Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Ice Creations, Sunday at 3pm AK time

Many thanks to Melodee and Katie at Give Me Some Truth radio show for having me on last week. We covered a lot of information. Very knowledgable hosts. Their upcoming guests are William Roberts and Darren Weeks.

This Sunday at 3pm AK time I'm doing another radio show with Henrik at Red Ice Creations.

Kenny Lake gets a foot of fresh snow!

collecting inside melting snow
(this should become part of the design)

Camp Redington's winter bbg area

covering inside roof with 10x20 sheets of painters plastic

20 foot gertee still standing!!

First the snow drenched the inside roof and started leaking all over the house. I can't put the new roof cover up until it's dry... I may have waited too long. So I got a few painter's plastic drop covers and slid them up inside the roofbeams. This helped to focus the drips into pans I placed along the walls (which I just finished covering and they looked so nice before the water stains). The snow finally stopped but it got real cold out and now the roofcovers are frozen almost solid. This makes no sense since normally the heat melts snow on the roof. Can't get the temp above 58 in here tonight so I sure hope the Radiant Guard gets here tomorrow. Got the fan on and brought in the huge (20 gal?) cooking pot, filled it with snow and set it by the woodstove. I'm going to keep it filled with hot water and use my other woodstove as an oven next to the one I'm burning the wood in this winter. It doesn't shut down any better than my Drolet Hunter but it holds the heat a bit longer. Maybe next year we'll have a "real" Alaskan woodstove that shuts down and holds coals all night long. I am so tired of waking up in 20 degrees what am I going to do when it's 40 below in here?

Sister fishtaxi stopped in for a night on her way back from Cold Bay. She has some fantastic pictures of volcanos and the harvest moon. We talked about what we're doing to make it through the coming winter, and as she said it, she added, "just like we do every winter, eh Nik?" This is the time of year I always ask myself why I never stayed in Arizona or Vegas.

After posting Etzioni's biography the other day I thought about maybe writing one for me. It's been years since I tried to remember all my jobs and places I've lived. My biography would be as long as his is, if I included all my employment and extra-curricular community activities.

The first edition hardcopy of The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto goes to the printer on Monday. After months of stressing over it I can finally let it go. What a huge relief. Made a BIG, BIG difference for Nord having Freddie inside the hostel where it's safe, warm and dry. We've decided she doesn't need to live in experimental gertees in Alaska during the winter. Heh.

I found the people in Tok, Alaska I heard about who lived in a tent there one winter. The mom wrote a book about it. They have a website with pictures and where she explains they burned 120!!??? cords of wood in 4 months to heat a 16x32' wall tent with no liner and a dirt floor.

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