Sunday, March 29, 2009

GerTee's Traveling Retail Office

GerTee's new traveling retail coverings:

The interior will be pink linen and teal flowered wall fabrics, top ivory edging with damask tassles. The interior ceiling will be horizontal strips of white, ivory and olive green, draped below the beams. The windows are 345 degrees covered with white tulle netting . The inside window curtains are sheer lightly patterned fabrics and the outside window covers are 3' wide pieces of multicolored waterproof upholstry fabrics, hand tied up to open. Interior walls will be framed in German white lace curtains. It's gonna look like a full size princess room!

I've decided to take the 18' GerTee to Anchorage and rent an outside space for us in a comercial parking lot. Manufacturing will remain in Kenny Lake, but it's time to take a finished gertee to market. This will greatly affect my ACL research time but it could provide us with the funds to take ACL Books to book fairs and print a mass market paperpack edition. This will also be a great chance to get a good gertee tutorial written with lots of new pictures! Then when we start going to the bookfairs we can set up a gertee as our display! ABA 2010!

My initial target customers are summer brides getting married on glaciers and other remote spots. Tim makes beautiful diamond willow 4 poster beds which could be draped in lace and on display in another new big 20 footer. My new fur blanket will drape the white lace bedcovers. Thinking I may be able to convince a furniture dealer to borrow some fine pieces for the upgraded guest room/honeymoon suite display unit. If I have wood and tile flooring and nice furnishings it'll be an easier sell to people who have money. Selling to the rich means I'll have a way to get the information to the poor, who can't afford it but need it the most. I could host building seminars right there on the days I close, and maybe even get a write up in the paper.

I've always been able to to visualize how gorgeous gertee could be decorated, but I've never had the fabrics to prove it. Thanks to all the Idiatord ebay buyers I now have a nice selection to work with. I'm not going to bother wasting my time convincing Alaskan men gertees are safe and affordable housing anymore. I'm going to target women, most of whom could care less how it stands up. Women adore the skylight and how welcoming it feels to walk into a round room. Men walk in and scornfully sneer about it falling down or not being warm enough for winter. Women walk in and swoon and exclaim, "Ohhhh, it's soooooo cute!" Who would you rather sell to?

And the final touch will be me wearing one of my Indian belly dancer veils to hide my gaping smile. If I wear the pink one, I'll match the room! After all, I am the Alaskan Tent Lady, hehe.

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