Thursday, October 2, 2008

Camp Redington's winter season begins

Camp Redington is a four season campground. We will be putting up more gertees, constructing more outbuildings (as long as the weather permits) and clearing trails for dog mushing and snowmachining. Tim wants to start teaching basic sprint dog racing techniques. Fred and I will be his first students and we'll let you know how it goes.

my messy workzone
First night's covering just over the doorway

Nordica's sign with 20' gertee in background

Winter hostel with Nordica's sign

20' gertee's arctic entryway, covered but unfinished

This arctic entryway is 5' x 8' x 7' tall. It slopes down over the front deck step for good drainage. Tall people will have to stoop; it's perfect for us. :) Wanted to add gutters for a water storage system but I was soaked clean through just getting the big tarp up this morning. I had one day of clear weather between snowfall. We're getting pounded with snow right now, "and it shows no sign of stopping, every kid with eyes a popping, knows he'll soon be bellywopping on his ear...."

roof frame for arctic entryway through door window

sure sign of what season we're in now

Dave- The campground is open so you have a place to put up your gertee when you return! You can stay in my small one while we build yours. We have to haul water and the shower is drained but you'll have electric and slow internet and the price is right. Maybe we can trade. See ya soon!

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