Thursday, October 2, 2008

Endorsement for Paul Barnes, Your Prince Edward-Hastings Independent Candidate

Paul Barnes is the first international contributor to 2020: Our Common Destiny. This fall, he is running for public office in the Prince Edward-Hastings district of Ontario, Canada.

We'd like to offer the Anti Communitarian League's official endorsement to Paul, and hope that every voting Canadian in his district has the opportunity to hear his eloquent and level-headed take on the communitarian agenda in his country and everywhere else.

Click here to purchase 2020: Our Common Destiny by Niki Raapana, with Paul Barnes & Nordica Friedrich


James said...

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Paul Barnes said...

Thanks Niki and all the gang for that wonderful endorsement! I certainly need all the help I can get in this district :)


Fair press article for this independent candidate.


C said...

Paul, you are running a awesome campaign.

And thanks for posting this, Niki.

C said...

Cool, more press coverage!

"A crowd of approximately 150 people gathered at the Prince Edward Community Centre Tuesday evening to hear Independent Paul Barnes, McMahon, Conservative Daryl Kramp, Alan Coxwell of The Green Party, and Liberal Ken Cole duke it out.


The soft-spoken Barnes told the crowd he had no majority package to sell them, saying the voting public should be the true leaders of the country.

"The only leader in this room should be you," he said. "Not me, not the party or their representatives... your concerns should not be homogenized into inflexible prepackaged solutions offered by others on your behalf. You are the deciders and anything else gives our power away.""