Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Ultimately, the piper must be paid," by Henry Lamb

Henry Lamb continues to include the word communitarian in his articles. Now he calls sustainable development a "socialist, communitarian concept" that nobody noticed in the 1990s. We're in the middle of a blizzard up here, I'm working on the manifesto (it goes to print next week!) and my arctic entryway is only half-finished, so I can't comment about how I feel now that the ACL is being included in Lamb's articles. I can say that I'm happy to see the word getting out there, because it's 2008 and still so few have noticed it. The ACL is getting a lot more EU nation hits searching for "communitarian law." I wish we'd start getting those from America too.

Ultimately, the piper must be paid
By Henry Lamb, web posted September 29, 2008
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"The meltdown in the financial markets has caused the finger of blame to spin like a weathervane in a hurricane. The underlying cause of the debacle, however, has been largely ignored. Driven by "progressive" Democrats and Republicans, the cause is the relentless shift from a free market economy to a socialist economy.

"Until the Roosevelt era, the responsibility and privilege of having a home was left solely to the individual. Few people realize that Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) was created in 1938 by FDR, to provide a federal guarantee for home loans extended by local banks.

"Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) was created in 1970, during Nixon's reign. Both were designed to buy mortgages from local lenders as a way to insure an adequate supply of money for local lenders. These "secondary" mortgages were packaged into "bundles" of securities that were traded among an array of financial institutions.

"During the 1960s, the United Nations produced the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Article V(e)(iii) proclaimed that all people had a "right" to housing. Both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations supported the treaty, but it was not ratified until the Clinton administration, November 20, 1994. No one noticed, or connected the dots to the emerging socialist, communitarian concept called "sustainable development. Grassroots organizations across the nation were deeply involved in preventing ratification of another U.N. treaty, the Convention on Biological Diversity which was also under consideration at the time.

"To meet its obligations under the U.N.'s Racial Discrimination Treaty, the Clinton administration instructed Fannie Mae to expand loans to low-income borrowers, according to Franklin D. Raines, Fannie Mae's Chairman. Thus, the "sub-prime" market was born, and government guaranteed loans were extended to millions of families who could not qualify for a mortgage in a free market economy, but easily qualified under the new socialist scheme.

"In 2005, Republican Senators saw the danger and tried to reform these institutions with the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulator Reform Act (S-190), but Democrats blocked the bill.

"Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were institutions that were neither purely socialist, nor purely free market – a blend that is best described as communitarian, in that they allowed private investors to buy and hold shares in the corporations, but were also guaranteed by the federal government. That is, until recently, when the federal government took over both institutions. Now, the federal government essentially owns all those properties – a result that is as socialist as had the government nationalized those properties by force.

"AIG, the international insurance giant, and other Wall Street and international financial institutions bought the bundles of mortgage securities that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offered. Everybody involved made a ton of money, and housing for low income families expanded exponentially – just as the Treaty on Racial Discrimination and the proponents of sustainable development had predicted. With all the new loans being made, the home building industry flourished, the real estate industry flourished, all industries related to housing flourished – until the market became saturated.

"Home values stopped rising. Housing inventories began to rise. Home values began to decline. Foreclosures began to rise. Homebuilding slowed, housing related industries began to lay off workers. Energy prices began to rise. Paychecks fell short of family needs. Foreclosures skyrocketed. Suddenly, there was little or no value in the bundles of security that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had packaged. Financial institutions found themselves in possession of massive "assets" that had no value. Creak, crumble crash! The financial markets came tumbling down.

"The piper must be paid. The question is whether to do it now – and let the chips fall where they may, or, to kick the can down the road, and pay the piper later. The answer, of course, is to kick the can into the next generation, with another leap toward socialism. The bailout plan – whatever the particulars – is nothing short of a government takeover of the financial industry. The next president will have to sort it out and build the road toward future recovery or final disaster.

"Barack Obama's incessant drumbeat about the failure of the economic policies of the last eight years is either gross ignorance or, more likely, political blame-shifting. The cause of the current meltdown is clearly the Democrat's insistence upon giving federally-guaranteed mortgages to people who could not afford them. Even now, Democrats insist, not on the minimum government involvement possible, but on adding all sorts of give-away ornaments on the bailout Christmas tree. Obama is also promising to take over the energy industry, the health industry, and to give tax credits and even refunds to some people with money he shamelessly takes from others. This is redistribution of wealth - pure socialism.

"McCain may be only marginally better, but any deterrent to the Democrat's determined transformation of America to unabashed socialism should be welcomed. Despite the U.N.'s declaration to the contrary, no person has a "right" to housing. If Democrats prevail and continue their pursuit of the U.N'.s goal of universal socialism, America can expect to experience the same total collapse experienced by the Soviet Union.

"Ultimately, the piper must be paid."

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International.

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Bobby Garner said...

Niki, as I read the article, I had to correct myself a couple of times from thinking of you as the author. Henry really did a good job on this. His introduction of the thought that we are headed toward a Soviet type collapse is interesting. I have been testing the theory for a few years that such is the actual desired outcome. My America's Destiny page delves into it and illustrates how 9-11 symbolized a turning point going into the end game.

Such a long term strategy is too much for most patriotic Americans to comprehend, but the evidence I have been accumulating about British Israel, the Pilgrim Society, Communism, Zionism, and their associated organizations, dupes and protégés is very strong and compelling for a Great Conspiracy.

As the curtain descends, the proof will become overwhelming, and denial will cease to be a viable option. Even Eric Madsen of Team Law essentially admitted in private comments that even though the Constitution was "inspired by God", that many of the framers represented the dark side and that their intent was to allowed for a government such as we now have, and that it has been guided to this end by members of the same secret societies.

lark said...

Since the "government" has, in effect, increasingly been given over to sundry "public-private partnerships" anymore, wouldn't it be more correct for Mr. Lamb to assert "the bailout plan - whatever the particulars - is nothing short of a financial industry takeover of the government" instead?

Pointing fingers at the so-called "government" causes many of us to lose sight of the fact that it is more often complicit, compliant, foolish, compromised, complacent, and/or duped individuals who are being herded by another person or group(s) of individuals - perhaps a more secretive, diabolical, behind-the-scenes person (or, more likely, specific, identifiable persons) - and is/are actually the one(s) defining, causing, shaping, and then driving these events to a "far-gone conclusion"... of what really is... a deliberately manufactured... pre-determined outcome.

Bearing this in mind, it is the treasonous and highly-organized criminal gangs (real-life cabalists), in my view, which are THE unified driving force behind the "forced takeover" of our government - not the other way around.

One has to wonder if "the good guys" within "our government" are even fully awakened to the grave threat these traitors have posed. My guess is... even within the ranks of those "fully awakened and deeply aware" individuals... within the vastness of the unholy governmental apparatus itself... those erstwhile patriots and constitutionalists and anti-Fed types have been overruled, shouted-down, or even threatened by their disapproving, "bought-and-paid-for" superiors... to stand down in the face of such rampant and obvious criminality.