Saturday, March 7, 2009

America is out of ammo?

Several people have told me they went to Palmer and Anchorage to buy ammo but the shelves were totally empty. I've had a heck of a time finding bullets for my handgun but thought it was because I have a odd size (like when I looked for 20 guage shells in Fairbanks in 2004). Years ago, one of my best girlfriends in Fairbanks who grew up hunting told me I needed to buy all the ammo I could afford because someday it wouldn't be available. I laughed because I didn't even own a gun at the time. She is an average American who knows nothing about communitarianism or the plan. But for some reason, she did see this coming. hmmm.

Wonder what it would take to verify this whole ammo shortage I keep hearing about.

In an email from an undisclosed source via a third party mailer (normally I delete this person's forwards, but this one has a higher probability based on my own personal experience):

Less than 10 days ago I went to buy my wife a handgun from a large national sporting goods retail outlet near Boise. They have 3 very large sets of shelves that are normally stacked high with every imaginable type of ammo, but on this day they had maybe 2% of their normal stock and 0, yes ZERO .38 cal. When I asked the salesman about it he said that they have not been able to get much and when they do it sells within a few days.

Because I am so concerned about what is unfolding in our country I decided to check around. Out of 5 major outlets I was able to obtain 2 boxes of .40 cal. and 1 box of .38, 250 rounds total. The story from each salesman was the same, there is none available and they don't know when they will receive more.

A small family owned gun store I have dealt with for the last several years had quite a bit available but I was told again that they have scoured the entire area and bought everything they could find to resell, and they thought what they had would be gone by this Monday, tomorrow. After talking more with the owner he told me that last Wednesday and Thursday his staff had spent the entire time calling every gun store in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington and could not locate anything more than a few boxes here and there. While I was in the store he took off to drive all the way to Montana to get what was available there in a few small towns, that is at least a 16 hour round trip drive.

Apparently over thirty people were waiting for an ammo shipment in Mt. Home, Id. and when the Semi finally arrived it had only 12 boxes of pistol ammo aboard and they were told not to expect anymore in the near future.

I haven't heard this situation mentioned anywhere, and I would never have discovered it if I hadn't gone to purchase a gun.

Something very strange is happening out here. I can only hope that it is a local phenomenon, but I fear that is much larger. Please inform your readers so that they can find out for themselves.

Here's a site Gisela sent that might help:


Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

These are quotes from a private forum I hang out at:

"Anyone else been having trouble over the last several months finding there favorite pistol caliber ammo at your local discounters? I have not found Blazer or Winchester ball at any of my usual local places (WM) for quite sometime. However there seemed to be reports of ammo coming in as of late. And I was lucky enough to be able to pick up a couple hundred rounds recently. I usually try to keep cycling through a decent stock of shotgun, rifle, and handgun loads but recently I have had to limit my practice/fun time due to this.

So just to summarize. If it has been difficult finding ammo or components for reloading. Keep after it supply's are thin but possible to find. If you keep your eyes open."

"I went over to Bass Pro Shops today during my lunch break and was truly shocked on how bare the cupboards/shelves were. Plenty of shot gun shells but rifle and pistol ammo was literally non-existent except for a couple of boxes of stuff that not many people have or use."

"I talked w/ a guy at a shop yesterday, says it's hard for him to get any 7.62x39. Also said it's hard to get most things right now. Folks are buying it up as soon as it hits the shelves."

I have seen a large decrease in the availabiity of loaded ammun"ition in the gun shops I frequent here in the Phoenix area of Arizona along with Bass Pro Shops, Cabellas and Sportsman's Warehouse.. Same with reloading supplies. I know the one shop I have dealt with for the last twenty years is limiting you to about two pounds of powder at any one time. They are also limiting you on primers (1000 witch is one case). Brass hasn't really been a problem for me but I mainly reload 45-90 rifle and 45 long Colt. .308 brass, 45 acp and 40 S&W I grab when I can find it. I've started to cast my own bullets for the 45-90, 45 acp and 45 long Colt so have been okay there too."

"Yes, it's been difficult to catch ammo at Wally World. From what I understand from various boards, you almost need to be there when they stock the shelves. Most gun shops seem to have it... but of course it's a tad bit higher."

Anonymous said...

It's true Niki.

My husband has been telling me the store shelves are becoming bare.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nik, the guys I work with here in Boise have been stocking up since I moved here. These guy's have been hunters and target shooters since they were kids, and they figured this out long ago. There have been some lively conversations in the lunch room over guns and ammo that I used to laugh at, but not any more. It's serious. Jimmy

the tent lady said...

thanks John and Edith.. I will write more about this, for sure.

it is serious Jimmy. My purpose for the research, my hopes and my earliest prayers were always that our people would never allow themselves to be forced into an armed rebellion. I didn't start buying guns until I moved back into bear country. I never knew that the AK constitution requires me to be armed and trained as part of the state militia either.

Where are the 30,000 U.S. military professionals who refused to re-up after they became guinea pigs for the anthrax vaccinations? I may not be prepared mentally or physically for civil war, but I am surely grateful to know that our people are willing to do whatever they have to do to defend their families and neighborhoods. To me that's genuine "community spirit."

P. Barnes said...

Kanada's not! I just went to pick up some .45 ACP for my 1911A1 and they were fully stocked. I usually have to pre-order. Maybe I got them on a good day. 50 rounds of .45 cal is $27.99 can. While I was there I put a down payment on a CZ 9mm, cheaper ammo.

Darren Weeks said...

Here is a link you might find interesting...

Go in and click on "legislation".

Anonymous said...

Isn't your idea of "community spirit" playing right into the plan?

the tent lady said...

That's crazy Darren, first I've seen it. Thanks for the link!

Paul, do they have any coded ammo legislation there? Maybe running to Canada to avoid Obama's volunteer draft is an option after all. :)

And yes anonymous Ghandi, my nation is preparing for a big conflict, and I'm under no illusions I can stop it anymore. Today when someone asks me why I have guns, I say "It's protection from predators, both two legged and 4 legged."

My dad always told me that "the best defense is a good offense." But, duh, when you're just a pawn on a chessboard like we are, you don't get to choose your weapons.

And everything leads to the plan. You sound as if somehow I'm supposed to be out of it just because I WANT out of it. I wish you were in charge here. :)

Paul Barnes said...

Not the I know of, you do however have to have a license to purchase and the retailer writes your lic. no. and the amount and type of ammo you buy into a book.