Friday, March 6, 2009

Stop United Nations Local Agenda 21 (LA21) group on facebook

This just took off! It's already up to 124 members and they're joining from all over the world. Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordon, Eqypt, across England, France, Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Mexico, Phillipines, Indonesia... it's incredible.

With all the activists lined up to protest the G20 in London, it's actually possible that the REAL PLAN will be talked about in the streets! Wonder how the direct action networkers will supress this kind of reality interjection in their controlled opposition tactics. The whole idea of controlling the opposition includes making the opponents of freedom appear bigger than life and untouchable through legal methods.. which leads to violent Marxist street actions that always justify robo cop interventions and lessens the credibility of the marchers with the "law abiding" general public. But what would happen if millions of copies of LA21 were sent flying through the crowds... what if groups formed to study their home LA21 plans and made area specific flyers?

My experience with the NC30 protests in Seattle Nov 1999 taught me how hungry protestors are for good information. The only group I found in Seattle with anything resembling coherant academic thinking was published by the anarchists. They explained exactly why they chose the 10 business targets they smashed... every target uses prison or forced labor. Of course as an American defending our system based entirely in property rights, I opposed their methods. But we were impressed by their arguments. If only we had understood the real argument then.

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