon cream cheese balls. We'll have a ham supper, and while it won't be the most religious of ceremonial dinners, I will be sure to give thanks for the abundance in my life. I will also be thinking about how to kill these local yahoos with kindness. Gonna need help with that.

Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 3:24 PM To:

"Do not send your emails to this address."

That was it. No greeting. No signature. dogsong just resigned as treasurer for the KLCL. She has been sending things to my inbox for a while. I guess she doesn't know anything about whether the KLCL is a community development agency. I guess as treasurer she can't answer any questions about the league's endorsement of WISE objectives and any taxpayer grants used to further those WISE objectives. I'm assuming our former treasurer can't explain the need for the by-law changes, or the vision for the future here. We're just all supposed to believe they are good people and that the overwhelming burden of the league's duties mandated the changes.

dogsong emailed me this past September and said "Hello, Hello: Here is the agenda for tonight - Lots going on. My apologies to Patty - I haven't gotten together with her since before the fair. Hope to see you soon (tonight:) Kim" ("Lots going on"? Was she saying that tongue in cheek?)

Here's how the league describes "lots":



September 10, 2009

Call to order


• Agenda

• Meeting Minutes

• Correspondence

• Treasurer

• Fair Committee

• Well Committee

• Scholarship


• USDA Grant

• Grill


• By - Laws

• Nominations of Officers (Chairperson – Treasurer – Secretary – 1 Trustee)

•Potential Hall Rental

• Work Day in October

• Form Standing Committees (Scholarship – Activities – Hall Usage)


• Chair and Table inventory tonight (discuss usage)
I guess "lots going on" didn't mean she knew anything about what was going on, specifically. Now I'm very interested in the placement of the league officers in the government heirarchy of this state. Are the league's leaders recognized public officials whose public positions means they have requirements to their constituents under US and AK state law? Or are only the federal and state employees beholden to us people under freedom of information acts, aka sunshine laws? Do the league members represent us in any way, shape or form? What does it mean to "administer grants locally"? If those grants affect residents in even the slightest of ways, shouldn't all adult residents be 1. made aware of the proposed changes, 2. given a public forum in which to debate all sides of the proposals, 3. asked to vote on the changes after rigorous public debates?

I can't believe I can't find the answer to my main Q:
What authority does the KLCL have over me, my family and my non-member neighbors?

Here's our local house state rep (check out how huge our district is!):

Here's our senate rep:

Silence is all I'm getting from local church members. How creepy is that? Here's part of the Kenny Lake Community Church doctrine:


1. God's angels are created beings who are spirit in nature. They can take physical form and have intelligence. The following activities are attributed to angels; they praise and glorify God, they communicate God's message to humans, they minister to believers, they execute judgment on the enemies of God, and they will be involved in the Second Coming of Christ (2 Samuel 14:20; Psalms 148:2; Acts 27:23; 1 Thessalonians 2:18; James 4:7).

2. Evil angels are very real and represent angels that were created by God and then sinned and became evil. The chief of all evil angels is satan. He is the great deceiver and opposes God and the work of Christ. His power is limited and can be resisted (1 Peter 2:4; Jude 6; Acts 5:3; 2 Corinthians 4:4; 2 Corinthians 12:7; Ephesians 6:12; 1 Thessalonians 2:18; James 4:7).

"He is the great deciever and opposes God and the work of Christ." Hmmmm.

"His power is limited and can be resisted." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I guess that's just something nice to include in your doctrine; it doesn't mean anyone who attends the church or follows the minister's advice have to actually DO anything to resist it. It certainly doesn't mean showing support for anyone who actually resists. Thank goodness I've met a few sane people here who don't claim to be so enlightened they're practically gods and goddesses walking on thin air. You know who you are. :)

The WISE symbol is an owl. They have state signs along the roadways out here. Nobody I've asked knows what the signs represent, most have never heard of WISE or SOTE. IT also happens to be the symbol for a few other organizations, like Bohemian Grove. It's too bad that's the way Alex Jones got his "big push up" in the alternative news sector, because I might have paid it a little more attention otherwise. The Bohemian Grove showed up during my McKinley research. Two Hearst reporters wrote an article in Jan 1901, after they attended a ceremony, implying someone had told them McKinely would be dead before the end of the year. Hearst reporters were banned from further gatherings, and the President was assassinated in Sept 1901. Abrose Bierce, author of the Devil's Dictionary, is part of that story. And the way McKinley died is beyond freaky. His tomb and his designated place of death are errily similar buildings.

For those of you who think this stuff about Lucifer worship is all a bunch of hooey coming from wackos, here's WISE's more spiritually advanced gurus as reported in mainstream UK press.

Consuelo found another perspective on the use of symbols. I am SO out of touch I've never even heard of this singer!


P. Barnes said...

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Niki and family!

Anonymous said...

Re: Lady GaGa. We hadn't heard of her either until the last few weeks but as with nearly all this crappola, the powers-that-be have ordained that we will all see and hear her. I Googled just a wee bit on her name. If true, she was educated in Catholic schools, her old man is well-off, she's a girl-gone-wild, and somehow she has been chosen to help corrupt our youth by being given a high place in show-bidness. You can't get away from her right now if you turn on the TV. Since I have become convinced that all this stuff is engineered I must assume she is part of the Dialectic.

Anonymous said...

The Owl. Look on your one dollar Federal Reserve Note. Up in the corner there is a teensy, tiny, little owl hiding there. How odd. I recently saw a photo of Bush the Elder wearing a ball cap that had an owl on the front that looked a lot like the bohemian grove owl.

Anonymous said...

Re: the local Community Church. Is that a Rick Warren-type, Purpose-Driven Church? If so then it is part of the Dialectic.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna come to a shooting war with the Luciferians. These violent swine will do what ever it takes to rule over others. And individuals like me will fight to the death against them. There are no peaceful means out of this. The lawyers have constructed a system which treats every one as if it applies to them when it does not.

/end rant before it gets too long...

FishTaxi said...

Merry Christmas Niki! Give Freddie and Nordica a big hug for me. Love, Kathy

angry cheese said...

There probably is a Luciferian angle to all this, and the aristocratc Weirdos believe it - even if we don't. It strikes me that the huge amount of masonic, luciferian symbolism in the MSmedia now, fueling sites like these, is a good side-road to lead curious people down so they don't look into the more serious subjects that you study Niki.
It is all so blatent now isn't it?
I don't understand any of it I'm afraid - but it is real to them, and I believe they are evil.
I personally know of someone who was invited to a Rothschild party recently, in one of the huge, posh stately homes they own here in England. It was an over-the-top, drug-fuelled orgy and this young man got scared and couldn't get away fast enough! I think it was more than just a wild party, but he could be a wimp and he might have exagerated - who knows?

Lark said...

Merry Christmas, Niki! Merry Christmas to your family... and as well... to your loyal readers!

[Hey, it even snowed down here in Texas - what's not to love about that?]

On a side note, Jim Trafficant has predicted Alaska will be the first state to secede from the Union, as it purportedly has its own revenue stream. I suggest - if it comes to pass at all - this could occur all over America when Americans gather the gumption to realize we can get by... without this counterfeit currency... just fine!

If I'd had enough of that funny money before today, I could easily have been persuaded to trade away some of it for your beautiful seal coat - it looks to fit... someone I know very well... just fine!

Sadly though... not nearly enough occasions... to show it off where we live!:)

the tent lady said...

Sorry for the group response, but I always feel bad when I don't say something back to all of you who take the time to say hello, advise studies, make fun jokes, affirm my perspective or challenge it. I'm still operating without a staff or a budget so I can't dictate while my secretary types out the individual responses for me. :)

I'm getting ready to come out with a whole series of tutorials on DVDs. My microphone is on the way. It's very exciting to get back to what I actually loved in college, and I'm motivated in a new and very positive direction. My personality type is all or nothing which means I'm going to be more unavailable than I already am. So please, never think that what you contribute goes unnoticed or unread just beacause I don't respond in print. There just isn't enough time in the day to do all the things I have to do to survive.

Right now I'd kill for an inside toilet and shower. JK :)