Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winter Camping in September! Whoo hoo!!!

Yesterday was the clearest most beautiful day. I heard the drops about 3 am when I was working on the Rebuilding America post. By 5am I finally went to sleep trying to ignore my panic about not being ready for snow yet. It really came early this year. This was the worst summer on record (our summer was a Seattle winter) and now we get dumped on before October. Man I wish global warming would get here soon. But I do love the snow, I forget how much until I get out in it and just start doing whatever it is i have to do. Yesterday I got to dig in a big burn pile and dragged out enough to keep the fire going until my wood guy gets a permit to cut it. We're surrounded by millions of square miles of trees and we're scrambling for firewood; crazy.

Waking up to the first snowfall of 2008-9!

Can the twenty footer stand up to winter?

Bbq and firepit ready for winter guests!

Materials for Freddies recycled slippers:
1. wall tent rain cover canvass soles
2. Radiant Guard
3. Army's ironing board felt covers
4. velour scrap from a t-shirt

Leather top from cut up coat.
Felt hat string added to the back.

Perfect fit, too bad there's only one!

Artic entryway under construction

Chainsaws aren't made just for boys anymore.
I love my Husquvarna!!!! Too bad it runs on gas.

Gertee's canvass walls bear the "Girl Scouts of America" logo


James said...

hey ya i dont know is this comment got posted or not so ill try once more ya niki thats groovy nice arctic entryway now all u need is a wood heated hot water boiler and some baseboard raidiaters inside the yurt then u could have ur wood furnqace in a seperate little building and just fill up the stove once a day also have a building where u could cook with wood fire without making the temperature inside ur place unbearable i remember last fall when u had just installed the raident guard reflective insulation
it was so damn hot i needed to go outside several times and lose some layers lol but that was just me maybe the temp for u was just right! anyways ya what about this nation wide economic crisis, like they diden´t know this was going to happen. what a bunch of bullshit
its all bullshit though pretty much when it comes to poly-tricks
anyways im coming back home and could deffinately use some good advice about the constructional procedure of my yurt/house its gonna be nice though either way so ya i´ll probably c u then in a couple of weeks, say yo yo to ms. nordica and the rest of the crew
well im gonna split im at the train station in stockholm rite now using the internet to send this, my friends are leaving to spain tomarrow so were gonna go c a show tonight u know live music and what ever else is on the agenda
ya so take it easy ur friend Dave

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