Monday, March 2, 2009

Tim's Iditarod Auctions go up on ebay

Here's another way people can support the ACL! This is one way I make my "bread and butter" out here in no jobs wilderness land. Actully I really do live on bread, I love it as long as it's not Wonder Bread or boring plain wheat. I make my own too, cause I eat tons of peanut butter and jelly and tunafish with mayo and chopped onions and pickles if I have them, which this summer I'm planting cukes in my garden and I'm gonna try to make my own dills! Can't wait to get my hands into some dirt again! And yeah, all that has nothing to do with the Iditarod or the auctions but it made me happy to write it. It's been a long winter. :)

Tim Redington's Family Iditarod Auctions on eBay:


James said...


What an amazing range of interests, knowledge, talents, and energy level! Must be the home made bread :)

As expected I have been overwhelmed at work (feast or famine as they say).

James in Dallas

the tent lady said...

Well this winter I'm attributing it to sleeping on an Earth Pad. After three months of camping in the arctic I should be worn out, sore and whining like a banshee. But instead I'm singing every day again, dancing too, and while I still hate doing my dishes I am able to complete every other daily chore with enthusiasm. :)

I haven't even opened the gertee manuscript in weeks... so enjoy the feasting cause I don't have one drawing ready for you yet! :) I'm realizing I'd rather build gertees than write about them now.