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Are Game Theory & climate change communitarian ideologies?

I haven't kept up with this story because I'm sure readers who are interested in it are finding lots of good articles all over the internet. I try not to go too deeply into topics I have no basic understanding of, and there are too many ones in which I am at a 101 level. Here's the lead that made me open the link:

The United Nations is to conduct an investigation into emails leaked from a leading British climate science centre which appeared to show some of the world's leading scientists discussing ways to shield data from public scrutiny and suppress others' work.
And then here's what it revealed at the end:
Republicans in the House of Representatives in the United States grilled government scientists about the leaked emails during a hearing on Wednesday in Washington, but the scientists countered that the emails did not change the fact that the they believe the earth is warming.

"The emails do nothing to undermine the very strong scientific consensus ... that tells us the earth is warming, that warming is largely a result of human activity," said Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

She said the emails do not address data from her agency or Nasa, the US space agency, which both keep independent climate records that show dramatic global warming.

I can still remember when I first heard that term "consensus" in reference to a US government policy I was opposed to, and how after looking it up how outraged I was to hear my government use that term to describe how they pass new laws. By the time I started my research this way of agreeing was already firmly entrenched in the entire process, from neighborhood visionings to community mapping. It still irritates me to see it used as if I have to kowtow to people who use it. It's like the words "Go Green" and how irritating that is to so many of us already.

I got a RL lesson in Game Theory today and it was fascinating. I guess I basically did understand it all along but not the scientific terms used to describe it. It's a way of pulling in tiny bits of data and testing the probablility of your theory with the additional data... hopefully unnoticeable to the untrained eye, and using the new results to either make your theory have a higher probability of success projection, or tempering it with something less adequate but also less noticeable. It's the SARA model used by the Community Police in Seattle during the 80s and 90s. It's also Crime Mapping, COMPASS and Potential for Crime analysis. Every program that was tested in Seattle when I lived there was Game Theory. What a revealing piece for me.

Every move I made in Seattle potentially went into the database. I never got to review it so I never knew what was in it beyond what I was first told. I've had a pilot test file since it was started by Community Police Officer Michale Crooks during her assignment to the NATS R&B Committee. The data was turned over to COMPASS in June 2000 by Veronica Jackson, Dept of Neighborhoods NATS Director. (Her boss at the time was Jim Diers, a neighborhood activist who plays a role in the Obama rise. Several of the Seattle "Gamers" are in Obama's administration now.) The NATS' data was used to show DOJ how well Seattle performed in datagathering. The COPS official who designed the database and was chosen Seattle's new Police Chief after the WTO "fiasco", is now Obama's Drug Czar. Gil Kerlikowske is a key to understanding the forces already in place that will be used to determine American's futures. Communitarianism is NOT just a theory, many programs have been tested and expanded that are entirely communitarian in makeup. Community Policing is a GLOBAL branch of the UN police that reaches into every neighborhood in the world. It's the quiet way of rebuilding a safe and sustainable world, and the US military trains locals to set up these programs in occupied territories as well as civilan territory. The communitarians see no difference between a war zone and a civilian zone, the entire world is a war zone as far as they're concerned. Anyone who thinks they live beyond the reach of the global police is kidding themselves.

My mom called me yesterday and explained why she has to believe in Obama, she needs to have hope. She wants to believe the world will be good for her grandchildren. What could I say? Well I did at first say "you believe people who lie every time their lips move?" but then I let it go. I had to. I can't be the one telling my 75 year old mother that Obama is Etzioni's puppy. In fact, after this week of being under attack from people I trusted, I don't know if I want to continue to tell anybody anything. But my neighbor said I'm too social and he can't see me giving this up. :)

Every now and then I wonder what's in my R&B file after all these years... whether it's been purged as irrelevant or passed on to other agencies to determine my future potential as an asset or to flag and identify me as a potential problem. Last time I flew I wasn't flagged. I was told I don't show up in the Pentagon's database of potential troublemakers, which was a relief until I learned Etzioni is not in their database either, and he's a self admitted former terrorist who holds dual citizenship. In theose first few months of coming face to face with Local Agenda 21 planning, I wrote hundreds of letters, long rants and angry laments over their trampling over our rights as if they didn't exist at all anymore. It might be pretty funny to go back and read some of them again and just see if I can find out what information they kept, if any. I have unfinished business with the City of Seattle, and I was hoping to finish up a few things when I go outside next spring.

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Bobby Garner said...

The consensus on Global Warming/Climate Change was locked in when they leaked the emails and threw away the raw data. A statement on the CRU website on the 29th of Nov. said: "We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added data." The "value-added data" is of course, the cooked consensus values, the final consensus which means that Global Warming will henceforth be treated as a fact.

The Global Warming agenda will be carried forward in the political arena at Copenhagen and thereafter in state capitals around the world.

The Game called Global Warming/Climate Change was much more than collecting and manipulating data. That manipulated data which became known as the scientific consensus needed to be acted upon by thousands of other players in the Game. Each one of those players acted independently and developed their own strategies for dealing with the scientific consensus whether pro or con.

If you wish to draw an analogy between the Global Warming Game and the Communitarian Game, the events in Seattle are analogous to the scientific consensus. Like the scientific consensus, the Seattle event would be acted upon by thousands of other independent Game players, some pro and some con.

So the Communitarian Game goes on until the final consensus is affirmed by the strategists. With the Communitarian Game ended just as the Global Warming Game has ended, the strategists will act on the established consensus in a new arena which in the Dialectic Tetrad is known as the "Transcendance".