Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jewish Law Conference at Harvard

Finished a 2 hour interview with Red Ice Creations with Swedish host Henrik Palmgren (and his brother Fredrik). It's kind of amazing how different it is to talk about communitarianism depending on who's asking the questions. I learn more about what I think though radio interviews than I ever imagined possible. It's almost like that old AA saying, "We only teach what we need to learn." The first hour is free, the second is for their subscribers.

From Charles in Seattle we got another insight into changing US law. Thanks Charles!

"Anyone who is about to compare the universe of normative halachic discourse with that of the present postmodern culmination of Western discourse, should have a beard or, failing that, a French accent. I possess neither. But I do have a particular expertise in this topic, one that grew out of an attempt to answer a simple question: why, as I was reading through the American law journals, including Harvard's own, was Rabbi Joseph Caro, the great sixteenth century codifier and mystic, emerging as one of the major American legal theorists of our day? The answer to that question, as it turned out, centers on the meeting of Jewish law and postmodernity."