Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Financial Summit planned for November 15

As one of the world's poor and "homeless," I'm getting pretty excited about all these big plans underway to bring my lifestyle up to an equal par with all my wealthier neighbors. The housing market has to be supplemented by governments, doesn't it? People can't live harmoniously unless they all have a secure roof over their heads, can they? As a top U.N. official said Wednesday, "Governments must address problems in the housing sector if they are to solve the global financial crisis."

And what a suprise. Now we're being told the world needs a common regulatory banking system. Is this part of the Global Marshall Plan?

The White House set the date for the economic crisis summit, it "will bring together leaders of the G20, which includes the Group of Seven major industrial economies plus key emerging-market countries like China, India and Brazil."

Is the Club of Rome invited to the summit? They wrote the Global Marshall Plan. Maybe they'll send a copy of their plan to the meeting, just in case the summiters decide they need something legally binding that helps everyone on the planet, equally. Wouldn't it just be better for everyone if there was one global government system that owns everything? There are people who have the superior knowledge and capability of performing this necessary evolutionary redistribution of wealth task, and they'll do it only for the sake of all humanity, because they care.

"Argentina's bonds fell 7 percent and stocks lost 10 percent after President Cristina Fernandez sent a bill to Congress on Tuesday to nationalize the country's private pension system, sending markets into freefall."

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Bobby Garner said...

The White House was allowed to set the date and host the summit. They did not set the agenda.

Sorcha Faal is reporting that: "...the United States has been forced to surrender its power to appoint the World Bank president, a power it has held since the ending of World War II which was delegated to it by the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference (known also as the Bretton Woods conference) to 'regulate the international monetary and financial order' after the conclusion of the war.

To coincide with the coming destruction of the United States, the monetary and financial order of the World is also being changed to reflect this fact as French President Sarkozy and European Commission President Barroso have just forced President Bush to accede to Global demands to hold an emergency summit in November where the US Dollar will lose its long standing as the reserve currency for Global transactions..."