Friday, March 13, 2009

SPD Chief Gil Kerlikowski to be Obama's Drug Czar?

Update 5:19 pm, Obama appoints Smart Growth, COMPASS and Light Link Rail scam leaders! The only person missing from this list is Rick Krochelis of DCLU and Sustainable Seattle. One can only imagine how these communitarian players will "influence national policy."
"CONGRATULATIONS to Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske for being chosen to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Along with the high federal appointments for King County Executive Ron Sims and former Gov. Gary Locke, Kerlikowske's appointment gives hope that experience from this part of America will influence national policy." New Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske brings Northwest lessons
Somebody googled Gil Kerlikowski and David Icke and ended up at my blog. I had to know what Icke has to do with Kerlikowski, and what I found is Obama may name Kerlikowski as his Drug Czar. This article in the Seattle Times is over a month old:

He became the first department outsider to lead the Buffalo, N.Y., department in the 1990s, and left there for the deputy-director position in the Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, a post he was appointed to by then-President Clinton, according to his biography on the Seattle Police Department's Web site.

Kerlikowske lists one of his accomplishments as the development of less-than-lethal force options for officers, equipping dozens of officers with Tasers. He also oversaw the installation of cameras in the department's patrol cars.

Currently, he serves as president of the Major Cities Chief's Association, which consists of police leaders from the country's 56 largest metropolitan areas.

He has been an advocate of gun control and fought to pass the assault-weapons ban and has championed closing the background-check loophole at gun shows.

What Kerlikowski doesn't list as his accomplishments is how he managed to fund the Seattle COMPASS pilot program in early 2000 in spite of the fact that Seattle's COMPASS grant application was missing ALL the privacy requirements for Human Subject's Research. Gil was the Director of Grants for the DC Office of Community Oriented Policing. He helped DESIGN and create the COMPASS database, he approved an illegal grant to Seattle based on data gathered in the Roosevelt neighborhood during local LA21 planning operations, and then he was "chosen" as the new SPD Chief when SPD Chief Norm Stamper happily stepped down after the WTO fiasco. (I attended Stamper's retirement party, so I can personally attest to his state of mind that night anyway. We had our picture taken together by a real fun Seattle "diversity trainer," a very well dressed transvestite cop, Suzanne. I sent a copy of our picture to a WA State Justice.)

My personal file was used in the Seattle COMPASS pilot test. I spent years trying to gain access to a copy of my R&B file (as per US Code 552a) and to review the personal information gathered about me by Community Police in my Seattle neighborhood during 1999. Every Seattle agency with access to the COMPASS files DENIED there were any files on me or anyone else (this after Community COPS Michale Crooks TOLD ME she had my file at the August 30, 1999 meeting).

Kerlikowski isn't some nice local neighborhood rank-and-file cop, no matter what the medical marijuana advocates exclaim. Clinton appointed him to the COPS program which was created under the Violent Crime Act of 1994.

Most Americans still do not know that community policing is a federal police and communitarian programme advocated by Dr. Amitai Etzioni or that President Clinton called community policing "a DLC (Rothschild Democratic Leadership Council) idea" either.

Most Americans still do not know that the federal police help write the "new" laws they enforce. Our citizens exist totally unaware of this whole paradigm shift to pro-active, preventative police theories. The Dawson raid on September 30,1999, was a COMPASS pilot test. This action is what took my research beyond Hugh's property right's realm into the federal policing programs.

Wonder if any "real" journalists will follow the trail from Gil to COMPASS to Smart Grid. If they don't, well, maybe Alex Jones or David Icke or World Net Daily will expose him to us.

What a TRIP to realize I know SO MUCH about this Obama choice, and that I've met him personally, twice. One time I met him on the street while I was on jury duty in early 2001. I walked up to him, said "Well hello there chief! Nice to see ya!" and shook his hand. He was confused and said he didn't remember meeting me. I said "You don't know me, but you will."

Then I attended a public meeting at Council Chambers and gave my 3 minute testimony regarding Gil's new program of data gathering at all police stops (proposed after black residents complained about being targeted - which they were the first guinea pigs in all COPS' programs). Gil's proposal was to interrogate ALL people stopped, not JUST blacks. I complimented Gil on his innovative thinking that prompted such a brillaint Hegelian solution, and noted his advanced use of technological advice from his fellow communitarian thinkers at Northwestern University (referring to McNight and Kretzman of ABCD- McNight signed Obama's Harvard application).

King County Executive Ron Sims is under Obama consideration for a HUD position. All the Seattle crooks are heading to Washington DC! Maybe it's time to move back there.

I love Seattle, it was my first and only experience living in a "big city." Although I did head straight for the mountains when I was cut off from the Dawson lawsuit in April 2003 (and lead Dawson attorney Margaret Boyle has a lot to answer for someday. She's the one who sabotaged the case by taking out all the evidence of the TRAINING. The 9th appelate court denied the appeal based on the fact that there was NO EVIDENCE of training. You can't sue government employees for breaking the law very easily. What the court wants to see is that these employees were TRAINED to break the law.).

What if I move down to Seattle and start building gertees for the homeless people? That's where many of them live. My sister Sue and I went to the theater one night in the Seattle Center, we were all dressed up and giddy with the aftermath of a nice dinner with wine, when we passed about 200 people living underneath the cement walkway we were on. Both of us went silent and looked at each other ready to cry. That was before I was evicted and joined the ranks of the homeless. That was back when Jeri Dawson told me I din't have a clue what it meant to live on the streets. The only difference between me and the thousands of Seattle homeless is, I went to the woods. There's a perfect park in the University District on 5oth and E 15h Ave... Ravenna.. yeah. Or has Puget Sound Light Link Rail Planning Commission already destroyed the "Ave?"

Summer in Seattle? It's beautiful there when the sun shines... all except for the skies full of chem trails (which I haven't had to deal with here). And man, living in a gertee in Western Washington or up in the Cascades would be a piece of cake after gerteeing for 2 Alaska winters. Hrmmm.


Sean said...

All the crooked bastards you were fighting from the beggining are running our dang country now! That has gotta be a helluva head trip Niki.

Let me know if you are really comming to WA state. I'm sure it would be a nice break from the 'great white north'....

You need to do an interview and explain free trade agreements and maybe tell that transvestive cop story. Wow. I remember that one.

the tent lady said...

No kidding, I'm trying to get ahold of the politicans I know in WA to get their take on all this. I had one Democrat friend who has seen all my COMPASS research and who also testified in my defense when I went to court to stop the eviction based on the fact that Hugh and I had an agreement to trade rent for docs.

It was another one of those weird experiences that I "lost" but yet I felt I gained when Nancy Rising and Assistant City Attorney Darby DuComb both testified that I DID work for Sisley and that my top grade research helped the City change its tactics.

We could've sued Hugh in civil court since he admitted under oath that he had taken docs from me for 18 months after I told him he would have to start paying me for them. Boyle was furious that I said no because we needed to work on Dawson (which hadn't been filed yet). I also had a good PDA lawsuit established in WA, but I focused on the violations of the 4th amendment in the COMPASS program instead. Duh.

Boyle told me I'd own the house I rented from Sisley if I sued him. We argued over her speaker phone every day for an entire week. Nothing like a lawyer who smells easy blood money, and her disgust at me for leaving it sitting there should have been a red flag.

And yeah that cop was a hoot. His outfit was pure Jackie O. There are some colorful people in Seattle and it was a big part of why I liked it there. Sanders, that was the name of the Justice, I just remembered it. He was another vibrant character and his talks on US law brought tears to my eyes. The first time I handed him some of my evidence in an envelope he thought I was there to give him a summons! (I didn't know what that was.)