Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Alaskan cooking, recycled furs and miniatures

Cooking over a woodstove
December 6 to March 28, 2009

New woodstove after 4 months of winter :)

Melt wax, pour in cartons, let cool. To start fire,
break off one "egg", place between 2 logs and light.

Spagetti and meatball sauce, salad and garlic bread

beans, rice and cornbread: my Alaskan staples

Butter Fried Copper River Reds with sliced fresh onion

Baked Copper River Red Salmon
with dried garlic and onion chunks,
cilantro, dill weed, salt & olive oil

Canned chicken breast, whole stewed tomatoes,
garlic, basil, onion salt, over bed of white rice

Sauteed red bell pepper, fresh onion,
peeled diced oranges, dried apples, herbs

How we feel about the wolf "controversy"

Tim got his first wolf of the year today

The fate of the Fabian symbol in Alaska

Recyling old fur coats and hats

60x72" sheared beaver and fur seal blanket
(3 vintage coats, cut and pinned it tonight!
Will put trim on edges, black piping and line it
with 2 layers of fabrics, linen and sheer)

Recycled mink hat with lining for sister Kathy

Alaskan Miniwerks

Miniature of TJunction, Chitina, Alaska

A small piece of home for my Marine

Nolan's mini Alyeska work camp


Stop Common Purpose said...

Very resourceful, Niki. That grub looks delicious - especially the salmon.

the tent lady said...

Yeah I can't wait to be resourceful with 10,000 dollar Persion rugs and 150 dollar a yard fabrics... hehe. Another funny thing is how reds are considered high end food outside AK, when I went to the ABA in NYC in 1990 it was on the menu at every publisher's party I went to... I was like..noooo, not salmon..... then I decided New Yorkers need to learn about halibut.

Made the leftovers into a cracker spread with mayonaise, delicious! When we all get together and finally meet up it's going to be a food fest! you can bring that pudding stuff and that brandy soaked x-mas cakes in tins. :)

I've recently met a yurt builder in England who gives seminars to kids... was thinking I could make a "business call" to him, and do a bit of sightseeing and visiting while I'm over there. Gotta come before I need permission.. duh.

Frank Senior said...

Those pictures of your woodstove and meals give me a very warm and comfortable feeling, i love woodstoves and the athmosphere it can create.