Sunday, March 15, 2009

All travel plans to be tracked by Government - UKNews

Don't worry everybody. This could never happen in the US. Our people would never allow our government to make laws like this. We're the land of the free and the home of the brave. Anyone who thinks this could happen in the U.S. is just some kind of comspiracy nut. There is no global governanace plan, there is no global police force, there is no global law. Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were never Third Way communitarians and the DLC was never funded by the Bank of England.

So, hmmm, here's another debate forum where I've been labled as living in "conspiracy land." Our friend Sean wrote "I think you would both benefit from Niki Raapana's research on Hegel. Her research on Hegel and Communitarianism is here. " This is the first reply:
Unfortunately, I think Raapana's approach to Hegel epitomizes the error apparently initiated by Sutton, so rapidly and enthusiastically adopted in "conspiracy land," as viewing Hegelianism as "contrived propaganda."

Hegel, I think, has a valid point to make about the nature of "ideas". An idea always contains its opposite (for clarity if nothing else). Jung, I think, has best shown this to be the case. For every conscious idea of oneself (persona), for instance (and Jung talks of much more), there is an opposite (shadow) idea of oneself. Jung even claims separate "persons" develop in the same individual consciousness corresponding to the two self-conceptions. Jung postulates acheiving psychological wholeness by eventually synthesizing "persona" and "shadow" via conflict much as Hegel sees society moving to a higher level as a new ideological synthesis of thesis and antithesis is acheived.

Hegel, an extreme collectivist, unlike Jung is not wary of the social organism with its collective consciousness (group think), but glories in it, identifing with it, worshipping it as GOD. Hegel sees pairs of ideological opposites like "free-enterprise" and "socialism" with their competing supporters, similarly to Jung in the individual consciousness, as a pair of conflicting ideas in the collective consciousness of the "social organism." NO WHERE does Hegel see these conflicts as "contrived." No, he sees them as very real contradictions or opposites, thesis and antithesis working themselves out in a deterministic fashion toward an increasingly collectivist synthesis.

What I believe has confused right-wing "conspiracy land" about Hegel and the Marxian inanity of projecting Hegels theory of how ideas evolve on MATERIAL REALITY is that both posit a necessary social evolution or historical determinism toward increasing collectivism. Actually, Hegel's theory of ideas could just as well be used in the opposite fashion to presume evolution of socially determined archetypes toward indiviualism (individuation) as does Jung. One could say the thesis is Socialism (tribal collectivism), the antithesis is Individualism, and the synthesis is the various possibilities for limited Constitutional Government!
Wrong. The synthesis is communitarianism. Maybe Sean can bring this guy into the 21st century. One "could say" just about anything they want when it comes to Hegel, but obviously the actual and easily verifiable Hegelian synthesis is totally off-limits. He never mentions communitarianism once in his little kindergarten lecture to Sean about my confusion. Hegels' theory of ideas "could just as well" take men to Mars too, but at the very least that would have to be labled science fiction. I just love how twisted thinkers spew their bs as if they are the authority on these topics. Etzioni calls himself "the everything expert."

His last line is priceless, really, it should go in the 21st century edition of Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary." I didn't base anything I ever wrote on Anthony Sutton, and to label me "right wing" is beyond stupid. I am AGAINST THE COMMUNITARIAN SYNTHESIS. It includes the LEFT and the RIGHT. How HARD is that to understand, Lloyd Miller, Research Director, A-albionic Research?

I really am ready to take a vacation from the ACL. Especially now that I'm back to using this blog to vent my frustration at the continual slander and so many ignorant assumptions about me. I don't know why I bothered to care so much for so long about something that was gone long before I was born. And I don't intend to start believing in the Bible now either, no matter how sure some of you are that that's what I need to do. Whatever I do it's not going to be finding solace in something I've already rejected. I never catered to or looked for approval from the Judeo Christian community (and they usually freak out at my Zionism reseach anyway!) God was not the basis for any of my writings (God's law was).

And don't worry about me. I detest the New Age more than anything, and there's no way I want to embrace an Eastern religion either; I wouldn't be a good Muslim. I used to pray in the Lakota tradition until it took on too many New Agers. I went to a pipe in Seattle after my war against the communitarians started. They passed around a photo of land they wanted and then we all prayed for the Creator to provide it for them. It was too bizarre and so sacreligious to me, but I decided to not care who they were and I genuinely prayed and cried when it came to my turn. I sobbed about the enormity of the task I was facing and begged my Creator for the strength to continue trying to find out what was going on. It was met with stunned silence. Heh. I've always been too weird for words. But I'm not living in conspiracy land and I'm not a Nazi and I'm NOT right wing. Am I being goaded by these attacks? Is the point to make me mad? Cause it does. If the anonymous posters who keep calling me a Nazi at Constance's blog were here in the room with me, I'd punch them right in the face. If Lloyd Miller was here in the same room, I'd laugh in his face. But I'm alone, so all I can do is tell you, dear reader, what I'd do to my enemies' pawns.

Do I wish I could believe my Creator is going to come down here and smite my evil enemies? Hell yeah. And I'll be estatic if that is what actually happens. But doesn't every religion believe that the Creator is on their side? We had three major belief systems that said that to their followers, and they've all been fighting each other for thousands of years. The US is fully into a new "crusade" in the Middle East, based on some insane idea that American democracy comes from "God," (which, technically it does, because communitarianism IS the new definition of democracy and it comes from a vision the Cabbalist Amitai Etzioni had one day during lunch.).

I've had an impossible time explaining the communitarian political system to my people. How in God's name will I ever explain the communitarian religion to anybody (especially when they ALREADY practice it!)? It's too late. We are all living under a global communitarian system and we will go along with the program or be fined and arressted and "re-trained" to be a good community member. There's no question anymore over whether Americans will allow it to happen because it already has happened, and our people know it too. But they're still waiting for the announcement to come on the "news." No idea what they think they'll do once that happens.

What does Gaia say about smiting her enemies? The eco-terrorists worship the Earth Mother and they do all kinds of mean and nasty things to their enemies. Even if they are just a side-show to keep us from looking at the HARD CORE ecoterrorism practiced in every government agency these days, maybe I need to start practicing their values now. Just saying it makes my skin crawl, so I doubt that will be my fate. Yeah, things are going to get very intense now, and I'm happy for the people who have a faith. I have a faith in a Creator that carried me this far, and in these end times I think I'll be sticking to what I know works for me. "There is a God, and I'm not it" is all I need. May God bless you all who've endured with me these past few years.

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Edith said...

"I never catered to or looked for approval from the Judeo Christian community (and they usually freak out at my Zionism reseach anyway!) God was not the basis for any of my writings (God's law was)."


NEITHER have I!!!!!

To reject what you said above is NOT rejecting the Bible. You have not come to realize that your thinking IS Biblical. You're to bust rejecting what they have "made out of the Bible" to see that God's Law is truth contained therein.

What you reject is Luciferic thinking and this is good. But you can't reject the Bible because your thinking is rooted there....:o) Just like mine.

You can claim you reject it but.....

Love you,

Edith said...

"American democracy comes from "God," (which, technically it does, because communitarianism IS the new definition of democracy and it comes from a vision the Cabbalist Amitai Etzioni had one day during lunch.)."


The American Republic is based on God's principals of freedom for individuals as you and I understand that to be. What we have today is not what America was. It has been changed into Communitarianism which is of Lucifer. It's not of God but they CLAIM it is.

Edith said...

"There is a God, and I'm not it" is all I need."


Edith :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm with what she said.


charles said...

Niki, I hear what you are saying. I'll tell you what...just wait and you'll see all the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. There will come a day when you can't buy or sell without the Mark. It's the hexagram. Don't take it. And maybe when that day comes you'll believe. Bob posting as Charles.

mudlurk said...

I wouldn't let a smug, middle-class, pseudo intellectuals like him wind you up Niki. It's a measure of his confidence in his own argument that he resorts to constructing a strawman so quickly. The irony of casting you as an extremeist in an argument about contrived dialetics, whooshed over his head.

REB said...

Don't you see how you are in the grip of dialectical thinking? Of course you don't.

So words don't matter after all, hey?