Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is the Anti-Communitarian League "really necessary?"

A lot of what I read written by Etzioni's ghostwriters never made sense to me, not until I finally digested Hegel's dialectical definition of freedom. ACL research is filled with hundreds of sickening revelations. For a thinking, feeling person, many of the facts about globalism take a bit of time to digest. I don't know that we ever fully recover from learning how elite globalists plan to eliminate individual liberty from the entire human experience. Their advanced global government (global citizen) plans make Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Bush look like novice opening acts. Totalitarian Communitarianism is the grand finale before the curtain falls. Once communitarians have the enforcement power to require our complete national subordination (called supra-national integration) and individual submission (called global human rights) to ALL their laws, humanity will cease to exist as we know it.

Personally, I never really understood their total rejection of natural born rights. It took us years of study, but I finally grasped that these people believe commoners (such as us) are naturally born to become slaves to the state. Much of my motivation to expose them is based on their belief that their superior breeding and education makes them our natural born masters.

The communitarians have benefitted enormously from the scant attention paid to their activities. They have been active in all levels of American and global government for over 30 years. It's endorsed by every political party in the USA. This is the philosophy behind Obama and McCain's "change." This is the ideology behind "going green" and "sustainable lifestyles." Yet barely a handful of people know anything about it. Here's a guy who admits he knows nothing about communitarianism but wonders if anti-communitarianism is really necesssary. How revealing is that?

Revelations from the American Culture,

"Correspondent Mike Gray inaugurates a new regular feature on The American Culture, "Revelations," highlighting items indicating the current condition of American society and culture. Today's installment considers anti-communitarianism, the National Education Association, and what fictional detectives tell us about ourselves.:

Third Way

Until last September, I must confess, I had never heard the word "communitarianism"—so imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is already an "Anti-Communitarian League." Is it really necessary? Read about it and decide for yourself:

{emphasis added ~ Niki}

Here's a slightly different reaction to ACL research from the unnofficial blog of the UK Libertarian Party:

Friday, 10 October 2008
One Of The Most Influential Men You've Never Heard Of
Amitai Etzioni is sociologist and prolific author. His work has been embraced by political and business leaders around the globe, and his communitarian creed guides much of our public debate today -- albeit that it is rarely spoken of openly.

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