Monday, October 6, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin and Growing Anti-Alaskan Sentiment

It's been a few years since the Red v. Blue dialectic was first tested in America and I think it kind of fizzled out the same way the Third Way did. But now it's back, and this time Americans are falling for it with a vengence. Forums and articles with "Sarah" as the topic are filled with comments that rudely disparage her, her family, and more often lately, all the Alaskan people.

I think we're capable of being led into a civil war over this coming election. War is the ultimate dialectical tool. If groups of people who all share one nation can be convinced to hate each other enough to take up arms against each other, it opens the door to intervention and regime change. Everytime I see an article about ballot fraud I get the feeling no matter which side wins in Nov, the other side will scream "fraud." Then maybe all the people who have been brainwashing my countrymen into hating Alaska will organize peaceful protests that "somehow" turn into rioting.

To me, the financial crisis is perfectly timed to co-incide with the changes that must occur in the US before the global government can take full control of the world economy. While much of the world is somewhat aware of their international communitarian integration requirements, the US citizenry remains completely in the dark about the transformation taking place.

Millions of Americans still believe that voting for Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin can help save America. Thousands of comments suggest that people voting for the "other side" are traitors. We're seeing a lot more "fighting words." As a former bartender, I recognise the kinds of stupid arguments that will lead to blows if they aren't distracted into something less violent.

The most blatant mistake being made about Alaska:

Sarah Palin did not give us all $3000.00 to vote for her. The pfd was created under Governor Jay Hammond and the original plan was to pay the dividends based on longevity. That would have meant the old timers would have had a nice retirement and the natives wouldn't need so many federal grants to survive. Two New York lawyers called the Zobels came up and filed a lawsuit. Then Alaska had to split it equally with everyone who had lived here for one year. The ruling was based on the freedom Americans have to move from state to state and to take up residence anywhere in the union. (Alaskan bumpersticker in 1982-"We got Zobelfucked")

It's like Alaska is on trial for being unfamiliar and different from the rest of the country. It's a pretty stupid reason to attack a diverse population of strangers, but it's working anyway. It's freakydeaky that suddenly we're supposed to be the refuge state for the Christian Zionists who want a front row seat to Armageddon. But religious wars do create the most passion for bloodshed, don't they? Maybe the feminists will lead the army up the Alcan Highway.

Nordica's friends say they want to punch Sarah Palin in the face.

In answer to the question is is cold here yet? Yes.


Bobby Garner said...

The history of this election period has already been written out to 2010 by Jan Lundberg of Culture Change. He doesn't call it Civil War but covers the whole spectrum of civil strife simply as the "die-off". In an article about twin unravelings I linked to in 2005, he writes about how the die-off isn't proceeding quickly enough and the need for it to accelerate. "It is only a matter of time when the smoke-and-mirrors of maximizing growth are totally ineffectual, and the global corporate economy implodes. Along with this collapse will probably be government vanishing as we know it. The die-off from energy/food/water deprivation on a massive scale will result in a much smaller population left more to its own devices...". The die-off will continue to a point which is sustainable, of course under the sever restrictions imposed: "The success of a sustainable culture will rely on a much lowered population. About a billion could be sustained if industry had not trashed the ecosystem. We'll find out what today's Earth's carrying capacity really is."

Now he has pre-written the history of how it all developed in an article titled Portland Freedom Tribe 2010: from Palin to Paradise. Some of the interesting terms he employs are "former U.S. empire", "hostage crisis blamed on terrorists on October 31st" (Halloween), a "black helicopter assault on downtown Portland", deployment of "active-duty regular Army combat unit for full-time use inside the United States", "food riots and violent desperation", "the Great Unraveling of 2008-2009"

Due to collapse of communications and transport, no one really knows how other cities fared, but things are basically good in Portland because they were well prepared to sustain a die-off down to 50 to 80 thousand "burners". In 2010 Portland survivors live "in a reinvented paradise", while Sarah Palin, the former defacto President has been unable to make it back to Alaska, there are reports that she may be sailing around Cape Horn.

Peter VC said...

I have followed your essay on Hegelian Dialectic and your blog. The collapse of the fincial system was not planned. In fact it causes a lot of people who are in charge of things a lot of headaches - to name one:the previous boss of Fortis Mr. M.Lippens who happens to be chairman of the Bilderberg group. Mr. Lippens has in fact purchased more of the Fortis stock at what he believes its lowest point. As a monetary specialist, It seems to me he has not learned one bit from history (Charles Kindleberger : A history of financial panics) and anyone who purchases banking stock right now will find himself poorer at the end of this crisis.

The people in charge seem to scramble in order to keep the house of cards up. It will be in vain of course. In fact, this financial crisis may prove to be the Achilles heel of the PTB. Many of them will be ruined. In the same breath, it should be said that certain interests have purchased and now control large chuncks of land in Central Africa where rich mineral deposits are proven. That area had to be depopulated- a still ungoing process in Eastern Congo. Some of these people go to great lengths to secure mineral wealth. If they survive this crisis is still a question mark.

In short: the financial system was the modus operandi of the PTB in order to control populations.The financial system as we know it operates like a debt slavery system. It is crumling and it will do untold damage to lots of people, including the top. One can not presume this crisis to be engineered by them, although I consider them responsible for it.
Academia has a large responsability too in not decrying the present system, ever since Bretton Woods.

When the dust settles it is of primordial importance to prevent the same people who are now in charge of monetary matters to precribe us more of the same. The monetary system is nasty and perverse. There are alternatives, but that would be outside the scope of this blog's main theme.

Bobby Garner said...

The participants, wherever they are or whatever their motivation, whether wealth, poverty, peace, or war, are all pawns in a greater game which none of them control. The leaders at all levels have sold their souls to the Devil and they do his bidding on promises which can never be realized except in the short term which is all that matters, because by then the damage is done and everyone looses.

The real controllers are demonic spirits whom Alice Bailey called the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, and the elite have all fallen under their spell through their secret societies, and religious orders. And they unquestioningly do the bidding of their Masters.