Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make new friends, but keep the old

Bobby Garner has withdrawn his support for the ACL.

I am only the 3rd daughter of a career Army man. We were dirt poor for most of my childhood. I was beat and beat down on a daily basis, as were all my siblings. My only refuge and solace came from the Christian chapel on post in Germany, where my mother played piano for the choir. I never found a church since that gave me the same feeling of love, and my distrust for anyone claiming to be a "Christian" has only grown over my adult life. This does not mean I took up a life of crime and decadence, (well there was a lot decadence in my early 20s) and it does not mean that I gave up on the truth of Jesus's message to me. I believed it was my job to be there for whoever crossed my path, that I had to acknowledge every human being who sought my attention and to help them feel like they mattered. As the world changed and so many Americans began snubbing the poor and eventually completly disrespecting them, my position became ever more apparent to me... that as a white woman I had become some sort of a freak because I make odd friends and invite into my home people from every background and race.

I've opened my homes to hundreds, maybe thousands of people in the past 30 years. My life was dedicated to helping people, wherever and however I could. When I was a child that was the promise I made to my Creator, who I then believed was the father of Jesus. While I left the organized church when I was still a teenager, I never went back on that promise, because I was also taught I was only as good as my word. Now I have reams of pages published online and can only wonder what impression people get when they read only a portion of my published work. I do know that when people write and ask me to" lead" them I shudder with fear for our nation.

Like my friend Maynard told me a long ago when I asked him why I, with all my inadequacies, was the last hope so many people I met had. He replied, "There's so few helpers left, the Creator's obviously scraping the bottom of the barrell these days." :)


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I really don't want to intrude on your interlude of self-pity, we all need to go through these times. However, Bobby Garner isn't the end-all or be-all of your rasion d'etre. Bobby is very good at what he does, which he does in his very male way. I have always appreciated your womanly way of seeing the are a mother, and you look at the world that way with your intellect. I don't think there is anybody else that could have captured your view of the zionist pig Et-ZION-i the way you do. You care for us out here who don't participate in the Carnegie-Dewey view of the world. You see the world as a mother and you care for us who are left out of the mainstream intellect...the ones who are most affected by the authoritarian goons who run the world.
When you introduced me to the word "communitarianism", I couldn't even say it. Now I know what it means, how it snuck up on us and the fact that most people will NEVER know what it means because it doesn't fit into their view of the world. You are my Heroine! I celebrate your existence! I understand you, as much as a man can understand a woman, and all because for years and years and years and years and years and years and years X 2 you have kept on pounding it in to our heads about the synthesis and that it's not communism or commonism but that it is a combination of all the bad parts of one thing and the bad parts of another thing so we end up with authoritarians lording it over us as slaves to the Uber-Lords!
All this doesn't mean that your intellect is no good. What it means is that you are showing us the female aspect of a very intelligent view. It isn't negated by lack of acceptance by the male view, IN FACT, I, AS A MALE, WELCOME A REAL FEMALE VIEWPOINT!!!! As a matter of fact, I'm not sure that there is anyone else that is more qualified to claim the outing of communitarianism than you are, because, instead of writing a book and waiting to see if anyone read it...YOU HAVE LIVED IT!!!!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!!!! WE SEE YOUR SKINNY BODY AND GAPS IN YOUR TEETH AND WE LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!!!
Day and night, you interact with us ordinary men and women and show us that we don't have to live in that crummy authoritarian world, that even if it's 50 below zero it's possible to live in a tent, and tell THE MAN TO SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!!!!
So the fact that you want to take this show on the road is just the next step of your reason-to-be!
I, for one, CELEBRATE THAT and urge you to do what is there for you to do, IN YOUR OWN WAY!!!!

With love from Grizzly Pete

mudlurk said...

I second what that man said. There are 1001 clever dicks and competing egos out there in cyberspace, fighting the good fight, but few have really grabbed my attention in the way you have. Rest assured, I've a far better, clearer understanding of this evil, serpentine project and it's mechanics, than I had before I came across the name Niki Raapana and her writings and audio files. That's because you've lived this stuff, it's not just intellectual masturbation. It's that experience mixed with a tenancious drive to not let the bastards drive this thing through without a fight. And all this with icicles hanging of your nose! I, for one, admire you greatly.

Keep you chin up. x