Monday, March 2, 2009

GE - Plug into the Smart Grid

This was an ad on youtube, supposed to have a hologram but i don't have javascript enabled so I can't see it.

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Anonymous said...

So at my Dr.'s appt today they were all using the new computerized stuff to put all my records into their computer. I asked why. It's to be GREEN I was told, and all doctors will be doing it eventually. It's a LAW I was told. I asked the name or number of the LAW. The robot didn't know. I told her it was my opinion that it was all so that down the road all that medical info on everyone could be hooked into the government computers. Oh, no, she told me. It's not for that at all. That will never happen she told me. I looked at her sternly and told her I BELIEVE IT WILL. I told her I am NOT happy about this.