Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First responses to "Join the Quiet Revolution"

I enjoyed your article up until the very end
where you suggest
"We could start this by taking back our communities, one police station at a time.
"THE COMMUNITY POLICING ADVISORY COUNCIL: The advisory council is composed of community leaders representing many different segments of the population. This group meets monthly with the Chief of Police and occasionally other staff members, to provide unfiltered input from the community to police management. This direct interaction between the police and the community facilitates the building of partnerships and provides a community perspective on department policy and procedures." http://www.ci.santa-maria.ca.us/40453.html "
Those kind of "council" meetings have failed miserably in our community. They are conducted as facility dialectic meetings and nobody's input is ever acted upon.
You have described the problem, but your prescription looks like just more of the problem.
Thank you
Austin, TX

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Edith said...

I guess you could redo your ending of that article and add step by step advice on how to over rule them with Robert's Rules of Order?

Otherwise it's just what I said earlier. We can't win when voices that object are are not ever listened to but totally marginalized and ridiculed. The pre-determined outcome will come unless people understand how to thwart these dialectic meetings.