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Green New Deal: "DC Climate Action run by the Zionist-Anglo elite"

Here's some interesting research from Peter Myer's elist:
(3) Green New Deal: "DC Climate Action run by the Zionist-Anglo elite"

From: Brian Salter <> Date: 04.03.2009 09:26 PM

Following up on my email from two weeks back, a quick review of the website of the Power Shift 2009 organization behind last weekend's 'climate change' protests in Washington D.C. ( easily reveals the affair to be a ruse, confirming my hypothesis of a "Climate Change-of-Subject Crisis" drummed up by zionist-anglo elites.

In fact, I'm surprised at how obvious it is. One only needs only to look at their list of supporters to see the typical players such as the big foundations (Rockefeller, TIdes, Energy Foundation, etc) whose backgounds are already well exposed, as well as groups like the notorious WWF, alongside Al Gore's Alliance For Climate Protection. Then there is the presence of James Gustave Speth who attended the coal protest, personally accompanying US government employee James Hansen. Yale University's Speth is symbolic of the ties between today's green / climate alarmism movements and the environmental agendas launched a century ago by the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, based on ideas borrowed from the British East India Company's land management and survey projects in colonial India. The birth of environmentalism was part of the same patterns within the US which eventually led to the US-UK 'special relationship' currently being touted heavily by Gordon Brown in his meeting with Obama, and to the dominance of the US by the zionist elite. The same networks are quite active and important in today's climate alarmism movement:

Theodore Roosevelt IV (Managing Director of recently bankrupt Lehman Brothers) is deeply tied in with Al Gore's climate activities.

Speth: Rhodes Scholar, and all-around green global governance insider:

I have yet to find any mention on the Power Shift site of any criticisms of the financial crisis and Wall Street bailouts, or how greens should support cross-activism in these areas. Not a surprise, especially after learning that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, main Congressional facilitator of the ongoing sellout of the US economy to the banksters, was originally scheduled to speak at the protests (she cancelled because of heavy snow; her office later changed their excuse to a 'scheduling conflict'). Another speaker was John Podesta, Clintonite veteran who recently oversaw the Obama Administration transition.

In my previous email I commented on how the green movement claims to be representing a new 'FDR' policy to revive America's ecomony with a "Green New Deal", yet they have ongoing ties through some of their leaders to historical anti-FDR networks like those around the 'Vanderbilt Agrarians'.

These Agrarians led the American wing of the Congress of Cultural Freedom (see the chapter 'Ransom's Boys' from Stonor-Saunders' "Cultural Cold War") along with the 'New York Intellectuals' who morphed into the neocon movement. Previously the Agrarians were famous for their 1930 book "I'll Take My Stand", a manifesto for 20th century "sympathy for the south" pro-Confederacy movements, which railed against industrial society using language and ideas significantly identical to later counterculture greens. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that Theodore Roosevelt family can trace their relations to the spy James Bulloch who served in England for the Confederate Secret Service run by reputed Rothschild agent Judah P. Benjamin.

The CCF also launched careers of important green leaders, such as Denis de Rougemont (founder of the European anti-nuclear power movement in the 1970s and major influence on the 'ecology' wing of the 1968 French radicals who destabilized the government of deGaulle just when he was causing trouble for zionist-anglo financiers) and Edward Goldsmith (extended Rothschild family). Former OSS agent Gregory Bateson, who had consulted with Wall Street honcho and New Deal opponent Bill Donovan in ground-floor planning of the CCF, later led the founding of the climate change alarmism movement via his organization of a 1967 conference at London's Rockefeller-funded Tavistock Institute where Bateson claimed the world's coastlines would be under hundreds of feet of water by the 1990s (the propaganda being successfully transmitted to the emerging green counterculture by Bateson's protege, Allan Ginsberg, of which I have heard a firsthand personal account) and later the seminal 1975 AAAS climate conference along with Margaret Mead; Bateson and Mead were also the organizers of the 1940s "cybernetics" conferences at MIT whose ideas would develop into the General Systems Theory theme of the Club of Rome and its green 'global governance' agenda, via Rockefeller-supported GST founder Ludwig von Bertalanffy and others. (As an aside, it was a Tavistock associate, Systems Theorist, and former Israeli govt. advisor, Bertram Gross, who wrote the anti-FDR book "Friendly Fascism" (1980) which became popular with the 60s-style US green left).

George Soros is quite the fan of "systems" philosophy which he promotes in his books. He is lauded as a "progressive philanthropist" by some leading greens (such as Riane Eisler and David Loye, the latter is linked to the psychology departments at UCLA which earlier played a key role in MK-ULTRA research which elsewhere occupied Bateson.)

{Note by Peter M.: I find The Chalice and the Blade quite a good book, not extremist}

Eisler's famous green / gaia / systems philosophy book "Chalice and the Blade" was the product of an abortive depopulation discussion group at the Salk Institute involving the Club of Rome's Ervin Laszlo, Bertalanffy's leading student who developed GST into General Evolution Theory (the 'evolution' obsession stems from the ubiquitous links between the green climate movement and the post-WW2 crypto-Eugenics / elite social engineering establishment). Jonas Salk was a friend and collaborator of depopulationist and computer modeling afficionado Robert MacNamara, and was at the center of some still-mysterious contaminated mass vaccination "accidents". Also an influential 'new ager'. Incidentally, The Club of Rome runs a green leadership training program, set up by Laszlo, at exactly the same location earlier used by British Intelligence's Special Operations Execuctive for training agents during WW2 - the Beaulieu estate of the Montagu family. Lady Fiona Montagu herself was the first of Laszlo's "Global Ambassadors" (he also has called them "spiritual entrepreneurs").

The SOE, not surprisingly, ran the British end of the CCF and had some famous members at the time, like Victor Rothschild (whose nephew David Mayer de Rothschild is today a conspicuous climate alarmist with his own children's TV program featured on National Geographic channel - which reminds me, take note of the number of youth- and children- oriented groups associated with the 'Power Shift' operation . It is supposedly part of MI6 but is rumored to be directly answerable to the Crown, themselves leading figureheads of the green movement of course, and ardent zionists. Soros' 'Open Society' operations are in many ways the modern continuation of the CCF agenda.

Maybe we'll see some of Laszlo's green leaders take a role in Soros' proposed anti-Russia climate & energy regulation scheme for Europe if it gets off the ground. Certainly, all of the major propaganda and social-change themes in the present climate alarmism movement can easily be identified in Laszlo's works for the Club of Rome back in the mid-1970s (eg "Strategy for the Future", "Goals for Mankind"; note also that world govt. advocate Arnold J. Toynbee also enthusiastically went green at the same time, e.g "Mankind and Mother Earth"). Particularly interesting in light of the ongoing Obama mania and related factors are Laszlo's arguments that the green world government agenda could recruit a large support base amongst ethnic and social outsiders with a grudge against "the system" (Strategy, p. 94), not to mention the Ruskinite green counterculture to which he gives qualified yet very warm praise (as did Toynbee). Take a look at the faces & people picked to front for the Power Shift group to see this strategy coming to fruition. More recent policy analysis for the Club of Rome has been commissioned from Israeli academic Yehezkel Dror who penned their first-ever policy manual in 2001, "The Capacity to Govern" He is also founder of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute and a former RAND consultant and advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister. He has written on zionist policy for Europe:

He is also the author of a recent book, apparently available only in Hebrew, entitled "Grand Strategies for Israel".

Another little Grand Strategy is underway in California involving friends of Al Gore and influences around the Obama administration, right in the same neighborhood as the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) that launched today's green crusades with social engineering efforts like 1974's post-industrial manifesto "Changing Images of Man" (including contributors Laszlo, Margaret Mead, BF Skinner, and well-known green Duane "voluntary simplicity" Elgin).

Here's an example of how it seems to work:

Hollywood mogul Stephen Bing pushes California green oil tax:

Bing teams up with Silicon Valley 'Clean Tech' investors:

Al Gore joins Clean Tech venture firm:

Obama Green Talk Is Gold to Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley clean-tech expect to benefit from stimulus bill

Meanwhile, climate alarmist BBC helps set the mood: California über alles

Calls for Silicon Valley + Israel 'Cleantech' alliance

Could there be any reason to doubt that the CleanTech revolution will revive the US economy with "green jobs" for everyone? How could anyone have doubts when the CleanTech North Amercian Advisory Board includes none other than Peter Schwartz, the SRI veteran 'futurist' whose 1999 "The Long Boom" promised that in 2009 we would be enjoying global prosperity at the halfway point of a 20-year 'New Economy' revolution? In recent years, Schwartz has been cooking up 'climate change' intel for the famous neocon 'Yoda' at the Pentagon, Andrew Marshall (known for the 'Revolution in Military Affairs' in which Al Gore has also been deeply involved)

Confidence in the CleanTech venture should be boosted even more by its partnership with 'big four' global accounting giant Deloitte & Touche, one of the firms embroiled in the Parmalat & Enron scandals:

Not to worry, Enron supported climate alarmism:

As chance would have it, Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection is headquartered just a stone's throw from SRI, and also not far from the old Palo Alto Veterans Hospital where Gregory Bateson first introduced his future ecology understudy Allan Ginsberg to LSD under MK-ULTRA connected research of Stanford University's Mental Research Institute. Small world. Ginsberg's most famous LSD dose would occur in the Welsh countryside, accompanied by a celebrity British publisher, after having been shock-and-awed by Bateson's global warming doomsday prophecies at the 1967 Tavistock conference.

Fortunately for posterity, Ginsberg was captured on film sharing his acutely lucid wisdom during his visit to London, putting to rest any possible concerns whether he was capable of understanding what was going on around him:

He subsequently returned to the US with his new passionate green gnosis and helped inspire the formation the environmental movement as a splinter of the antiwar movement, which would become the core of today's climate alarmism zealotry. Some of his old 60s colleagues are in fact among those currently cheering on the US establishment's 'Power Shift' puppet show.

Strangely enough, their 'green' movement emerged at exactly the time in the late 60s and early 70s that the Wall Street-London dominated financial system began undergoing a series of permanently expanding crises and shocks (by the way, it was of all people neocon godfather Senator 'Scoop' Jackson who fathered the single most important breakthrough in environmental legislation of that era, the National Environmental Policy Act introduced in '67-68 and passed in '70), and their movement is now being funded and elevated into unprecedented public prominence by those same bankster elites at just the moment that the decades-long collapse is reaching its climax, and mesmerizing the public with the message, from certain leaders like James Hansen, that the crisis enveloping the world calls on us to wage war against "Captains of Industry" like auto executives -- with little or no focus on globalist financiers and their 'bailout' lucre (let alone whether some of that quickly vanishing bailout money might eventually be used in some way related to future carbon-trading casinos). And a few Silicon Valley cyber-counterculture hipsters prepare to make some big bucks while auto industry employees lose their jobs, and poor working americans prepare to struggle with their utility bills due to increasingly likely 'climate' taxes and other sanctions on coal- powered energy being instituted before proven alternatives are genuinely ready. On the other side of the Atlantic, Soros is simultaneously trying to manipulate climate fears to support a rapid 'global governance' energy policy coup in Europe.

But perhaps this is all just a train of pure coincidences... As the old saying goes, Gaia works in mysterious ways.
Of course by now we all know that worshipping Gaia is our Common Destiny, don't we? What is the ultimate goal of sustainable development? Are we allowed to ask?
This sense of responsibility can only emerge from the acceptance of the oneness of humanity and will only be sustained by a unifying vision of a peaceful, prosperous world society. Without such a global ethic, people will be unable to become active, constructive participants in the worldwide process of sustainable development. While Agenda 21 provides an indispensable framework of scientific knowledge and technical know-how for the implementation of sustainable development, it does not inspire personal commitment to a global ethic. This is not to say that ethics and values were ignored during the UNCED process. The call for unifying values was heard throughout, from heads of state to UN officials to representatives of non-governmental organizations and individual citizens. In particular, the concepts of 'our common humanity,' 'world citizenship' and 'unity in diversity' were invoked to serve as the ethical undergirding for Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration.

The world community has, in this way, already come to a basic accord on the need for a global ethic to vitalize Agenda 21. We suggest that the term 'world citizenship' be adopted to encompass the constellation of principles, values, attitudes and behaviours that the peoples of the world must embrace if sustainable development is to be realized.

World citizenship begins with an acceptance of the oneness of the human family and the interconnectedness of the nations of 'the earth, our home.' While it encourages a sane and legitimate patriotism, it also insists upon a wider loyalty, a love of humanity as a whole. It does not, however, imply abandonment of legitimate loyalties, the suppression of cultural diversity, the abolition of national autonomy, nor the imposition of uniformity. Its hallmark is 'unity in diversity.' World citizenship encompasses the principles of social and economic justice, both within and between nations; non-adversarial decision making at all levels of society; equality of the sexes; racial, ethnic, national and religious harmony; and the willingness to sacrifice for the common good. Other facets of world citizenship;all of which promote human honour and dignity, understanding, amity, cooperation, trustworthiness, compassion and a desire to serve;can be deduced from those already mentioned. A few of these principles have been articulated in Agenda 21;most, however, are noticeably lacking. Moreover, no overall conceptual framework is provided under which they can be harmonized and promulgated.

Fostering world citizenship is a practical strategy for promoting sustainable development. So long as disunity, antagonism and provincialism characterize the social, political and economic relations within and among nations, a global, sustainable pattern of development can not be established. Over a century ago Bahá'u'lláh warned, 'The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.' Only upon a foundation of genuine unity, harmony and understanding among the diverse peoples and nations of the world, can a sustainable global society be erected."

The Office of the Environment has distributed more than 100,000 copies of World Citizenship: A Global Ethic for Sustainable Development, has offered it at various UN conferences and events, and has encouraged broad distribution of the copies. The document exists in at least a dozen languages and has been put on several electronic bulletin boards and networks.

Bahá'í communities in several countries have held seminars, workshops and discussion groups on the ideas contained in the statement and several have undertaken concrete actions. For example, a number of Bahá'í communities initiated efforts to encourage local authorities and organizations of civil society to implement Agenda 21. Bahá'í communities throughout Germany and the United Kingdom began approaching local authorities (the subject of chapter 28 of Agenda 21) to discuss promoting the concept of world citizenship as a moral and ethical basis for development. Similarly, Bahá'í communities in Australia, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland have launched campaigns in schools focusing on world citizenship and sustainable development. In Brazil the Bahá'í community has initiated an annual World Citizenship award."
I need to find a good place to put this quote:
"Bahá'í communities throughout Germany and the United Kingdom began approaching local authorities (the subject of chapter 28 of Agenda 21) to discuss promoting the concept of world citizenship as a moral and ethical basis for development." Lawrence Arturo

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