Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ACL Books needs your help

The ACL needs your help to make our research available to the growing number of people who are looking for an explanation for the communitarianization of their towns, states and nations.

The Anti Communitarian League (ACL) website was started in 2001 as a way to define our opposition to UN Agenda 21 plans. We've made our research available online for free for ten years, and during that time over 800,000 visitors to our sites benefitted from the information we provide.
Here's what the ACL looked like in 2003:
We continously updated and revised the website in an attempt to make it more accessible to readers.
Our research on Communitarianism is the most comprehensive anticommunitarian research in the world. For over a decade we have been the leading educators teaching people from all over the world about the communitarian  driving UN Local Agenda 21 and the UN's global programme for Sustainable Development.
We have been reluctant to actively solicit donations because we initially published our work mainly out of concern for the lack of information available about communitarianism. We were able to live frugally and get by on what little we make from odd jobs and contract work.

In 2006, we published the first paperback version of "2020: Our Common Destiny" for the people who requested a condensed version of the overwhelming amount of information at the ACL website. In 2008, we published the Anti Communitarian Manifesto in hardcopy and removed it from our website. We hoped this move toward publishing paperbacks would help us survive while we continued our research. And it did, for a while. When we combined both books into one revised version in 2010, we planned on publishing the revision immediately. It's taken 2 full years to get it done, and these have been the two most difficult and challenging years the ACL has experienced.

With the odds so stacked against us, you'd think we'd have quit by now.
But we're not quitters, and we're going to keep going, if for no other reason than the fact that the communitarians will have no opposition if we quit.
Here's what the ACL looked like in 2009:
We need your help to pay the printing costs for the new book, which is ready to print and be mailed out as soon as we can pay the printer. We need your help to finance a book and speaking tour I'd like to take this fall. We need your help to keep our small little institution active and productive.

Please give what you can. Every little bit helps. With your support we can make this book available not only in the United States but also in Sweden and Turkey and other places that have expressed an interest in translating and buying the rights.
With your support we can stay in the front of the Agenda 21 resistance movement, where we rightfully belong.
Here's what the ACL looked like in 2010:

To ALL the people who pre-ordered the hard copy book, thank you for your paitence and support, we're doing everything we can to get it mailed to you as soon as possible. Pre-orders of the book will also help us get this off and running. It is available in a pdf file ebook for instant downloads as well.