Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photo break

NWO firestarter

Making a hat for Kathy

Sunset at 8pm


mudlurk said...

That's some serious looking wedge you got there Niki. People must be pressing the donate button by the second ;-)

the tent lady said...

hehe. My friend sold his house the other day, came by and pulled 22k out of his pocket. Those are his hand btw, I'm old, but I stil have somewhat feminine hands! Alas, it wasn't a donation, but wouldn't that be coolsie if it was!!!

mudlurk said...

I'm pretty sure you're hands are as lovely as your face Niki.

sunshine unit said...

okay, now i want a hat.

and 22 grand.

and a kenny lake sunset.

Sean said...

Two outta three aint bad.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop now kido, you're on a roll.