Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Authentic Mongolian Yurt for sale on ebay for 1050?!?!?

Live in the US Midwest? Local pick-up only, in Ohio. This could be a fantastic deal on a 20 foot Mongolian yurt. Right now it's going for $1025.00. I can't make one for less than that. Don't need one yourself but want to make a fabulous donation to the ACL? This would make a great gift. You could buy it now and drive it up to us as soon as the roads clear. We'll set it up and make it into an authentic Alaskan modification. :)

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Lark said...

Without much of a pot to piss in (financially) anymore... I thought all day long... to check if the sellers might trade my late mom's "authentic, antique 42" Tibetan wood prayer bench with two-headed ram motif" for that gorgeous yurt.

Every time I'd ever looked at the thing, I kept thinking, "You know, one of these days you'll probably have to burn this old curiosity piece... for the well-seasoned firewood it is...

... But, alas, I also thought... to never notice the damnable eBay auction... would end so soon!"

So, I wonder, Niki, couldn't you put a 'wish-list' of best materials together - to build one just as nice - for around $1800, plus maybe the costs to ship?

Take a look at Culture Artist [dot] org sometime for inspiration. Is it practical for the structure to be made more "semi-permanent" and protected from bad weather by sinking the walls seven feet into the ground... next spring?

Surely something useful could be done with the dirt afterwards.