Sunday, March 1, 2009

U.S. rattled as Mexico drug war bleeds over border

Here's a sample of the mood in our country about what's happening on our southern border. I've been told privately in emails that this has been a life threatening situation for some time.

I went to Ft Bliss in El Paso, Texas in 1975 when my dad graduated from the Sergeant Major's Academy there. How is it possible that there is an Army fort right there and yet a drug war is "bleeding" over the border and into the USA? I haven't read much on this whole fiasco so maybe that's a stupid question. But really? What's the point of having a standing army with trained soldiers stationed on the border if they can't protect the border? According to Reuters, "Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he wants 1,000 troops to guard the border." All he's asking for is one battallion down there. Why is the governor having to wait? What IS Homeland Security if not literally protecting American lives and property? I think my dad would be just a little bit pissed off to hear about this... if he were alive I'd sure be askin' him about it.
Subject: FW: U.S. rattled as Mexico drug war bleeds over border (Reuters) Sun Mar 1, 10:37 am ET. MY DEAR FRIENDS IN FREEDOM AND IN DEFENSE OF LIBERTY:

This is what it has come to. Our elected officials, the Main Stream Media, Federal Appointee's and the wealthy Elite who prosper from this Illegal Alien Invasion and the corruption that spews from the bowels of that hellhole to the south of our great Nation....all of them....have nurtured and cultivated this extreme violence, hatred and unrest to the point of mayhem and mass discontent. Like La Raza, LULAC, MALDEF and the political machinery that exists in both the USA and in Mexico....the focus is to obtain full control and power over millions of people who live and exist on the Border....and to gather and horde as much money and wealth as possible.

Napolitano is a piece of crap and the President and his "glory boys" are nothing more than the worst form of excrement that has been allowed to breath air. Like administrations and politicians before him....OBAMA BIN LADEN is hell bent on getting as many people alienated and killed as he possibly can in the shortest period of time. WHY? It suits his purposes to succeed in the furtherance of destroying our Constitutional Republic and lends toward the continued formation of his Marxist-Socialist agenda and ultimately....THE ONE WORLD ORDER!!

Americans can say what they will....but there will come a time....and soon....when everyday ordinary citizens of this Nation will begin to take seriously the defense of their Country and their Children and Grandchildren. WE HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME REMAINING, as we bear first hand witness to the violence that is perched on our Southern Border like a vulture smelling the stench of death. When responsible representatives in the Texas State Legislature and the Governor of that State declare a State OF Emergency and send out Statewide alerts re the boiling turmoil that exists along "its" can only imagine how terrible the situation is or will become along the border with New Mexico, Arizona and California. TEXAS IS NOT ALONE IN THIS STRUGGLE. EVERY CITIZEN IN THE BORDER STATES AND INDEED, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....needs to take seriously the tragic incidents that we all know are now taking place in growing and more far reaching numbers.

I call upon every citizen that reads this email and every Patriot that has witnessed first hand the turmoil at our Southern call, email, write and visit their State Representatives and ask....and if that fails....demand that they declare their State Sovereignty and send armed elements of their State Guard to the borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California for the purpose of telling the Federal Government that we shall guarantee each other a free Republican form of government even if they won't.



"Tactical military organization composed of a headquarters and two or more companies, batteries, or similar units and usually commanded by a field-grade officer such as a lieutenant colonel. The term has been used in nearly every Western army for centuries and has had many meanings. In the 16th – 17th century, it denoted a unit of infantry used in a line of battle and was loosely applied to any large body of men. During the Napoleonic Wars, battalions were fighting units of the French army under the administrative unit of the regiment. In the armies of the British Commonwealth nations, infantry battalions are tactical units within regiments. The typical U.S. Army battalion is a unit of 800 – 900 soldiers, divided into a headquarters company and three rifle companies; two to five battalions form the combat elements of a tactical brigade. See also military unit."

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